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Chapter 19

For some reason, a huge banner that read, “Grand Reflection Session” was hung in the space that should have been filled with white. 


This was the oracle place of the goddess Rudia, which appeared only in the crossing space between worlds or in dreams. 

Under the banner, the gorgeous, beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair was staring at me with a gloomy look in her eyes.

She was sitting in the seiza position.

Clad in my business suit, I approached the goddess with resolve. 

I also sat in the seiza position, face to face with the beautiful woman. 

She silently unfolded a paper that she had hidden behind her back and stuck it out in front of me.

It read, “NO-COUNT.”

“As expected ! ! ! !” I wailed in front of the Hata (official name: The banner for immediate delivering of judgments, etc.). “I was slightly aware that it wouldn’t be counted, but I was hoping that in the unlikely event that there was even a mitochondrial amount of affection, couldn’t it be included in the count?” 

I wiped the tears from my eyes with my fingertips, remembering the way the silver-haired young man had treated me. 

No, that, I didn’t want to say, but it was really rape, wasn’t it? 

I didn’t get the option to hit him and run away. 

I was kind of hoping that maybe it would be included in the count, since I was afraid of my genitals being crushed.

“Unfortunately, I can’t let it slide because I am the goddess of love. As long as I don’t recognize obvious affection, no matter how intense the sex you had, it’s a ‘no-count’.” 

“I was raped!!” 

“I am sorry. But I was happy to watch the segment. You showed me the good stuff… and I appreciate you putting your body on the line for me.”

In front of my lamenting figure, the goddess leaked a sigh of joy as she gazed off into the distance.

“… If you are satisfied—” 


Her judgment was ruthless. 

Upon the declaration, I put my hands down in disappointment on the white space that was like a floor.

“Use my blessing with caution, okay? For example, the current you would be able to make every man who met your serious eyes yours, just by being naked and opening your legs. But that’s only because they would be blinded by their insolent greed. However, if that act does not include love for you, I can’t recognize it.”

“…I’ll try…” 

“But that’s that, and this is this …”

The goddess stood up. 

She pointed to an uncertain distance and declared in a high-pitched voice,”I do not care about the form of love itself! You are also welcome to consider the main dish and dessert separately. Yeah, it’s always tiring to be serious, isn’t it? Occasionally, it’s nice to eat only the tasty parts—It won’t be counted though. Even if you don’t love each other, you can still have sex! It’s also fun to greedily pursue only pleasure! Why, because I am the goddess of sex!”

“I will try my best! I intend to devote all my might to have loving sex!!”

“….It was about a month ago that I heard that you had such an exchange with the goddess Rudia.”

Saneto had a somewhat distant look in his eyes as he looked at the garden full of beautiful flowers. 

I also looked at the beautiful garden as we sat side by side on the bench together. 

This corner located deep inside the royal castle was restricted to the public. 

These beautiful flowers could only be enjoyed by the royalty of this country, their invited guests, and the priests of the adjacent temple. 

By the way, I could also enter for the time being because of my connection with the goddess. 

Since my conversations with Saneto inevitably involved the goddess, he and I often met in this garden, which was almost completely deserted. 

It was the end of spring when I arrived in this world. 

The garden was in full bloom with early summer flowers.

“… It’s been a month since then. How is it that there is no progress?”


I laughed and tried to gloss it over.

“You’ve just wasted one twenty-fourth of the two years we had to wait to re-summon Sakura?! What are you going to do…? I heard you were going to start by closing the distance, but you don’t seem to be up for that at all?!” 

“No, in my own way, the ‘Friends first’ strategy is progressing well! First, the Knights. I’ve become quite close to Gilliam. He actually invited me to his home the other day and introduced me to his family.”

Although it was just Gilliam, who was good at taking care of people, he was simply taking care of the newcomer he is in charge of. 

In addition, the number of knights with whom I could have friendly conversations increased. 

… I’ve also been able to interact with Farangis normally. 

