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Chapter 177 – Dear Tenma, Everything Was Inevitable IV


The man whose appearance was the only thing beautiful about him approached Sophie quietly.

The person he called clearly showed an expression full of discomfort, but he kept speaking without care.

“Why do you play with them but not me?”


That was the cry from the hearts of all the black star students.

But although that was everyone’s cry, there was no way they could directly tell that to Remiel, the second successor to the throne. Even if they did, he likely wouldn’t listen anyway.

To the transient and fleeting man, perhaps the only one who could say a blunt remark was the girl in front of them. And sure enough, Sophie bore her fangs.

“Hey you, don’t you have anything else to say?!”

As the girl pointed a finger at him, Remiel pondered a little,

“Sorry for touching your chest.”

And said insensitive words as an apology as usual.

“――……Isn’t there something more important!? I’m talking about your insult to Christina onee-sama!”

There was an unnatural pause before she roared.

The black star students understood.

Did the purple star girl completely forget about that matter?

As if to prove that, they didn’t miss the “huh?” expression that Sophie had for a moment.

Her attachment to Christina, the daughter of a duke family, was abnormal.

“So, when will you play with me?”

Remiel completely ignored Christina’s case and naturally asked his request. Sophie forcefully lifted the corner of her mouth and smiled thinly.

“…Very well. Since you want to play with me that much, I’ll play another richu with you ――――I’ll defeat you thoroughly, so wash your neck and wait!!”

“So all I need to do is wash my neck and wait? And how long did I need to wait?”

The man who never faltered asked again.

“A week!”

“A week, huh… okay.”

It seemed Remiel was obedient if he got what he wanted and nodded deeply.

“Now that you’re satisfied, obediently return to the library…”

“Wait. I still haven’t heard your answer.”


What question did I forget? Sophie thought in doubt.

“In the end―――― are you a man or woman?”

“Should I hang you right here?”

As Sophie said that with a straight expression, several black star students, including Keith, moved in a panic. They proactively took action without a need for Gerald to command them this time. The fear that the girl would be furious at them otherwise made them move.

As Remiel was hurriedly taken away, silence returned to the classroom as if the storm had passed.

As Evert turned a little calmer because of Remiel’s quirky behavior, he suddenly noticed the document that fell over at his feet. It must have fallen due to the earlier ruckus. It was a curriculum created by Sophie.

As Evert picked it up sluggishly as if exhausted, he continued to read what he didn’t read earlier.

“Mountain exercise for the black star… is this necessary?”

Moreover, the training content was the same as the copper star. It easily concluded with a single word of “harsh.”

“Of course it is! It’s to protect Christina onee-sama regardless of time, place, and occasion! I’ll have you in every situation I can think of!”

“The priority is Miss Christina, huh…?”

Wouldn’t one normally prioritize the current king or the first prince?

Evert couldn’t understand what made Sophie cling to Christina Wellin that much.


Even if Sophie was her junior at the girls’ academy, would one normally become this attached?

However, since Evert already boasted that much earlier, there was no way he could say no now.

“Rest assured, I’ll request Marcus’ lead for the mountain exercise since he is used to it. Of course, I’ll participate as well.”

“Eh… Miss Sophie too?”

Hearing something he couldn’t ignore, Evert’s lips cramped.

“Isn’t it necessary to prove that I’m not just saying I could beat you in everything, right?”

Even though climbing a mountain itself is hell, you’re saying a greater hell is waiting?

Evert’s brain, which was already exhausted from their earlier argument, was already at a loss for how to respond.

Instead of the stiffened Evert, it was Gerald who called for a stop. 

“Please wait a moment, Sophie-sama. I can’t approve that as the person in charge of escorting you.”

“That’s no good. If I am not there, there’s no guarantee they will obediently listen to Marcus’ instructions. No, they definitely wouldn’t listen to the copper star’s instructions.”

As Sophie pointed out something that was obvious considering their attitude until now, Gerald quickly prepared an alternative.

“I’ll be going there as well.”


“I will make sure they will follow Marcus’ instructions. That’s why, Sophie-sama, please don’t go with them to the mountain exercise.”

