A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Aia

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Chapter 19

Author Note:

This chapter still discusses the deserted island exam.

I also think it was dragged on for too long so I considered just skipping this, but if what is depicted here were not included, then there would be confusion on what happens after…

So it’s a short one this time.

Honami-san also had a celebration party in her class afterward, so she left still fussing over me.

And not long after, the next visitor came.

“Eh, I want to kill him.” 

There was another extremist right here. I was fascinated by how straightforward she was. 

What the hell I was worrying about earlier…

“Kikyou-san, I’m happy with your concern, but please don’t actually kill anyone, okay?” 

“U~hn, I think that guy is better off dead.”

I was finally able to put myself in order and was able to talk normally about the episode with Totsuka earlier.

Kikyou-chan stayed half-smiling as she listened to my story from beginning to end. Her eyes weren’t smiling at all. It was scary.

Perhaps it’s because she couldn’t meet Arisu-chan for a week, but Kikyou-chan’s dependence on her became stronger.

She even said things like, “Should I set him up so he looks like a rapist or something?”

“Ah, but really, can’t Horikita just die earlier? You should just go to hell together with Totsuka~” 

Again and again, Kikyou-chan spoke some really dangerous remarks as she rubbed her cheek against Arisu-chan’s. 

She said things so arbitrarily that it sounded more interesting than disturbing.

This was how Kikyou-chan was when it was just the three of us together. 

She didn’t put any filter on her thoughts and spoke without hesitation.

For her, who had put more effort into pretending to be good than most people, getting her to let off some steam calmed her down.

“Haruto-kun, I’m thirsty!” 

“Okay, okay.”

I took the juice out of the refrigerator and poured it into a glass. 

For example, Kikyou-chan would mercilessly tell me, “You’re annoying, just die,” if I did something that displeased her. I’d already experienced it several times.

…Then Kikyou-chan would get depressed since Arisu-chan would scold her, so it was quite cute.

For Kikyou-chan, her time with us was the only time she could be herself. 

She must have found it more difficult than she imagined having that time being deprived of her for a week.

“Here’s your juice, Kikyou-chan. You did well, enduring.” 

“I really did… Thanks, and sorry to worry you.”

“It’s okay. I quite like you, after all.”

“But not as much as you like Arisu-chan, right?”

“Of course, why would you ask something so obvious? Rather, it’s the same for you, right?”

This exchange felt pleasant. 

I think Kikyou-chan also thought the same.

It was a relationship where we can show our natural selves. I think we could consider each other as best friends.

“I’m really glad I got to meet the two of you. Otherwise, I would’ve either dropped out or gone crazy by now.” 

“Kikyou-san does her best, after all.”

“Aren’t I amazing?”

“You are amazing. You worked unbelievably hard without quitting.”

“Arisu-chan… I love you.”

Moreover, Kikyou-chan got spoiled like this. 

I guess it couldn’t be helped if she got addicted to Arisu-chan since she kept receiving that treatment.

After taking a bath, the three of us settled down in bed. 

Arisu-chan lay in the middle while we both lay beside her.

It was the way we usually slept whenever Kikyou-chan came over to sleep.

It was the ever-popular 川 sleeping position, but Arisu-chan would sulk since it made her look like our daughter instead.

“Kikyou-chan, is it okay if you do not participate in Class D’s celebration party?” 

“There’s no such a thing to begin with. Class D isn’t so united, after all.”

“I see, I guess that’s true.”

“If there were a party, perhaps someone would hit Horikita right then and there. I actually want to see that.”


Was that how it ended in the original story?

“Huh? Why would someone hit her?” 

“Because if she didn’t drop out, Class D would’ve gotten first place in the exam… Well, I doubt Horikita herself would participate in such a party in the first place. And it’s true that she’s in poor health anyway.”

Wait, wait, wait. Why did it end up like that? 

I became confused.

Class D had 225 points by the end of the exam. If you added the 30 points that were deducted when Horitaka dropped out, the 255 points would overtake Class B’s 240 points.

However, according to the backstory I knew, there was no way that would’ve happened.

In the first place, if Horikita didn’t drop out, then Class A and Class C would have guessed Class D’s leader correctly, thereby making Class D’s score 155 points instead. Moreover, I recalled that there was a rule that the points you earned if you correctly guessed another class’ leader would turn invalid if other classes found out who your leader was. With that, while your points wouldn’t dwindle to 0, it would still result in low points.

It seemed that the majority of Class D didn’t realize that Horikita dropping out was the best course of action.

“U~hn, and if the party was held, Karuizawa would end up getting praised, so I guess it’s good that they didn’t throw a party to begin with.” 


I didn’t understand. What happened there?

“I see. So Ayanokouji-kun chose to proceed in that direction.” 

Arisu-chan, who had been silently listening the whole time, joined the conversation. 

She sounded like she understood, but I had no idea what happened.

No, no, what direction did Arisu-chan mean?

This feeling that I got left behind… it’s been a while since I last felt it.

“Is that so? Is he actually someone amazing or something?” 

“Yes. I think that after Ayanokouji-kun guessed the leader, he passed it off like Karuizawa-san did instead. I didn’t expect him to give her a carrot just like that, though.”

“Aah… now that you mention it, they really do have a good, annoying atmosphere between them. So that’s how it is.”

Apparently, Arisu-chan had fully read the meaning of Ayanokouji’s actions. 

To summarize what I just heard, Ayanokouji correctly guessed Class A’s leader, after I told him about it, as well as the Class C leader whom he had investigated alone. Then after some episode I had no idea about, it was decided that it was Karuizawa who found out who the leaders of other classes were.

Why did it end up like that? In the first place, wasn’t Karuizawa…

“What happened with Hirata?” 

“When did you hear about that? I think they already broke up a long time ago.”

Since someone from Class D said so, and it was Kikyou-chan to boot, it must be true. 

To think Ayanokouji has already made his move within his class… I had no idea.

“Moving quickly, I see.” 

“Yeah, that whore sure changed partners quickly. Ah, I really don’t like it. All of them are so annoying!”

I involuntarily said that, but I soon realized how dangerous my remark was. 

Even if no one knew, and if someone was curious enough to ask, what I said could have been taken as me comparing what I heard to what I knew from the original story.

Fortunately, Kikyou-chan interpreted it as Karuizawa moving on from her relationships quickly. That really helped.

Kikyou-chan puffed her cheeks and flapped her legs. 

As usual, she had an amazing talent for making people think she was cute.

Kikyou-chan talked about Class D for a while. 

We rarely got to go there, so it was quite fresh and interesting.

Suddenly, when I looked downward…


There was Arisu-chan sleeping. 

(“What’s this? Isn’t she so cute?”) 

(“She really is.”)

We talked in whispers so we wouldn’t wake Arisu-chan. 

(“To think she looks this cute even though she is just sleeping… isn’t that cheating?”) 

(“This face has never changed, even since we were young.”)

I was always soothed by Arisu-chan’s sleeping face. 

It always made me happy whenever I kissed her cheek and embraced her.

This was the privilege for us who were allowed to stay by her side.

(“Haah, I’ve been exhausted for a week… I’m going to sleep as well. Good night.”) 

(“Good job. Good night.”)

It seemed Kikyou-chan was so tired that she fell asleep in no time. 

For some reason, it felt like we were a couple who put our child to sleep.

Arisu-chan would scold me if she knew, so I would keep it a secret from her.

Author’s Note:

Horikita ended up being seen as a weird person who dropped out of the exam due to poor health.

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