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Side Story to Commemorate the Release of the Third Volume of Manga

Author Note:

“I Was a Man Before I Reincarnated so I Refuse Reverse Harem – The Road to Perfect Lady” by Mori Misaki-sensei announced the sale of the third volume of the manga!

The picture of a cheerful Sophie on a green background for the manga cover looked very cute!

By the way, I wrote this Side Story after seeing Mori-sensei’s original 4koma.

In contrast to Bart and the others, who made a ruckus in the 4koma, it was the scene of Sophie, who was still living in men’s hell in present continuous tense (but she seemed to enjoy it somehow).

And so, please enjoy the Side Story (*´▽`*)

“Sophie, look!”

That happened after lunch when Sophie and Lilina were on their way back to their respective classrooms.

Lilina spotted something from the window of the school building on the second floor and pointed to the sky.

Huh? was Sophie’s thought while confused, but she immediately turned to look at the eastern sky that Lilina was pointing to.

“――Oh my, what a beautiful rainbow.”

There was a bright rainbow, drawing a beautiful arc and touching the forest in the distance.

It was probably a remnant from the recent rain shower.

Lilina was looking at the seven-colored light for a while, but suddenly the corner of her mouth curved in regret.

“It’s too bad. It’s not every day we get to see such a beautiful rainbow, yet class has almost begun. If it was a holiday instead, I could have gone with Sophie to look for treasure at the end of that rainbow……”

Seeing Lilina’s shoulder slumped in disappointment, Sophie tilted her head in confusion.

“Treasure…… is it?”

“Haven’t you heard? It is said there’s treasure buried at the end of the rainbow!”

Lilina’s eyes sparkled as she happily told the story.

Aah, the goddess of fertility is lovely today as well…… Sophie thought as she appreciated the cuteness.

U~hn, come to think of it, I felt like Suzuka nee-san had told me something like that before, or maybe not?

As Sophie traced back her memory, she certainly felt like Suzuka did tell her that in her previous life.

Aah… I forgot about it. No, perhaps it’s more correct to say that I wanted to forget it. Suzuka nee-san was really angry because of the words I said back then after all……

When Sophie recalled the conversation that day, she couldn’t help but look into the distance.

If possible, she didn’t want to remember it.

No! Being scolded at that time will definitely not be in vain! Now is the time to use the lesson I learned from that mistake!

Sophie clenched her fists tightly and gently told Lilina, who was telling Sophie that she wanted to go look for the treasure at the end of the rainbow together.

“Lilina-sama, I’m very happy to be able to see that beautiful rainbow together with you. This good fortune will be the most treasured thing to me.”

As Sophie said that with a smile, Lilina’s expression blossomed, and she nodded with a happy smile.

“Me too! I will treasure this time I got to see the rainbow together with Sophie for the rest of my life!”

Seeing Lilina who narrowed her eyes and smiled softly, Sophie thought. 

――――Yes, I’m glad I didn’t fail this time.

“――Such an exchange happened to a certain young lady.”

As Sophie spoke about the events of that day while concealing Lilina’s name, Evert, who just happened to pass by, looked at Gerald with a disgusted expression.

“What? What were you talking about just now?”

Although Evert got to hear the story from start to finish, he couldn’t understand the true intention of the girl in front of me who spoke of it so ecstatically as if she was bragging.

Evert had a confused expression and asked Gerald, but he didn’t reply and remained silent.

Luca, who was also an escort just like Gerald, was unable to answer and simply moved his eyes from side to side.

“I mean, what are you talking about?”

The question that Evert couldn’t ask directly was asked upfront by Remiel.

Hearing the question of the man who sat cross-legged across the table, Sophie replied with a fed-up expression.

“What, you say? In order to cultivate the deep emotions within you, I went out of my way to tell you about my heartwarming and wonderful memories that would surely double your emotional capacity.”

By the way, the reason Sophie chose this story was because there was a large rainbow just outside of her window.

