First of all we got some new additions to the Watashi wa Sugoi Desu Family! Say hello to our new translators Kuromaru and Rei! And too all our new editors too (we got too many and it’ll turn into a long list if I name all of them)~

Kuromaru brought along Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~ and is also gonna be helping out with Corporate Slave!

And Rei is gonna be helping out with The Verdant Lands, our brand new BL Series!

And we’re not just picking up one, but three BL series!

That’s The Verdant Lands, Eroge Villain AND the sequel for The Show Must Go On, The Poison Apple!

Now on the topic of the Show Must Go On, we have some great news! The LN is out on 18th of December. Yes, you heard that right, 18th December 2020!!!! Don’t forget to support our dear author on her very first published novel! I’ll be upping the links to buy them as and when they’re available.

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