A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 28

The next day, Arisu-chan and I were considering the exam’s result.

Things mostly occurred as expected, but there was one surprising point.

I organized the content as I wrote in my note. 

1, Class Points/Private Points

Class A +150cl → 1305cl / +3,500,000pr

Class B -150cl → 804cl

Class C -150cl → 450cl

Class D +150cl → 462cl / +2,500,000pr

2, Reason for this result

Class A: +350cl for correctly guessing 7 group VIPs. -50cl for an incorrect guess of the rabbit group’s VIP. -150cl from having the 3 Class A VIPs being guessed by Class D.

So the total was +150cl.

Class B, Class C: Got their VIPs guessed by Class A and Kouenji, -150cl. 

Class D: -100cl from having 2 of their VIPs being guessed by Class A. +50cl for Kouenji guessing the VIP of the monkey group correctly. +50cl from the result of the rabbit group. +150cl for guessing the 3 Class A VIPs. 

So the total was +150cl.

Surprisingly, Ryuuen’s class got demoted to Class D. Although the point difference was minor, it was a surprising result.

“I never thought Class C and Class D would take each other’s place at this point.” 

“About that result, it’s not something under my deliberate control. It came about by chance as a result of Kiyotaka-kun’s and my adjustment. It must have been a happy miscalculation for him.”

Apparently, it wasn’t something that Arisu-chan set up. 

…I wonder what Ryuuen was thinking around this time?

I doubt his mind would break with just this, but he must find it very frustrating.

I think he is a person who could make use of his experience of defeat. I expect him to inspire himself further with this.

That was my thought, but Arisu-chan had a completely different impression. 

“I’m sure that the person who’s going through the hardest time is Horikita-san.” 


“Yes. She contributed nothing to her class’ victory after all.”

Horikita contributed nothing. Now that Arisu-chan mentioned it, it was indeed true. 

In contrast to Karuizawa, who jumped to the leading role in the class, Horikita was overshadowed.

The accumulation of 150 points promoted the class to Class C. It was a result that couldn’t be better. 

The other students of Class D and Chabashira-sensei should be very satisfied with that.

I could imagine Karuizawa getting carried away as she got praised by the people around her.

And being shown such a scene, it must have been very painful for Horikita. 

It showed that they could win without her. She couldn’t be the leader of the class.

What would she think upon seeing such a harsh reality?

The opportunity to find out that answer came sooner than I expected.

Choosing a crowded restaurant for lunch might have been a mistake. 

The group of former Class D… the current Class C was making a fuss.

We took our seats a little farther from the crowd and spent our time quietly. 

“U~hn, I understand that they’re happy, but can’t they be a little quieter?” 

“I’m sorry about that~… Everyone seems to have gotten carried away by the result of the exam.”

Kikyou-chan said that to us with a business smile. She was putting on her façade at the moment, so she refrained from acting the way she usually did to us. 

I absolutely want to avoid the situation where she got caught because of me.

“I can understand how they feel. They probably never thought they’d be able to be promoted from Class D that quickly after all.” 

“It really is. Even Chabashira-sensei said that it was unprecedented.”

“In addition, it was a class that started at 0 points in May. Being able to get back to 462 points in a little over three months should make them feel immeasurable joy. I also don’t like noisy places, but considering the wonderful result they achieved, I think it can’t be helped.”

Arisu-chan praised the new Class C with a slightly louder voice. 

Well, it was certainly a great result. I guess I have to put up with it.

If anyone asked who was amazing, I could only say it was Kiyotaka, though. 

Students of Class C were eating and drinking while raising their voices with Karuizawa at their center. 

But there was a girl who spent her time without being in that circle just like us.

Horikita Suzune. 

I was late to notice that she was staring at us.

Horikita slowly walked up to us. I couldn’t tell her not to come over so we stayed in place.

“Horikita-san, is something wrong?” 

Kikyou-chan kept a smile on her face and tried to keep Horikita in check. 

Horikita received that and responded with a sharp gaze.

…Would it become a direct confrontation right here?

“Kushida-san, you treat everyone equally. I thought that was the case, but are they special to you?” 

“What do you mean?”

“I mean exactly what I said. I’m just curious about the fact that those two are special to you. In terms of being treated differently, I guess I’m also the same.”

“…Horikita-san and these two are completely different.”

“Of course, I know that. After all, you… Because I know about your past, you are trying to get me expelled from the school, aren’t you?”

Hearing those words, the smile disappeared from Kikyou-chan’s face. 