No matter how used to the mountain Sophie was, the degrees of danger within the mountain and the academy’s premises were completely different. Although Sophie might be able to handle unexpected situations, allowing Sophie to go to dangerous places was out of the question to begin with.

As Sophie saw Gerald’s strong will that showed he definitely couldn’t tolerate that, Sophie pondered.

Since it was Gerald, the black stars would obey even if they didn’t want to. Even though Sophie already asked Marcus’ permission beforehand, he seemed to have a degree of trust toward Gerald. She was sure Marcus wouldn’t be against it.

“…Well, if you’re saying you’re willing to be responsible, then—”

“Don’t joke with me. I’m definitely against you going with us, okay!?”

Just as the topic was about to be concluded, Evert expressed his disagreement.

Sophie looked at Evert, thinking that he said that out of consideration for Gerald’s status as an actual paladin, but his expression showed something different than what she expected.

Indeed, it definitely showed fear no matter how she looked at it――

“You’re asking us to climb a mountain that, according to you who has monstrous stamina, is harsh! We’ll die!”

“Don’t worry. Humans won’t die that easily.”

“You are the only one who thinks thaaaaat!!”

Evert’s face paled as he made his retort, showing how much he feared the idea. When Sophie looked around, she saw all the black star students go stiff with pale expressions, some’s lips were even trembling.

Come to think of it, even by comprehensive evaluation, Gerald had an anomalous rank…

Sophie looked at the report cards of black star students in the past when she created the curriculum, but she recalled how Gerald’s result stood out among the rest.

A black star that was unconditionally approved of joining the paladin order that served the royal court was rare. The title that was only permitted by a few black star people wasn’t something that could easily be earned. And the report card showed how monstrous he was.

“Gerald-sama, I’m making a curriculum not to punish them, but to raise their potential. Unless you consider the limit and compatibility of each person, it will be meaningless.”

The girl’s expression as she said that everything would be for nothing if they were ruined made it hard to think she was the same girl who had a childish quarrel with Evert earlier. As Sophie spoke with a grown-up tone, Gerald immediately approved.

“As you wish.”

“――――Well then, the topic is concluded.”

Looking at Sophie, who happily clasped her own hands, made the black star students shrug in disappointment.

Even though only a small amount of time passed, they felt weak as if being forced to pull several all-nighters. But rather than feeling liberated, seeing the curriculum Sophie made, it was clear that was just the beginning and the hell would continue. 

The only person who was having fun was the long-haired girl.

“That’s right. You see, I’m trying hard to accomplish my task as quickly as possible. Since you people stole my precious time, you have to obey me for whatever reason in return. Isn’t that obvious?”

Fierce beasts seemed to dwell in the depths of her lovely eyes. Everyone fell silent as the girl smiled while squinting her fresh green eyes. They no longer had the energy to deny such a sudden order.

Besides, it would be dangerous if the girl became more upset than she already was. Considering how unpredictable she was, they could only assume they would be granted a mental death if that happened.

For the time being, they wished for her to go away. They were scared, after all.

It seemed such a wish was granted and Sophie walked toward the door, which made the black star students have relieved expressions as they sent her off.


“Ah, also――”

Is there something else?!

As the girl turned around, Evert felt like shouting.

Evert looked at Sophie with a gaze that seemed to say, “Okay, okay, we’ll do anything! What is it?!” out of desperation, but her gaze was looking elsewhere.

As Evert chased after the gaze, he saw a certain person there.

“Daniel Beck, come with me for a moment.”


Daniel went pale at the call.

“W-why is that…?”

The faint voice echoed in the quiet room and sounded like a death rattle.

“You understand without needing to ask me that, don’t you? Or are you that foolish that I need to explain things to you from the beginning?”

As Sophie spoke while squinting, it seemed Daniel realized there was nowhere to escape and followed Sophie with a pitiful expression.

Looking at his leaving back, Evert muttered,

“If the livestock put on the market had emotions, I’m sure that would be the expression they’d have…”

Author Note:

That’s the end for the black star arc for the time being (‘◇’)ゞ

There’s no scene of Daniel being preached, so everyone could just imagine Sophie kept being sarcastic as she tell Daniel a whole lot <m(__)m>

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