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Chapter 201 – The Gloomy Gerald Forsius II

The girl gracefully walked ahead without making any noise.

However, Gerald could tell that the girl was angry.

Normally, she would have wanted to show her anger by stomping her feet, but she was desperately trying to rein in her emotions and not lose her ladylike appearance.

Isn’t it too late for that?

Although Gerald had such a thought, he didn’t say it out loud.

There was another fact that Gerald learned for the first time.

Surprisingly, Remiel was able to escape quickly.

Remiel, who was fed up with Sophie’s constant love for Christina, took advantage of the opportunity to escape. It was so fast that even Gerald was taken aback for a moment.

Remiel was someone who always boasted the royal characteristic of elegance and never rushed like earlier, but when Gerald recalled his childhood, he realized that not only did Remiel have excellent memory and thinking ability, but he also had excellent physical ability. Apparently, that physical ability was still present even now.

However, what surprised Gerald wasn’t Remiel’s agility, but the fact that Remiel chose to flee in front of his opponent.

Remiel, in Gerald’s eyes, was someone who was always in control of the conversation and was able to completely defeat the other party in an argument. 

Even though Remiel was often seen by others as a weird person, he never saw other people as weird.

That said, no matter how confused Remiel’s amethyst eyes became or how his brows furrowed, the girl with beautiful green eyes didn’t seem to care at all and cheerfully expressed her admiration and praise to Christina in poetic tones. Though――――

Remiel managed to escape while Sophie was singing praises with such enthusiasm. It caused her considerable anger, and she was in her worst mood yet.

No matter how displeased she was, she would never vent it to Gerald. Gerald had no complaint as an escort since she already informed her destination beforehand, but her behavior was bad for his heart.

Gerald was already aware that when Sophie was in a bad mood, there was a high possibility she would take peculiar actions to solve the problem. For Gerald, that was more problematic than receiving her frustration.

Gerald decided to ask some questions to find out her thoughts.

“That’s surprising. You didn’t ask Remiel-sama to apologize to Miss Christina.”

Perhaps because Sophie was surprised that Gerald initiated the conversation, she stopped and turned around.

There was a hint of surprise on her face, but it seemed she thought Gerald only asked an obvious question.

“I had no intention of demanding an apology from the beginning.”

Gerald almost couldn’t help but leak “Eh?”

Considering how devoted Sophie was to Christina, Gerald was sure Sophie would ask for an apology.

At Gerald’s confusion, Sophie furrowed her brows and answered.

“Demanding an apology is the same as forgiving. No way, I won’t forgive him for that.”


“I will never forgive him for belittling Christina onee-sama. ――Absolutely!”

The way Sophie puffed her cheeks and let out a huff resembled a child throwing a tantrum.

Moreover, because Gerald’s remark reminded Sophie of Remiel, her mood worsened even more.

“In the first place, Remiel is looking at Christina onee-sama with cloudy eyes, that’s why he can’t grasp the truth!”

From Gerald’s perspective, Sophie was also looking at Christina with cloudy eyes in a different sense, but of course, Gerald wouldn’t say that.

Sophie started walking again while radiating anger. However, her feet suddenly stopped after a few steps.

Gerald thought Sophie wasn’t angry enough, but when Gerald stopped and looked at her, her fresh green eyes just stared straight at him.

Her gaze was so direct it almost made Gerald flinch which made him uncomfortable.

“Is something wrong?”

“……I guess I can’t preach Remiel about that. It seems I wasn’t looking at you properly either.”

“Is that so? I thought you looked well enough, though.”

In particular, her insight when she radiated anger was probably better than that of black stars.

“No, I didn’t look at you, a person named Gerald Forsius, properly―― I always thought of you with things like ‘What a hateful handsome fellow,’ ‘Just be torn apart, you tall person,’ or ‘It’s annoying that you can win the favor of my onee-sama with just your good looks, so just explode’ and other similar things.”


So that was how Sophie looked at Gerald.

Gerald did feel Sophie hated him, but the reason was even stupider than he expected.

On the other hand, the fact Gerald felt relieved over how stupid it was made him feel a sense of incongruity, but when he turned his gaze back to Sophie, his eyes met with the eyes of the girl who stood straight and with good posture.

“I’m sorry. Even though I talked arrogantly about other people, it seems I also only looked at you with cloudy eyes.”

The girl who was speaking like a child a few seconds ago now showed her adult side and apologized.

As always, Sophie’s dual face made Gerald perplexed.

After Gerald thought about it for a while,

“No, if anything, I――――”

After a pause, Gerald spread his long fingers and palm out in front of him as if to hide Sophie’s figure.

“I’d be more comfortable if I couldn’t see Sophie-sama’s figure.”


“For a young person like me, it’s probably easier to see the truth if I don’t get caught up in my visual sense.”

Sophie looked like an elegant young lady only in appearance. She had white skin and thin arms. She looked like a quiet fairy standing at a spring in the forest.

Gerald still regretted his immaturity in being so caught up in his visual sense that he misunderstood what was inside Sophie.

As Gerald reaffirmed the need to not get distracted by visual perception as a future challenge, the girl said with a twitching mouth.

“Since I’m trying to open my heart, you should play along here, right?!”

“There’s no need for such consideration.”

“Even though I used all those words?!”

After screaming, the girl held her hair, which had grown so straight that one could hear it rustling and had become a mess.

After groaning, she furrowed her brows greatly and looked up at Gerald as if glaring at him.

“I wonder why… I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get along with you…”

“I’m nothing but an escort. There’s no need to get close whatsoever.”

“Uwah, that’s not cute…”

Her words sounded like those of a man rather than those of a young lady.

The soft curves on her firm cheeks and the fruit-red lips seemed to make those words unsuitable to be made from them, yet they somehow fit perfectly. Perhaps it was because she already showed many sides that weren’t suitable for that of a young lady.

As an indescribable atmosphere flowed over the two, the introduction of a third person’s voice changed it.

“Sophie-sama, so you’re here! I’ve been looking…… Ah.”

The owner of the voice was Lars Rydholm from the gold star. When he saw Sophie’s figure, he let out a cheery voice, but as soon as he saw Gerald next to her, he almost fell onto his ass.

Next to him was Firth Berendse of the silver star.

They had been seen together a lot lately, so it didn’t seem unnatural, but originally, the relationship between gold stars and silver stars wasn’t very good. This was especially true the higher the family status.

Lars’ family was a wealthy merchant and viscount family, and his father was a talented man who earned four gold stars.

Firth’s family was a count family that had produced many excellent silver stars.

The two people with the best family backgrounds acting together as if it were normal was something that couldn’t have been seen just a few months ago.

As Gerald was distracted by his thoughts, his eyes naturally became sharper, which made Lars ask timidly.

“I-I’m terribly sorry. Were you talking…?”

At the appearance of the two, Sophie smiled without showing even the slightest hint of the anger she had just earlier.

“Oh my, it’s okay. The only things I would talk to this person about are the weather after all.”

However, it seemed she didn’t forget to pour sarcasm with a smile.

Author Note:

Sorry, I couldn’t finish this time, so I’ll continue to the next one ( ;∀;)

The next update is scheduled for September 3rd!

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