A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Aia

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Chapter 10

July 1st: class points were announced again.

Mashima-sensei wrote the results on the whiteboard.

Class A – 954 points

Class B – 915 points

Class C – 600 points

Class D – 87 points 

Someone in the class quietly muttered, “This is dangerous,” and the sentiment was echoed.

Even though the class points should have increased, the atmosphere felt like they just went through an all-nighter.

The difference was now 39 points. Now that it was this small, we didn’t need a special exam, but judging by how everyone looked, that knowledge wasn’t enough to hide their anxiety. 

Among the class, Katsuragi looked the most upset. 

His expression didn’t change, but his body trembled, unable to mask his panic.

It couldn’t be helped. The most competent person in the class had moved to make sure the class lost after all. It wasn’t Katsuragi’s fault. It was just beyond his power. 

But since Katsuragi had no idea, he must have felt responsible.

I couldn’t help but pity him for that.

I guessed that the standings would change by summer vacation. It wasn’t a lone thought; most of the people in the class thought similarly. Most of them were already resigned to it. 

Also, the points weren’t transferred. 

This was most likely because of that certain incident.

Since both Arisu-chan and I have the luxury of points, we didn’t feel particularly troubled about that. Although…

“Even if it doesn’t involve our class’ students, there was some trouble occurring in the others’. Because of that, there was a delay in the point transfer, but as soon as it’s settled, the transfer will go through immediately.” 

Almost immediately, the class buzzed into whispers as soon as Mashima-sensei finished explaining. 

“It must be Class C, right?” Totsuka said. Nobody listened to him, though.

Both Arisu-chan and I were unharmed, but it seemed like some Class C students harassed the Class A students recently. I heard that they cursed out the Class A students by declaring them ‘the weakest Class A in history.’ 

Looks like Ryuuen already made his move to weaken Class A. 

Perhaps he thought he could crush the class easily.

Considering the big difference in improvement Class B had compared to Class A’s rather excellent, but stagnant performance, obviously, Class A appeared weak.

And so, what better way to eliminate the competition than to crush the easier target first?

In the following days, Ayanokouji and Kikyou-chan came by to ask if we knew something about the incident between the Sudou of Class D and Class C students. 

But even Arisu-chan couldn’t have known something she didn’t see.

Things would become even more complicated if I spoke of my knowledge of the original story as well, so we decided to isolate ourselves from the matter.

However, it made me feel bad not being of use, so I advised them to ask Honami-san for help.

That way, perhaps things would develop like the original story?

In fact, I heard that the student council would be involved in the deliberation, so it wouldn’t be long before everything was resolved.

Besides, this was supposed to be Ayanokouji’s time in the spotlight. 

Wasn’t it presumptuous for a small fry like me to steal it from the protagonist?

And so, 

“Arisu-chan, is it tasty?” 

“Would you like to try? It’s delicious, but it seems a little too much for me to eat.”

“Then I guess I’ll have some… ah, it’s good.”

We were enjoying lunch at a restaurant. 

After this, we went shopping and then enjoyed some coffee and sweets at a café.

“You know, this is all reminding me of the entrance ceremony.” 

“Right. It was just the two of us, back then.”

Compared to when we first entered the school in April, we have a lot more acquaintances now. 

I did plan to get Ayanokouji involved, right from the beginning, but I never thought Honami-san and Kikyou-chan would end up becoming our friends either.

I think we could continue to get along with the three of them from now on as well.

I was reluctant when I first enrolled, but now I was glad I came here. 

It was all thanks to Arisu-chan.

“No matter how many friends I make, you’re my number one, you know?” 

“Thanks. I don’t know how long it’ll stay that way, but I’m really happy to hear that.”

“…It’ll stay this way forever.”

Arisu-chan puffed out her cheeks a little. Seems like she didn’t like my vague remark. 

Needless to say, I loved this kind of Arisu-chan. 

I really wanted her to be happy, but I knew there were few people who could do that for her.

