A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 26

Author Note:

The thing that went beyond Arisu-chan’s expectations was…

Nothing in particular happened during the second session of group discussion.

To be more precise, the atmosphere was so terrible that nobody talked.

Manabe kept glaring at Karuizawa all the time, making everyone not feel like talking.

It seemed the previous incident was quite a headache for people, but Karuizawa seemed to be in a good mood since she had Kiyotaka as a shield, so she showed composure from the beginning until the end. At this rate, I think she would be in for a world of pain sooner or later.

After the session ended, Kikyou-chan visited our guest room. 

She seemed to be assigned to the dragon group. Unfortunately, she was grouped together with Horikita.

“Seriously, all the people there are weirdos and I hate it.” 

She sat on the sofa and let out a big sigh. 

She clearly looked tired. After I brewed the tea provided in the room, her expression softened a bit.

“Thank you for your hard work. So Honami-san is a weirdo as well?” 

“Thanks… I don’t think there’s anyone weirder than she is. I can’t believe all her behavior comes naturally. I really can’t stand her, she is definitely crazy somewhere.”

She shook her head, showing her exhaustion. I see, I guess they were not a good match. 

Come to think of it, I guess it was natural for Kikyou-chan to have a hard time dealing with Honami-san.

Honami-san brought the people together with her kindness and charisma, she didn’t treat anyone badly, and people became fascinated by her before they knew it. She could no longer be considered a leader but the head of a cult instead.

For Kikyou-chan, who acted like a good person toward everyone, Honami-san’s behavior must be pretty disgusting.

It was just the difference between natural behavior and acting, though…

“I think Kikyou-chan is also amazing.” 


“Everyone lives while putting up a façade to some extent. Seeing someone behave like that without a secret side must feel somewhat less human.”

“…You’re right. That’s definitely not normal.”

“You put on a façade every day and try to fit into the society known as school. You are doing your best while venting your frustration here. I really think you are amazing, and I also love that side of you… That’s why, you don’t have to feel inferior.”

I spoke my frank opinion about Kikyou-chan as a follow-up. I couldn’t help but worry that she might get an inferiority complex while confronting Honami-san during the group discussion. 

I didn’t want Kikyou-chan to think that Honami-san could do what she couldn’t and make her think she was inferior. There were tons of things that only Kikyou-chan could do out there.

“Haruto-kun, you are that concerned about me…” 

“I just don’t want people I care about to get hurt.”

Of course, if I was asked whether I like or hate Honami-san, I would definitely put her in the category of ‘like’. 

I knew about her past, and I didn’t want her to have a hard life.

But Honami-san, who had a stronger personality than anyone in a sense, would seem like an ideal student, and that made it hard for ordinary people to accept.

All of those were things that Honami-san could do. They weren’t things that I, Arisu-chan, and Kikyou-chan could do. We couldn’t imitate her even if we tried, and it was meaningless to feel inferior because of that.

Kikyou-chan had her own charm. There was no need for her to compare herself on the same playing field.

Be it her human-like behavior, her mentally weak side, or her unexpectedly gentle side — all were part of the existence that made up the person known as Kushida Kikyou. She was definitely not a genius, but she was a girl who lived her life to the fullest.

“I see… Yes, I am really happy. I love you too.” 

“That’s an honor. If people out there knew you said that to me, I would be scolded from all directions.”

“What’s with that? I don’t understand.”

I was relieved when I saw her smiling. She should be fine now. 

Whenever she looked sad or had a painful expression, I want to reach out to her from now on as well.

I liked Kikyou-chan enough that I seriously thought so.

After that, the three of us chatted for a while. 

In addition to Kikyou-chan revealing she was the VIP of her group, she also told us the VIPs of Class D.

The moment Arisu-chan heard that, she immediately sent a message. It was most likely sent toward Honami-san, and it might be the GO signal. It seemed this exam might be concluded earlier than expected. 

Then by 10 PM, I took out my cell phone and checked the message. 

[“The rabbit group exam has ended. Those in the rabbit group no longer need to participate in the exam. Please take care to not disturb the other students.”]

With this, we were freed from the group discussion.

I took a breather and then thought, We would be free to act from tomorrow onward… What should we do then?