We greeted each other, exchanged pleasantries, and even laughed together when the occasion called for it, but please forgive me for keeping my distance whenever we get close.

Apart from that, I haven’t seemed to have developed any severe PTSD since then. 

Was it because of the blessing of the goddess that made me resilient, or was I just too easy-going? 

I could dismiss the act that was done to me, but I resented the fact that I didn’t get the count!

“The general who would be most likely to cooperate with me is away on an expedition. His letters come in regularly. Although, the content is always, ‘Have you had sex already or haven’t had sex yet?’ When I write back, I start with a greeting like a working adult, worrying about his health and whether he’s injured, write down my daily routine, etc., and then I wish him luck and send him a reply.”

By the way, I was avoiding answering his question with all my might. 

The general was too scary for me to write, “I haven’t had sex” in such a straightforward manner…

“Well, and then I am also doing well as the assistant in the political affairs department. My boss is scary, but he’s a punctual person, and I’m glad that there’s almost no overtime. The person sitting to the right of my desk is Jade. He’s quiet and doesn’t talk much, but if there’s something I don’t understand, he’ll teach me carefully. My left neighbor is Hugo. He is a newcomer who was just recently assigned. I kinda feel like I am teaching him. This world has an abacus, right? I’m used to using it in my work, so people around me look at me with respect.”


“And Hans… He’s so cute! The other day, I invited him to take a bath in my guest room to wash off his sweat since it was hot. I stubbornly invited him because I feel so grateful for everything he has done for me, and he was happy, so that was good, right? Ah, since I went in with him though, is that sexual harassment? Can I get sued for child molestation?” 

“Are you aware that you would first have to do something that could get you sued?”

I awkwardly averted my gaze from the tear-stained priest who was leaning in closer towards me.

“… Not really, I think people can live without sex… I haven’t done that in the 35 years of my life so far, and yet I am still living.” 

“If you don’t have sex, the world is going to be in trouble!!” 

“Being told that is extremely painful.” 

“Then please act! Please push down whoever you want! Please open your legs wide and devour as many cocks as you can until you’re filled to the brim with creampie!” 

“Isn’t that too blatant of an expression for a priest? 

“I wouldn’t have to say this if you would just fuck some men!!”

Saneto was sobbing incessantly. 

I sat there hugging his shoulder.

Somehow, the “future policy meeting” had turned into a “love consultation corner.”

“…And then, when I wrote to him, there was never a reply… I wonder if I am being cheated on.” 

“… I don’t think that’s the case?” 

“But when I went to see him, he said he’s busy. We don’t have much time to see each other, and when we do, we just have sex, and when we’re done, he’s so cold towards me.” 

“… There’s no problem, I’m sure.” 

“He’s the one who said, ‘Ok’ to being in a long-distance relationship…” 

“… He said it’s okay, so it’s probably okay… There, there,” I patted his head which was pulled to my chest.

I’m sorry for stressing you out at work when your personal life is already so difficult. 

…Yeah, I’d prefer this rather than to keep receiving criticisms about myself…maybe?

It seemed that he felt better after crying and complaining. 

Saneto apologized with an embarrassed look on his face, and returned to the temple. 

I sent him off hospitably, telling him not to worry about it. After a few moments, when I was sure he was out of sight, I leaned back against the back of the bench with a sigh. 

…… I was a little tired.

In a daze, I watched the flowers swaying in the wind. 

There was a figure stepping into the garden, passing through the rose arch. 

Looking around, he—well, I assumed it was a man, since I heard there were no women in this royal castle—seemed to have noticed me. 

He walked toward me. 

I stared with scrutiny as a young man with golden hair approached me.

Hmm… I feel like I’ve seen him before too, but who is he?

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2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter! Rape is unforgivable, like he said it’s odd how he accepted it so easily. But i mean he is in a situation of no sex u die rn so I guess it’s understandable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2 years ago

Thank you very much for the chapter!!!