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Chapter 202 – The Gloomy Gerald Forsius III

Author Note:

I didn’t make it on the time I promised, but please enjoy. ( ;∀;)

“So what’s your business?”

“Y-yes! Regarding the rai wheat, as expected, we would like to propose a paid plan.”

“Oh my…”

Gerald didn’t immediately understand what the “regarding rai wheat” that Lars was talking about.

However, Gerald could tell from the conversation that his proposal was probably against the wishes of the girl in front of him.

Even when Lars insisted on a different opinion, Sophie didn’t look at him with a glacial gaze like she did to Remiel or Gerald, but instead with the gaze of an older sister who looked at her younger brother with compassion. She quietly asked him,

“If it’s a paid plan, the other party will also want a certain result. In that case, the initial hurdle will naturally be higher. That means the burden on you will be heavier.”

“We understand. When they are dealing with students like us, even if we borrowed our family names, they would likely treat us like half-assed people. I’m sure there will be many people who would refuse at the first opportunity. However, we will utilize our speaking skills and make them show what’s in their pocket!”

Not only Lars, but Firth also followed.

“We silver stars will assist with our proven knowledge. Sophie-sama has introduced us to Eric-dono, so we will do everything in advance to be able to answer any question they may have.”

Hearing their responses, Sophie made a thoughtful gesture, so Lars immediately added,

“Of course, we didn’t decide just because of guts. The reason we are pushing for a paid plan is because the seeds that were created through the efforts of Sophie-sama’s group are wonderful. In addition, aristocrats are people who are weak to the word ‘special’. They want to have superior things compared to others and know things that others don’t. That sense of superiority can be taken advantage of. Something of value must have an appropriate price. Taking this into account, they will be more likely to think the choice they made was a great one. I’m sure there will be many people who feel they took credit for it. And people like that―they will definitely want to boast to others.”

Rumors among aristocrats were sure to spread even in faraway places. If it coincided with a social activity period, it would spread in the blink of an eye.

“Sophie-sama’s achievements in Talis are only recognized as rumors in the royal capital. The correct information must be provided so people know the seeds are improved based on a proper foundation. In order to convey that this is a wonderful seed that has been created with quite an investment of resources, I think it would be more persuasive to use a paid plan instead.”

Gerald put together the information he had heard and had a vague idea of what Sophie and the others were planning to do.

In the audience Gerald had with Ferio a few days ago, he had heard that the girl was familiar with agricultural products when she was a child, so it was easy to guess.

Does this person intend to have the gold star and silver star to develop land that can be cultivated with new seeds that they have improved?

Gerald felt the water and sewage project got a bit sidetracked, but he quickly recalled.

The girl had received another order from Ferio.

It was “to raise her reputation so her name value wouldn’t lose to that of Lorenzo, even if she used the Institute of Medical Science as her base, within three years” and that must be cultivated in this vast royal capital.

“For that reason, we have made the selection of potential territory lords by making full use of all the information we had.”

The names of several lords came out of his mouth. It was a very interesting choice from Gerald’s perspective.

One was from a marquis family who liked new things and had a wide network of connections. But on the other hand, he also had a high level of judgment and was able to immediately give up if there was no result.

One was an eccentric person who had a deep knowledge of flowers and trees, despite having the title of count, and worked in the fields with a farming tool in hand, just like a farmer.

The other names were also quirky people, but all of them had solid connoisseurship. Among them, there were some who were more concerned with gossip than territory management, but it could be seen that these people were chosen for the sake of spreading information.

“That’s a wonderful proposal. Seeing as you guys have put that much thought into it and have taken action accordingly, I can work on the water and sewage project with peace of mind.”

Perhaps relieved to have received a passing grade, Lars broke his expression and exclaimed, “Thank you very much!” He was still talkative after that.

“Depending on location, we will have to travel far. We are planning to hire escorts who are familiar with the area, but after consulting with Marcus-dono, he said he would send some of the highly skilled copper stars as escorts. The travel and escort costs will be covered by the treasury funds obtained from the ‘nameless test’ of the gold star, and we already secured permission from the principal to use it for that purpose. As soon as all preparations are complete, we will put it into action!”

The next step was already planned. Even when they were in the same school building, Gerald had no interest in other students’ personalities and didn’t even try to get to know them, but he was surprised as it was no small feat that there were students who had planned so carefully and were so willing to put them into action.

But Gerald’s surprise changed when he saw the smiling girl a few steps in front of him.

No, it wasn’t the students. It was the girl who led them to reach there.

She gave them tasks to develop their inherent qualities and gave them generous praise as they completed each task. The accumulation of accomplishments and experiences changed them.

After the two left, Sophie turned to Gerald and smiled.

It was a friendly smile that was different from what she had given Lars earlier.

“I’m terribly sorry. It seems I forgot to tell Gerald-sama about it. Regarding the conversation earlier, it would be considered out-of-school classes for the students of the gold star and silver star. Students wouldn’t get deeply involved with the construction of water and sewage facilities after all. In that case, I thought I would ask their help with another matter.”

Her tone sounded blatantly distant. Apparently, she put on her façade as a young lady again.

Gerald already had this thought many times… but he thought it was already too late for Sophie to try to act like a lady.

