Refuse Harem

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Character Introductions

It’s just a simple introduction, so it’s fine to just skip the chapter (/・ω・)/

More entries would be added every time new characters appeared, so whenever you’re at a loss and think: “who the heck is this person?” you could just have a peek here <m(__)m>

Editor’s Note: The author forgot quite a few, so I’ll add them on from my own glossary.

◇Sophie Linier

She was a young man named Nakamura Tasuku who died in a maritime accident in her previous life. In her present life, she was born as a daughter of a baron family and decided to live as a lady. She insisted she was a lady everyday yet her actions didn’t seem to reflect it.

◆Ferio Rex (Rio)

The first successor to the throne. Has bad luck with women.


Ferio(Rio)’s escort when he was a boy. He smiled a lot and was an escort that didn’t feel like one.


The current maid of Sophie, and Bart’s little sister. She cared more for Sophie than her elder brother and loved dressing up Sophie. Her hobby was embroidery.


The number one victim of being abused by Sophie since the time he was an orphan. Studying wasn’t his forte, but for the sake of not losing against Sophie in argument, he studied desperately and grew as an almighty person.


He was by far the most intelligent among the orphans, but he didn’t speak much. He was calm for his age, but whenever he was curious about something, he would immerse himself in it and forget to eat and sleep.


Formerly a citizen of Rusha Kingdom, escaped from the nation and was picked up by Sophie when he was found collapsed on the road. He was now the crop manager in Talis.

【The ladies of “The Queen’s Rose”】

◇Duke’s daughter Christina Wellin.

The fiancée of the first prince. She was Sophie’s beloved onee-sama.

The author of “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy.”

◇Marquis daughter Celine Benesh

Christina’s childhood friend.

She is good at making doujins of NL, BL, and GL.

◇Count’s daughter, Lana Barack

The author of “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds.” The biggest fujoshi.

◇Count’s daughter Lilina Zellbell

Sophie’s goddess of fertility. The second greatest fujoshi after Lana.

【Linier Family】

◆Edgar ……Father

◇Ena  ……Mother

◆Michal ……Younger brother 

◇Monica ……Younger Sister

【Men acquainted in “The King’s Sword”】

◆Lorenzo Forsell

The director of the Institute of Medical Science, the second son of the Marquis family, bearer of five silver stars.

◆Gerald Forsius(16 Years old)

Affiliated to paladin order, the third son of an earl family, bearer of three black stars.

◆Luca Forsell(14 Years old)

Student of copper star, third son of an earl family, bearer of two copper stars.              

◆Lars Rydholm(14 Years old)

Students of gold star, eldest son of viscount family, bearer of two gold stars.          


Student of copper star, commoner, bearer of the two copper stars (also the director).

◆Firth Berendse

Silver star student, eldest son of a count family, bearer of one silver star (also the director).

◆Alan Aubin

Part time lecturer, bearer of five gold stars.

◆Nert Barth (late 30s)

Deputy Director of the Insititute of Medical Science, bearer of four silver stars, from a count family.


Instructor of the silver stars

◆Keith Dudley

Student of black star, bearer of one black star

◆Daniel Beck

Student of black star, harassed Sophie with rumors

◆ Warren Forsius

One of the paladins guarding Sophie, father of Gerald Forsius, bearer of five black stars

◆ Remiel Karlfeldt

Second most talented silver star, no stars earned yet, nicknamed “silver-haired handsome dude” by Sophie, demoted 2nd prince of the Orlando Kingdom

◆ Evert Orion

Son of a count, graduated from “The King’s Sword” with Gerald, bearer of one black star, has wavy, flax-colored hair, dark blue eyes, and a mole under his eye.

[Characters from Stories]


Main male character in “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy.” Has black hair and green eyes like Sophie.


Main male “love” interest in “The Golden Knight and the Obsidian Boy.” Has golden hair like Ferio. Sophie’s nickname for him is Leoleo.


Main female character in “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds.”


Main female “love” interest in “It’s a Flower, Whether it Blooms or Buds.” 

[Side Characters]


Tasuku’s best friend


Tenma’s older sister, and Tasuku’s mother figure

◆Viscount Harris

A noble who lent land to Sophie and is a “Rose Selector”

◇Viscountess Harris

Wife of Viscount Harris, sister-like friend of Sophie’s mother Ena


Employee of the Linier Merchant group. Is in charge of crop management and sugar production.

◇Consort Floria

Deceased consort of the king of Orlando, mother to Ferio

Tsukii Note:

We reached the latest chap of raw, folks! Our author here is very, I mean VERY slow on updating the novel, with the last update done on July 2nd and no update since, as the author seems to be busy with their other works. Expect to not see any update for a few months to half a year each time we catch up with the raws.

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