Refuse Harem

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Chapter 064 – Dear Tenma, Yet Another Fortune Came My Way VIII

“You’re not a normal young lady after all.”

“Hey, how could you say that to me even though it’s been a while since we last met?”

“I’ll return that exact same sentence to you.”

As he mentioned that, Sophie swallowed her words.

Looking at the girl who slightly puffed her cheek, Ferio knew he still had a little love remaining for her. That feeling he tried to and had to forget was still smoldering within him.

However, it would be over by today.

Would Sophie come to hate him if he gave her such a merciless order? Would she refuse him?

Still, Ferio intended to have Sophie carry out his plan. It was to secure his future position. It was a task that nobody but Sophie could carry out.

“Sophie, I‘ll make you the chief executive officer in carrying out this plan. And for that, I’ll have you enroll in ‘The King’s Sword’.”

“…What did you say?”

Sophie was astonished by the words she heard, doubting her own ears.

“I’ll have you complete this plan alongside the students of ‘The King’s Sword’.”

“Wait a minute. Isn’t ‘The King’s Sword’ supposed to be a boys’ academy! Did you think of me as a boy because my chest is small? I’m in the middle of my secondary sexual growth despite how I look, you know!”

“I-idiot, what the heck are you saying…”

Is that a sentence to be said in front of a man? thought Ferio as he panicked, but the girl in front of him continued to shout without feeling ashamed about it.

“You’re the one who is an idiot! Why do I have to go to a place where only men gather?! I’m an aristocratic young lady, you know!”

“You don’t feel anything like one, though…”

“What did you say?!”


“In the first place, people who enroll in ‘The King’s Sword’ are all sons of aristocrats, with the exception of copper star holders. Those with black stars are people whose families are viscount or greater. There’s no way they would listen to the words of a daughter of a baron family!”

“You can rest assured about that. To make sure you can do your responsibility as a chief executive officer, I intend to grant you the purple star.”

“Pu…purple star?!”

By those words, Sophie was stunned stiff with her mouth wide open.

There were five types of stars granted in the Orlando Kingdom as an honor.

The color of the star one would get was decided the moment they enrolled in “The King’s Sword.” That academy was divided by faculties.

The faculty to foster the members of the paladin order, whose priority was to protect the royal family, black star.

The faculty to foster those who would be responsible for the national economy, gold star.

The faculty to foster those who conducted research and development for the nation, silver star.

The faculty to foster knights who would devote themselves to the citizens, copper star.

People would obtain these stars upon graduating from “The King’s Sword.” This was true except for the last color, the purple star.

Purple was considered the color of the king, known as the purple star. This star could only be granted to the direct subordinate of the king or the crown prince, and that was the only way to obtain that star.

It was rare for the king to grant this star to begin with, let alone give it to a woman. Forget that, women weren’t supposed to get any stars in the first place.

“There’s never been a case for a woman to be granted a star, let alone given the purple star. You’ll be the first.”

“You… are you serious about this…?”


Sophie was confused by his nonchalant reply.

Each star had a grade from one to five. One could earn up to three stars through their effort in “The King’s Sword,” and the number of their stars would increase through their achievements after graduation.

However, those who were granted purple stars earned five stars from the beginning.

It was said that the director of the Institute of Medical Science, Lorenzo Forsell, was a rare genius of the nation who was granted five silver stars. Sophie felt terrified by the idea of being granted superior stars than even that person.

“I don’t think you need to go that far…”

“There’s the need to. First of all, many aristocrats recommend my half-brother, the second prince who is the son of the king and the queen, to be the next king. To shut up the opposition, it’s necessary to complete this plan with great success. The act of promoting the plan and giving you a purple star would lead to the support from the people.”

His expression when he explained the circumstances was truly of a royal family member. It wasn’t the expression of Sophie’s childhood friend she played together with, but it was the expression of a prince. They were the selfish words of a prince.

However, Sophie didn’t criticize that. It was an obvious thing to do as a prince. Otherwise, his current status would have been taken away from him long ago.

“Therefore, there will be interference from those people who support my half-brother. To deal with it, it is preferable to use people from ‘The King’s Sword,’ which is hardly penetrated by outside influence. The students of ‘The King’s Sword’ have a rule for absolute obedience to the current and the next king. If they dare to make a move against a purple star, the spokesperson of the king, they wouldn’t avoid capital punishment. I could immediately handle them if they made any weird moves. No, I’ll definitely do it. Moreover, the current students of ‘The King’s Sword’ would end up becoming my subjects instead of the current king’s, considering their student years. It would be in my best interest and theirs if they helped with the project and became a promising human resource.”

“I understand what you are talking about. However, this is a double-edged sword. If you grant a purple star to a powerless woman and the project doesn’t go well, you’ll be known as a womanizing prince and your support will plummet.”

Since Christina could find out the connection between Ferio and Sophie, people who wanted to drag Ferio out of the race for the throne should be able to do the same for the woman who received the purple star.

If they learned the girl was someone the prince knew from his younger days, there would no doubt be several unscrupulous rumors that would spread, each further from the truth.

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