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Chapter 33

I placed this world’s flowers, which resembled bellflowers, on the table in my living room. 

Hans asked me if I wanted to put them in my bedroom as well since there were so many, but I politely declined. 

There was no way… right? 

I sat down on a chair and reached out to stroke the delicate petals of the flower. 

At this moment, I was dying to do some flower fortune-telling.

Loves me, loves me not. 

It was the standard game for a girl in love. 

“He loves me…he loves me not…” one by one, plucking the petals of the innocent flower, and the words you muttered as you plucked the last one indicated the truth.

Would he come, or not? 

I wasn’t in love, but fortune-telling may provide a solution to this snake’s life and death situation1. I felt like I was grasping at straws. 

The problem was that the presumed bellflowers had no petals. 

If I plucked a petal, I would end up with just one. 

I wanted to do, “he will come…he won’t come…” but I also wanted to avoid the “he will come” option. 

I didn’t want him to come…

While sitting on a chair in my pajamas, I idly hovered around the table. 

Night came early in the fantasy world. 

Just as I was deciding to go straight to sleep, there was the sound of knocking at the door.

…It was probably him…

“You didn’t lock the door…?”

I opened the door as if I was just greeting a mailman who came to deliver a rejection letter for a job. 

The dark corridor was empty except for my visitor. 

His hair was a beautiful blond that shined in the subtle light that was just enough to see his feet. 

Right in front of me, the blond-haired, blue-eyed prince from the fairy tales stood in the corridor with his eyebrows furrowed. 

I couldn’t hide the troubled expression on my face when I saw the person I’d been expecting to come, so I feigned a smile.

I couldn’t just leave him standing there, so I moved my body and invited the visitor in. 

The question he asked earlier was probably due to the fact that when I pushed the knob, there was no sound of the key unlocking along with it. 

I closed the door as I answered the first prince’s question.

“Yes, usually. It’s safe inside the royal castle, and the locks here are tricky to close, so I just got tired of the hassle.” 

“ーI suggest you lock it.”

The prince reached out and locked the door. 

The obstacle in the way of his objective was removed. 

“You don’t seem surprised.”

A sudden, unplanned late-night rendezvous by His Highness, the prince. 

“No, after all…” I averted my gaze and answered the question in my mind first. 

I was a pretty dense person, but if someone stared at me that blatantly, I would eventually figure it out. 

That and “the curse” was also active. 

Or rather, that was a passive skill. It was always active. 

“…I thought you might come.” 

“Were you expecting me?” 

“No. I was praying… hoping you wouldn’t come.”

I prayed with all my might!! 

I realized in the middle of it that the goddess was a god and stopped my futile efforts, though.

The prince’s hand gently touched my cheek and urged me to look up. 

I did as he bade me to and I slowly looked up at the prince’s well-defined face. 

The temperature of his hand touching my cheek was a little cold.

Our eyes met. 

I wondered if he was looking into my black eyes the way I was looking into his deep blue ones. 

He was taking initiative to achieve his objective. 

At this moment I understood the desperate struggle of the summer campaign of the siege of Osaka2.

In short. 

Sieval, the first prince of the Shirokia Kingdom, had completely fallen victim to the goddess’ curse… no, blessing.


Honestly, it was too much to bear. 

I would have to deceive the successor prince. 

This person has to get married in the future and have children. 

If he was single, I could let him do me freely, but he was practically a married man already. 

It was okay to encourage free love, but destroying other people’s families was no good in my Japanese mindset.

Would I still be able to dissuade him? 

I tried to persuade him.

“Your highness. It’s not too late. You are the heir to this kingdom. If you want, you should be able to have beautiful women or beautiful men as you wish. I’m just a man who happened to come from another world. Please, choose the one that is right for you.” 

“Women aren’t to be embraced for fun.”

…That was right. 

I apologized.

The prince continued, “Besides, it’s not like I can have a relationship with just anyone without much thought, because having my affection would create ties.”

“Indeed…” I was convinced as the prince spoke with self-mockery. “Well, I guess if the partner’s from another world, there won’t be any troublesome ties.” 

“That’s not it!”

He shouted at me. 

Prince, your voice was too loud! What would we do if someone comes? 

Well, my room was at the far end of the guest room building, so I guess it was safe as long as it wasn’t too loud.

The prince seemed to have quickly realized this and regretted it. 

In a low voice, looking me in the eyes, he told me clearly.

“I don’t intend for this to be a fling.” 

“…Considering your status, it’s harder for me to hear that you’re serious.”

Knowing that his feelings seem to be serious, I decided that I, too, would tell him a little bit of my true feelings.

Let’s stop. 

Let’s just make it a one-night stand. 

The position of being the “prince’s lover” was terrible. 

Wouldn’t the other men get scared and stop hitting on me? 

And if that happened, how would you take responsibility? In terms of this world’s peace!

The blond prince, both sparkling physically and from the light of the room, slowly hugged me as I stood there.

“Do you hate me?” 

“… I don’t..dislike…” 

“…Do you hate this?” 

“… No, I don’t hate it. Your Highness…”

Frankly, I want to have sex so badly!

But I don’t need any other attachments. 

Please don’t have me as your lover. That’s the only thing I sincerely want to refuse!! 

I put my arm around the first prince’s back and clung to him.

Deliver my true feelings!! 

Hoping for the best, I pleaded with my true feelings against the prince’s chest.

“Y-your Highness, If you don’t mind, please embrace me. But I am fine with just that. I don’t want anything else. I don’t need any special treatment. I don’t mind if it’s just tonight. That’s why…”

…M-my face was turning red!!

I tried my best. For the first time in my life, I coaxed a man! 

It has been 35 years since I was born. 

I never thought there would be a day when I would be saying these lines to invite a person of the same sex to bed…. 

Did you understand, Prince? 

The key point was the second half of the lines, okay?! 

I told you it was okay to hit it and quit it, right?

I really wanted you to dine and dash. I asked from the bottom of my heart.

Did the cry of my soul get through…? 

The prince’s hand embracing me was full of strength.

T/N: I remembered I used to play “Loves me…Loves me not” too. I was dumb back then. Anyway, that’s right, Keigo. Don’t get tied down to one man when you can have a harem. Thank you for reading. 

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