If I really put some thought into it, Ayanokouji was too popular, so he was no good.

He was likely getting along with Sakura because of the whole Class C and D debacle at the moment, and he had many candidates for girlfriends as well.

A good guy to be sure, but it was hard to imagine he would prioritize Arisu-chan above all else.

In that case, was I the only one? 

No no, binding a child with endless possibilities to a small fry like me was not good for anyone.

But even if I wasn’t a good fit for her, if there was no such person as the best partner for Arisu-chan, the person to stand by her, in the end, would be me.

If that really happened, I would stay with her forever. 

Of course, I would prioritize Arisu-chan’s wishes, but such a future might really come to be.

“By the way, we’ll be having a cruise over the summer.” 

“Sensei did say that, didn’t he?”

“It’s likely that it won’t end with just a vacation, though…”

With how gently she broached the topic, it seemed she was being considerate. I stayed silent. 

She was talking about the shitty exam that Mashima-sensei brought up during homeroom.

Aah, so I have to be separated from Arisu-chan for a while? 

I guess it was impossible to refuse boarding the ship altogether. This was hard after all.

That said, I was going to drop out as soon as possible. 

I already had a strategy in my mind.

I had no idea if everything would go well, but the earlier I dropped out, the better.

Taking care of Arisu-chan was more important than the exam, after all.

Later, a message from Kikyou-chan informed us that the incident was resolved.

She would visit us soon to talk about the details.

When we were on our way back from shopping, I saw Ayanokouji, his back toward us, near the student dormitory. I thought to ask the details of the incident, and couldn’t help but run to him.

Arisu-chan, who for some reason wanted to come along, also burst into a sprint and quickly fell.

Her face was fortunately spared, but her right hand was not so lucky.

“Are you okay?” 

“It hurts. It’s Haruto-kun’s fault.”

“Sorry, it’s my fault.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off Arisu-chan. 

I understood that she fell because she tried to run alone.

And when she walked normally, her cane would sometimes get caught in something, causing her to stumble and trip.

Anyway, I always needed to pay attention to where she was going to see if there was mud, random objects, gravel, pavement, or something, there.

If I let my guard down, she would often end up injured.

“Haven’t I already told you last time that it’s dangerous to suddenly go running?” 

“…You’re a big idiot.”

“Hey, isn’t that a bit much?”

It was my fault that I didn’t foresee what Arisu-chan would do, but I think calling me a big idiot was too much. It couldn’t be helped. It still made me a little depressed, though.   

“Don’t suddenly leave my side. I also said that last time, right?” 

“But, Ayanokouji’s right the—”

“I don’t want your excuses. I need to punish you for being disobedient.”

She was in pouty mode. 

It was her irritation and anger out in full force.

For the time being, I raised my hand in surrender to placate her.

“Okay, okay, I understand. Whatever you want.” 

Occasionally, her child-like behavior would manifest like this. 

It hadn’t changed since elementary school.

She sighed and immediately brightened with a mischievous smile. 

She leaned forward, her face close, and whispered something only I could hear.

“Don’t let go of my hand for the rest of the day.” 

…I see. 

Even a fool like me could understand that much.

Her face was rather flushed. Hey, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by the things you’re saying.

“Okay, here you go.” 

“Fufu, this is good.”

She sure was cute. 

My irritation for being called an idiot was gone before I knew it.

Following the princess’ decree, we went home holding hands. 

Fortunately, the injury wasn’t a big deal and it was no longer painful by dinner time.

…Did she play up her injured act for this?

Either way, Arisu-chan was in a good mood until she fell asleep. 

Author Note:

It’s the deserted island chapter next.

It went quite crazy, but since Arisu-chan wouldn’t be there, I thought there was no worth in writing it, so I would instead write about the guy’s activities (LOL) in the side story.

The main story would be from the perspective of the person who waited for his return. Well, she wouldn’t have to wait for long, though.

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