To be honest, being referred to by the current Sophie with “-sama” even made Gerald feel a little chill.

“You don’t have to force yourself to be formal. I don’t mind you calling me whatever you like.”


“It can be Geragera or anything.”

When Gerald told her not in a joking manner but with sincerity, Sophie took a step back and arched her body as if she had been shocked.

“W-why do you know that I have called you like that in my mind?!”

“……It’s because you have called me that before.”

“――――?! Eh, when was that?!”

When Gerald told her while choosing his words carefully, Sophie turned pale at the realization of her own mistake, puffed her cheeks, and said,

“Well sorry for calling you a weird nickname!”

She apologized with tears in her eyes.

Her expression was colored with a complex mixture of repentance, embarrassment, and shame.

Apparently, she just let it slip out of anger that time, and she still considered it a secret nickname.

Perhaps it might be better for her if Gerald didn’t make her remember, but it took some patience to ignore the discomfort he felt every time she referred to him with “-sama.” Therefore, he thought it would be preferable if she just dropped the honorific.

“As I mentioned earlier, I’m just one of the escorts. I don’t have a peerage myself. There’s no need for you to be overly concerned.”

“You might have no peerage, but while the title of paladin only lasts for a single generation without the right of inheritance, they are given the authority comparable to a viscount, aren’t they?”

“If you say it like that, then the purple star’s authority is greater than a duke’s.”

When Gerald replied like that, Sophie stared at Gerald with kitten-like eyes that still held disbelief, and after thinking for a while, she mumbled,

“That’s right… no matter how much I try to act like a lady, this place is a man’s hell with nothing but men anyway. There’s neither Christina onee-sama nor a lovely goddess. Trying to insist on being a lady in a place like this will only wear down my nerves, after all.”

Gerald couldn’t understand why doing that in a place without women around was considered meaningless to Sophie.

Wasn’t it usually the other way around? Such was what Gerald wanted to ask, but since the person herself was convinced, then it was best to leave it at that. Gerald decided to return to the topic as a way to avoid provoking her.

“Regarding the out-of-school class that you talked about earlier, I see that you were also fulfilling the other order that His Highness Ferio gave at the same time.”

“The other order?”

Sophie tilted her head as if asking, “What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you move the students for the sake of carrying out His Highness’ order to gain reputation?”

When Gerald timidly asked if he was wrong, Sophie put the bottom of her fist into her other palm as if she just remembered.

“Aah, come to think of it, there was such an order…… No, it’s not like I completely forgot about it, you know! I certainly remember when I was with Remiel at the library and thought His Highness was such a slave driver!”

Was it okay to remember it like that? Even if she was the purple star, considering the other person was the first prince, it should be considered a disrespectful remark, but Gerald had no intention of pointing that out. Most likely, Ferio himself also thought it was already too late to care about that.

“Then why did you send the students?”

“If it’s Lars and others, I can leave it to them without having to direct them. If Lorenzo-sama recognized that they were excellent students because of that, he might allow them to participate in the project. Above all, it will lead to their future achievements.”

Then, as if she suddenly remembered, she said,

“That’s right, could you please convince the black star group to join? If only the black star got excluded, they wouldn’t have any face to keep, right?”

In the end, her consideration seemed to be directed in various directions.

Even though the black star had troubled her that much, she never forgot to be considerate toward them.

“Then I’ll be counting on you――Gerald.”

When his name was suddenly called without honorifics, Gerald’s body stopped for a moment.

However, she moved on without care.

Gerald silently stared at her back.

People with attitude and resolve could change people around them.

There was no longer a sense of incongruity for her to be in “The King’s Sword”.

In a short period of time, the girl taught and gave to others, yet she also grew.

Gerald thought she was a creature that had already evolved from a chrysalis to a butterfly.

But he seemed to be a little wrong.

Once a butterfly hatched from its chrysalis, it was to be a butterfly forever, yet the girl kept gaining wings.

Gerald was sure that she would continue to change and increase the color of her wings.

Her life force that tried to move ahead lightly and strongly according to her own aspiration was dazzling, like stars shining in the dark night.

That was why Gerald thought,

I don’t want her to realize how I really am.

[“I’m sorry. Even though I talked arrogantly about another person, it seems I also only looked at you with cloudy eyes.”]

The girl’s words as she tried to open her heart flashed through his mind.

However, Gerald was the one who understood the most how insignificant of a person he really was.

Gerald didn’t become a paladin for the sake of his parents or family. He just……

I guess for someone like her, I’m nothing more than a heretic…

He was sure he would never get along with her in the future as well.

It was a strong conviction even Gerald himself couldn’t do anything about――――

Author Note:

Right here? Anyway, that’s the end of “The King’s Sword Arc!”

From the next chapter, we’ll proceed to “God’s Mountain Arc,” but please rest assured (or maybe sad?) Sophie’s perspective still has her in the men’s academy, so her hell still continues! (*’▽’)

However, after a long hell, there is surely a goddess waiting! ……Maybe?

By the way, all the characters were introduced, so there wouldn’t be more characters. There would still be mob characters, though (;^ω^)

It took a long time to get to this point from the girl’s academy, but I would be happy if you keep watching to see whether Morishita’s slow writing could improve in the future!

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