These two didn’t seem to be very interested in the result, so we continued to talk amicably.

“Kikyou-san, are you staying over tonight?” 

“If both of you don’t mind, I would love to. As I thought, I’m more comfortable here.”

When Arisu-chan nodded, Kikyou-chan smiled happily. 

Seeing her expression, I suddenly had a thought.

When I first came to this school, I was thinking of entrusting Arisu-chan to someone.

However, I realized there was no one out there who could do so.

There was nobody who could replace me, and I had the resolve to dedicate my life to her.

…I was also aware that for Arisu-chan, most people out there were no different than pebbles.

However, what about Kikyou-chan? 

From Arisu-chan’s perspective, Kikyou-chan was a cute and competent friend who was willing to listen to whatever she said.

From my perspective, Kikyou-chan was an irreplaceable best friend who could interact with us without hiding anything.

Not only that, the current Kikyou-chan was a special person who was second only to Arisu-chan for me. If it was her, then…


“Are you okay?”

The two of them were looking at me worriedly. 

Oops, it seemed I was lost in thought. It was a bad habit of mine.

“Sorry, sorry. Should we go to sleep now?” 

We already took our bath, so all that was left was to go to sleep. 

Arisu-chan was placed in the middle of the bed, and we slept in the usual 川 position.

Sleeping just with Arisu-chan was good, but sleeping with the three of us made me feel a different kind of happiness.

Just as I was thinking of sleeping, our cell phones rang again. It seemed tons of messages came one after another. 

After hearing the notification sound several times, it suddenly stopped ringing. It was definitely that.

…Honami-san, she sure is quick to act. I guess she had everything prepared beforehand and only needed to pull the trigger.

By now, many students should have been surprised. With the exception of a few, I think most people couldn’t understand what just took place. Perhaps there were some people out there who felt responsible because the exam ended before they could do anything.

Well, none of that had anything to do with us. 

Arisu-chan didn’t react at all and she didn’t even bother touching her cell phone. Kikyou-chan was the same.

I unlocked my cell phone for the time being and confirmed all the messages were notifications of the group exam being concluded.

Even though I saw it, I had no intention to bring it up. I put my cell phone on the edge of the bed.

Rather than the result of the exam, the comfortable time with the three of us was more important. 

The three of us had such a common understanding.

Author Note:

[Kikyou POV]

Arisu-chan and Haruto-kun were the most important people to me.

Be it my competitive side or my desire to be praised by others, they understood and accepted it.

While I was in front of them, there was no need for me to suppress my emotions and I could be myself.

People like them would never appear again.

I was especially sure since I have been involved with more people than anyone.

That was why I couldn’t afford to lose them.

I want to continue walking alongside them.

Be it Arisu-chan’s enveloping kindness and Haruto-kun’s pure and straightforward affection.

I didn’t want to think what would happen if they were gone.

I was sure both of them would be married eventually.

Even so, would it be okay for me to continue to be by their side?

It must be weird for me to be worried about things that would occur years in the future. There was no meaning to thinking of that now.

Even if I told myself that, the anxiety that had arisen once refused to go away.

At times like that, Haruto-kun was concerned about me who was exhausted due to the group discussion.

I didn’t think I would forget those words for the rest of my life, and if he didn’t have Arisu-chan as a girlfriend… I was sure I would fall in love with him. Even now, when it was already late at night, my heart was still pounding.

At the same time as my heart filled with a warm feeling, a certain question came to me.

How did both of them bond so tightly?

There was Arisu-chan inside Haruto-kun. Arisu-chan that night overlapped with the current Haruto-kun.


At that moment, everything connected.

Be it Haruto-kun’s dedication and Arisu-chan’s dependence. 

I was sure that Arisu-chan… was defeated by Haruto-kun’s kindness.

Her thoughts should be the same as the current me. She was doing her best so he would always love her.

The moment I realized that, I loved Arisu-chan even more.

I looked at the cutest sleeping face in the world. As I kissed her forehead, I was filled with happiness.

Upon arriving at the truth, a happy image of the future appeared in my mind.

I see. All I needed to do was support Arisu-chan with him.

I couldn’t do it like him, but it was worth a try.

I made my resolution as I saw the notebook with the title “Arisu-chan memo” on the table.

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