Refuse Harem

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Chapter 066 – Dear Tenma, Yet Another Fortune Came My Way X

Although Ferio felt Sophie’s confusion, he resolved to say the outrageous words no matter what.

“Sophie, I have no intention to lower my position. As long as you do your job successfully, my action of giving the first ever purple star to a woman would be treated as an achievement as a king. As for you… I’ll have you be my pawn. I have no intention of accepting any refusal.”

“…Pawn, huh. What will you do if that pawn fails to do its purpose?”

“Obviously, I’ll abandon them.”

He said those words as a member of the royal family.

Even if he didn’t bother to say that, it was natural to immediately abandon a pawn that failed to serve its purpose when one was a member of the royal family.

Ferio was also taught to be like that. However, even though he was raised that way as a royal, Ferio’s own heart was in pain when he uttered that.

He thought that this girl would be shocked, so he looked away since he didn’t want to see her pale expression.

However, the response he got was one he didn’t expect.

“Are you sure you can abandon things properly?”

Sophie directed a strong gaze at Ferio, unfazed by the malicious words he’d just said to her.

“You are a kind person after all. However, as a person who stands above others, there are times you have to mercilessly abandon things when the situation calls for it. Can you really abandon them without showing any speck of remorse?” 

His throat tightened for a moment, but if he got frightened here, he would lose to the girl in front of him.

To be honest, it was easier for him to deal with those old foxes in the royal palace. They were easier for him to understand, as they were filled with lies and deceptions.

“…I can.”

Why was this girl so strong? Although he had no intention to protect her, he also had no intention to push her away.

Ferio was tongue-tied by the girl’s strength, which reminded him to protect what he should and abandon whatever and whoever necessary.

When Ferio answered, Sophie thought again.

She was thinking of the overall situation, calculating, thinking of the best strategy, identifying the problems, planning, and devising countermeasures.

And her serious expression didn’t seem to belong to a girl.

Ferio waited for Sophie’s answer while in awe of her.

“I don’t fight a battle I can’t win.”

Sophie muttered. Those were the words of a person belonging to a merchant group.

Does it mean she refuses… thought Ferio as he bit on his own lips.

“Although I’m unaware of what kind of people are in ‘The King’s Sword,’ I will abandon people I deem unnecessary regardless of their social pedigree. And if I can use them, I’ll welcome them regardless of their status. Moreover, since I am still a young lady of a baron family, there might be people who will refuse to obey a woman with such a low status. I will use the power of the purple star mercilessly against such people. I still have several conditions in mind, but I’ll compile them into a document, so read over them properly and consider whether or not you can approve of them.”


She spoke without pause.

Her eyes, already convinced of the success of her goal, were dazzling like shining jewels.

Perhaps the project had already begun inside her. Sophie stood up immediately as if it was a waste of time to keep sitting.

“Is it really okay? …Although I’ve said that earlier, I honestly can’t guarantee the people in ‘The King’s Sword’ will obediently lower their heads to you despite the purple star I will give you.”

Although he didn’t want to say something like that, he decided to tell the facts as facts. Despite being told that, the girl in front of him didn’t seem scared.

Just as he expected, instead of being frightened, she said with eyes that seemed to be contemptuous,

“Oh, that sounds fun. The higher their social status, the more important it is to grasp their weaknesses.”

She casually said something scary with a smile. The more she laughed, the scarier it became.


“Isn’t it a natural thing to do since they tried to make a move against this weak girl? Moreover, since there’s no need to show any mercy against men, they’ll be easier to deal with than young ladies. Also…”

Along with those words, she looked down for a bit. However, she raised her head again soon after.

Her strong, dark green eyes, which seemed to look at a distant future, were looking straight ahead.

“I’ve made many promises and vows besides yours in the last few years. Every one of them is connected to the initial promise I made with you. To fulfill those promises, I can’t stay as an ordinary young lady. I wouldn’t be able to succeed otherwise…”

Sophie continued to speak as if she was just talking herself.

However, her next words were strong and proud.

“That’s why—you just have to wait on your throne for the moment I fulfill my promise.”

“…Your unusual standards always surprises me.”

Ferio also stood up, not wanting to lose against the girl who stood with dignity in front of a prince.

It was him who told her to be a good woman whose name would come to be known all over the royal capital.

But Ferio thought that promise was already fulfilled.

However, the girl who aimed far higher wasn’t satisfied with that.

She was greedily trying to better herself.

“I have to document the conditions. I’ll return to my room and prepare it, so give me some time.”


Upon hearing his reply, Sophie walked toward the door.

She touched the doorknob but soon turned toward Ferio as if she just remembered something.

“I still don’t want to approve of you being Christina onee-sama’s fiancé though.”

“…You’re really persistent about that.”

Ferio sighed tiredly, but Sophie continued.

“Of course I am, it’s my greatest priority! …But I’m still happy to meet you again. I thought we’d only reunite once I had become a much greater person after all.”

He was staring at the eyes of the girl who firmly believed she would eventually be able to meet him either way.

The girl’s green eyes that saved his heart during his younger days always caught his eyes.

“Thank you for telling me your real name, Ferio. I’ll call you with care.”

The girl opened the door and left with the same attitude as in her younger days, without any proper courtesy as a lady toward the prince, which was as dashing and beautiful as ever.

He involuntarily took a step back and sank down into the chair.

“————That girl!!”

Ferio cussed at the girl who made others fall for her despite having no intention of doing so.

The unheard muttering quickly melted into the air and disappeared.

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