A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Aia

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Chapter 18

Author Note:

Thank you for your comments and evaluations. I have read them all.

I’m surprised at how sharp you all are. It makes me feel you have predicted the general plot of this story… Perhaps this is how it feels if I confronted Arisu-chan?

This chapter served as the latter part of the previous chapter, so it’s short.

After we caught up with Honami-san, we decided to talk in the guest room, partly because of the things we would talk about.

“Arisu-chan. I’m sorry. If only I had interrupted sooner…” 

“I don’t mind at all.”

Honami-san looked apologetic. 

I wonder if she was serious about her intention of transferring Arisu-chan.

I never thought Honami-san actually had 8 million points with her. 

That number could not have possibly been reached, even if every single one of her classmates paid the 50% tax as intended since May. Seems like she received quite a sum of “donations.”

“There are still 32 million points to go…” 

Honami-san muttered. 

Hm? 32 million points?

“Eh, does that mean I’m also included?” 

“Of course. There’s no point in the transfer if Haruto-kun is not going as well!”

There was no point in the transfer if I wasn’t going as well. Arisu-chan nodded and affirmed those words. 

If so, the hurdle was quite high.

“32 million points must be difficult. It’s fine even if the transfer doesn’t take place, you know?” 

“No, I already decided. Otherwise… I’ll end up being unable to repay what you two have done for me. I wouldn’t be able to stand such a thing…”

In stark contrast to the high-spirited appearance of hers before, Honami-san made an anxious expression now. 

…Perhaps this was how Honami-san was supposed to be.

“I don’t mind at all. Honami-san has done her best.” 

“But I mind. Besides, I really can’t forgive Totsuka-kun. His remark was absolutely unacceptable. I don’t want you two staying in a class that would hurt my precious friend, Arisu-chan.”

There was no doubt that Totsuka was a scum. I was still pissed, even now. 

That said, even if his personality was problematic, you can’t say that he lied. As a matter of fact… it was true they lost because of me. The thirty-point penalty that Arisu-chan caused was an extremely unreasonable rule by itself, but even from a bystander’s perspective, his opinion wasn’t wrong.

I understood his feelings, albeit slightly. It’s why I chose to stay silent initially… but the moment I heard him insult Arisu-chan, I was no longer able to stand still.

Since it was about me, I’ll be honest. I wanted to kill him.

In my mind, Totsuka’s death turned into a viable option.

If Honami-san didn’t intervene, I was sure I would have just punched him over and over without sparing a second thought.

Just like a machine.

Ayanokouji’s words flashed back again. 

[“If you received the same education as I did, I’m sure you’d have already surpassed me by now.”] 

Did he notice something about me? 

Totsuka’s insult toward Arisu-chan was among the worst of the worst, and I still couldn’t forgive him no matter how many times I thought about it.

However, I… were my actions really only caused by my anger toward Totsuka?

As long as Arisu-chan was smiling, it would be fine. 

Before I knew it, I was seriously thinking like that.

Until the incident that occurred that day, Arisu-chan didn’t really care about me. 

I realized she only considered me a disposable person who helped her do her chores.

I was aware I was being treated unreasonably, and while I didn’t hate it at all, it wasn’t hard to feel so helpless when receiving  Arisu-chan’s cold attitude.

However, it was a relationship I could have easily cut off if I wanted to. 

Why did I stubbornly stick myself to her, even if I was scorned and treated like a fool?

As I thought about that, I suddenly recalled a memory from the past. 

…Aah, I just remembered. It was something that happened more than ten years ago. Why did I forget it until now?

In reality, it wasn’t Arisu-chan that wanted me, but I…

I finally understood everything. 

That was why I couldn’t allow her smile to be taken away. 

Because it reminded me of someone I couldn’t protect long ago.

That was why I would do anything for her sake.

I knew very well what might happen if I didn’t act.

I was just imposing my ego by “protecting Arisu-chan.” 

To forget the regret that I couldn’t escape, even after reincarnation.

Ever since I came to this world, I was actually using Arisu-chan all this time.

I was the worst. 


“Are you okay?”

I was dragged back to reality by two voices. 

“Aah, sorry. I was just thinking it is thanks to Honami-san that I ended up not hitting Totsuka.” 

“That’s… but the earlier Haruto-kun was really cool, you know?”

Cool? Me? 

“I didn’t expect it would make you suffer so much. I expected that much, but it seems my judgment is mistaken for you. I’m sorry…”

Why did Arisu-chan apologize to me? 

I knew the feeling of killing a person. 

Was it really okay for you to give your love to someone like me?

“Arisu-chan, I…” 

“It’s okay. I’m really thankful you are trying to protect me. That’s why… Please don’t look so sad.”

Arisu-chan was holding my hand all this time. 

Was the person I protected also someone who protected me?

“Even if you have another side to you, I will accept everything. If you can’t suppress your violent impulse, I don’t mind if you want to vent it upon me. I have that much resolve.” 

Why could she say something like that to a lowly person like me? 

Didn’t you feel it was a waste to get along with a hopeless scum like me?

…However, regardless of what I said, I was sure she would stay with me. 

Even if I did something that led to me losing everything, she gave me the assurance that she would stay with me until the last moment.

That comfort was addicting.

“I know very well how gentle Haruto-kun is. That’s why, please stop blaming yourself. Be it Arisu-chan and I, we like you very much.” 

Honami-san too. These people… were very nice. 

As my heart warmed, I finally returned to my senses.

As soon as I calmed down, I burst into tears. 

I kept crying for a while as I was being embraced by Arisu-chan.

Author Note:

The cause of death in his previous life was suicide.

The condition of him becoming mentally twisted was if something happened to Arisu-chan. He just happened to be stable since Arisu-chan was never robbed or despised before their enrollment in high school.

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