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Chapter 198 – Sophie Linier’s Dream ―The Given Words― VII

“Hahaue and Consort Floria met at the girls’ academy. But if they had met earlier…”

If the queen met Consort Floria before her heart became a complete doll, perhaps the future might have changed.

Such was what Remiel thought.

It was a difference of a few years.

Depending on the person, things might possibly change.

But when Sophie placed herself in that perspective, she couldn’t deny what Remiel said either.

‘When people get the thing they wished for when they desired it, do you have any idea how much it would affect their life from that moment onward?’…huh. That’s right… That’s also what happened to Tasuku…

After being abandoned by his mother, there was that day when he enrolled in elementary school while at the orphanage.

What if Tasuku hadn’t met Tenma, or perhaps met him later on? Sophie was sure Tasuku’s life would have been much rougher.

“…Certainly, there are times that a slight difference in timing would completely split the future path apart. But do you think someone inferior like me could have influenced Christina onee-sama?”

Christina was a beautiful girl born into the most prestigious family.

She had wealth, honor, and beauty.

Sophie couldn’t imagine herself influencing Christina, who had been born with everything.

Moreover, they must have been around 10 years old or so at that time.

To this, Remiel replied with a straight face.

“It’s about you anyway. You must have been unconventional and unusual since you were a child. That eccentricity that was unlike that of any aristocratic daughter might have brought a change to that woman’s heart.”

“What do you mean by unconventional and unusual?! I definitely don’t want to hear that coming from you.”

Being told words as if he had witnessed it personally, Sophie denied it with all her might. However,

[“Why are you holding farming tools? You… don’t tell me you’re intending to help with farm work?!”]

[“Hah? You made farming tools? You say people can plow faster with this… u-um, where did you get that knowledge from…?”]

[“The harvest could increase significantly through the use of farming tools, chemical fertilizer, and crop rotations? I see… enough. I won’t be surprised anymore. It’s stupid of me for comparing you to a normal aristocratic lady…”]

Suddenly, old memories came to her mind, and Ferio’s expression, which had been tinged with resignation as more time passed, came to mind.

“…Come to think of it, Ferio was rude to me too. I guess you brothers are similar after all.”

“I think aniue’s reaction is a normal reaction that a normal noble would have, though?”

Sophie’s monologue was replied to without hesitation.

Annoyed, Sophied puffed her cheeks.

But Remiel wore an uncaring expression and stared straight at her with his amethyst eyes.

“I’m still skeptical about it, but at least I’m convinced for the time being that your relationship with that woman will lead to a different end than that of hahaue and Consort Floria――Let’s return to the bet, what do you want from me?”


Sophie couldn’t keep up with the sudden change in topic.

“The richu game is your victory. We decided before that the winner would be granted their wish. Do you want me to take back our relationship as best friends?”

Realizing what Remiel was trying to say, Sophie raised her brows and pouted.

“Are you still mentioning that stupid bet? In the first place, I did mention ‘I can’t take that risky bet,’ right?”

“But we did play the match.”

“We certainly did. It’s because I thought you would be satisfied if I played with you once. However, I don’t recall ever accepting the bet.

Remiel turned his gaze to the side and explored his memories.

Certainly, Sophie didn’t say she would accept the bet.

“However, accepting the match is the same as accepting the bet. As a matter of fact, didn’t you hear what I wanted if I won?”

“It’s your subjective opinion to treat the two as the same. I won’t treat the two as the same. Besides, the reason I asked what you wanted is to be used as material to judge what kind of person you are. But all I did was ask, never once did I mention that I will fulfill it if you win.”

As Sophie declared calmly, Remiel blinked his eyes.

“In other words… you intended to go against the bet from the beginning?”

“Then I will ask you instead, why did you think I would accept the bet? Is there any benefit in doing so?”

Sophie defiantly puffed her chest, lifted her chin, and continued.

“Listen, Remiel. Remember this. Don’t expect everyone to bow down to your authority and keep their verbal promises. In particular, when you make a promise to a gold star, make sure to leave a record. That’s common sense.”

“You speak as if it’s the most obvious thing to do, but you’re not a bearer of a gold star to begin with.”

“Do you think purple stars don’t have the qualities of gold stars? ――Here you go, this is the contract signed by your beloved onii-sama. Read it carefully. It properly contains his signature, right?”

As Sophie took out a few documents from her bag, she brought it right up to Remiel’s nose.

By the way, if the content was to be summarized, it would be “Give me permission to mercilessly chop up bastards who act disrespectfully toward Christina.”

There were other matters related to the Linier Merchant Group, but those were just extra.

The most important arrangement for Sophie was to get rid of those who dared to blaspheme Christina.

“…How did you get aniue to sign something as ridiculous as this?”

When Remiel glanced through it, compared to the other thick documents, the part regarding Christina certainly stood out. Be it the writing or brushstroke, they looked like they were written by a serious young man, so it was even more ridiculous.

“If you’re going to make a promise to someone, make sure to at least do this much. Even if they argued otherwise later, it would become nothing but an excuse.”

Sophie ignored the fed-up Remiel, carefully rolled up the contract, and put it in her bag.

“You understand, right? Be it last time and this time, there was no bet. Just because I happen to win this time doesn’t mean I will ask you anything.”

“So you can relax,” said Sophie as she smiled, but Remiel’s expression seemed to be pondering about something.

“I see. So that means there’s no need to withdraw our status as best friends.”

“? Well, I guess you can put it that way.”

“That means I can keep saying that I’m your best friend.”

“…How did you come to that conclusion? Since the first bet isn’t even effective, it means you weren’t even my best friend to begin with.”

Why did this man want to know how friendships could be established between men and women so much?

Although Sophie was the kind of person who felt compelled to find a solution once she got a question, she didn’t feel like dealing with Remiel.

“Please stop making statements that are not true.”

“Aren’t you also saying things that are not true as if they were true?”

“I did? About what?”

“You kept insisting that you are a lady, but it couldn’t be further than the truth.”

Author Note:

It was short this time.

The next update is planned around 25th (Sunday) (‘◇’)ゞ

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