“So it isn’t just that woman, there’s another woman as well…”

Remiel frowned in displeasure, but all Sophie could think was Lilina’s adorable smile that was just like that of goddesses of that time.

“The story of the lovely goddess of fertility makes you feel like compassion is overflowing from the depths of your heart, right? She said she wanted to go to the end of the rainbow to search for treasure while puffing her cheeks, you know? Seriously, her loveliness is off the charts!”

“I see, I understand. In that case, as your best friend, I just need to go to the end of the rainbow together with you, right?”

“That’s not it! That’s not what the story is about!”

“I’ll have the horse ready right away.”

With the forcefulness of the royal family that wouldn’t listen to others, Remiel stood up and took Sophie’s arm. Sophie replied with a look of deep annoyance.

“What are you talking about? There’s no way a rainbow has physical substance. It’s just a phenomenon that appears depending on the position of the viewer. Even if you try to go to the end of a rainbow that has no substance, you won’t be able to reach it, and you should be able to understand if you think about it.”

Sophie was taken aback by Remiel’s attempt to take her away by force, so she couldn’t help but blurt out the same answer she said to Suzuka in her previous life.

Although Tasuku told Suzuka in a softer tone, when he told her how sunlight was refracted and reflected, she got very angry.

[“That’s not what I’m talking about! At times like this, you’re supposed to be happy to see the rainbow together! Are you not happy to see the rainbow with me?!”]

Suzuka was pissed and angrily told Tasuku with an expression as if she was about to cry. It was something that Tasuku did not even tell Tenma about.

Ah, now that I remember that, I feel sad again…

However, Sophie made up for Tasuku’s failure at that time with Lilina. That should be enough to forgive herself.

As Sophie convinced herself, Remield didn’t seem to be convinced.

“Wait a minute. Where did the things filled with emotion that you told me over and over go to? There’s a difference in your attitude toward that woman and me.”

“That’s right! A woman who behaves differently toward men and women will be hated!”

Evert also argued and poured sarcasm.

Gerald, who was listening next to them thought, Isn’t that remark usually used toward women who only give preferential treatment toward men? But then he thought it would be wiser to not get involved with the argument between Sophie and the Remiel group, so he decided to keep his silence.

As Sophie was criticized by the two men, her eyebrow didn’t even twitch, as if she didn’t really care.

“There’s no way a beautiful young lady would be treated the same way as you two. The weight of favorability is different. Don’t underestimate cuteness.”

“……Cuteness? What makes you think that woman is cute? From what perspective do you view her as cute based on your psychological state?”

As Sophie declared calmly, Remiel asked a completely different perspective.

Both of them were so far removed from Evert’s common sense that he couldn’t help but frown.

That said, no matter how many words he said, he would always end up defeated in his interaction with Sophie. As Evert understood that he had no chance of winning,

“Oi, Lars Rydholm!”

He proceeded to talk to another person who was actually in the same room the whole time.

Lars was sitting on the same long sofa as Sophie, but he kept his straight face and didn’t move a single facial expression, making him completely look like a figurine.

“You shouldn’t get stiffed over Miss Sophie’s nonsense as well, just say something!”

Lars looked up at Evert’s call as if he had come to his senses and looked at him.

“My apologies. I’m currently busy memorizing the beautiful reminiscences of Sophie-sama and the adorable young lady, so could you please refrain from talking to me?”

When he was rejected with an extremely serious expression, Evert couldn’t help but be stunned.

“……What the hell is this guy talking about?”

“Lars, you’re the only one! You understand my feelings better than anyone else in this academy.”

Sophie raised her voice in joy, completely ignoring Evert’s suspicious gaze.

After that, an incomprehensible conversation unfolded between Sophie and Lars.

Author Note:

Today, November 11th, was the release date of the first volume of the manage that was released last year~(*^-^*)

Wah, a year has gone by so quickly!

And at that time, I didn’t think they could release up to volume three, so I’m really happyv1

Morishita would be happy if you could purchase volume three as well (*´▽`*)

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