Even though Kikyou-chan was about to forget about it, Horikita went ahead and brought it up.

Even though Kikyou-chan was finally beginning to mentally stabilize, Horikita ruined it.

Although I tried to not let it show in my emotions, I was inwardly feeling deep anger towards Horikita.

“That’s definitely not a topic to be brought up on an occasion like this, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but why don’t you learn a bit more common sense?” 

Kikyou-chan stood up and went to the class group. 

She waved her hand to gather attention and said loudly.

“Sorry, everyone~ I’m feeling a little sick… can I take a little rest?” 

As Kikyou-chan put her hands together and made such a request, the people in the class looked at her worriedly. 

Horikita, what the hell are you thinking?

It depends on what you would talk about, but depending on the circumstances… you’re going to be my enemy. 

We left the restaurant and went to a deserted place. 

It was originally a commercial area that was off-limits to anyone other than cruise staff. In this room where countless switchboards were lined up, it could be said that nobody would come around this time.

“Kushida-san and I went to the same middle school. You know that much, right?” 

“You don’t even need to ask that, do you?”

“…During middle school, I had no friends. There are a lot of things I couldn’t understand about what you did back then.”

“Fu~hn, so that’s how it is. I can’t deny the possibility that Horikita-san is lying, though.”

“I can only ask you to believe in this matter.”

Arisu-chan and I already heard about the episode from their middle school a long time ago. 

For me, it’s not even worth remembering after all this time. It’s just something that happened in the past.

Nothing would change because of that, and to be blunt, I didn’t give a damn.

It didn’t matter to me what happened in the past. I like the current Kikyou-chan after all.

And the problem was Horikita, who brought up that story. 

What did she want to do with Kikyou-chan?

If Horikita had any intention to demean Kikyou-chan, I wouldn’t forgive her. 

I would make sure to crush her with all my might together with Arisu-chan.

Although I didn’t say anything on purpose, my mind was already burning hot.

“Horikita-san, you seem to misunderstand about one thing, so let me correct it. I’m not really interested in you right now. I did intend to expel you before, but I’m not that obsessed with you anymore.” 

“What do you mean by that?”

“Honestly, I can only see you as a pitiful person. You get carried away with your arrogance, yet the class shows results before you know it, and you are the only one left behind. I don’t see any meaning in spending my precious time to expel someone like that. Besides, even if the current Horikita-san reveals this secret, I doubt anyone would believe it.”

“…You sure sound arrogant.”

Besides, I don’t mind it getting revealed now… muttered Kikyou-chan in a small voice. 

In the first place, why did she confront us like this?

Such a simple question never went away. I could only see her trying to pick a fight at the moment, though… 

But I doubt she was actually that stupid.

“Even without Horikita-san, the class could win. I think everyone else in the class thinks that way.” 

“I don’t know about that. Let me ask you one thing, but what do you think about Karuizawa-san?”

“Nothing in particular. Just that she happens to be on good terms with Ayanokouji-kun.”

“Do you feel nothing that you might have to obey her from now on?”

“I told you I feel nothing about it. Don’t tell me, did Horikita-san talk to me because of that?”

I see, so that was how it was. It was so unexpected that I didn’t imagine it. 

Horikita wanted to join hands with Kikyou-chan. It made me think she shouldn’t say provocative remarks if that was her purpose, but considering her low communication ability, I guess she just didn’t know how to interact with others.

The moment I realized the situation, my body lost its strength. It was really surprising. 

If that was her intention, she should have said it right from the beginning. Why did she make it harder to understand…?

My serious feelings dispersed and I bluntly no longer cared.

Well, I didn’t mind as long as it didn’t harm Kikyou-chan. Rather, she should compensate me for making me unnecessarily emotional.

“Kushida-san, do you think our class could become Class A under her leadership?” 

“Well, I don’t know. I never cared about becoming Class A to begin with after all.”

“…I see. I think it’s impossible under her leadership.”

Horikita didn’t even hide that she didn’t have a good feeling toward Karuizawa. 

I couldn’t help but think she wouldn’t be able to blend in with the group with her attitude.

I was sure she was thinking, ‘Why is a person with an ability that low leading us?’

Certainly, Karuizawa might be stupid, but I think she was more suitable to be a leader than the current Horikita. 

Above all, although I had no idea whether the class could become Class A under her leadership, it was possible with the help of the man beside her. I had no idea whether he would go for it, though.

Now that I think about it, how much did Horikita know about Kiyotaka’s ability? 

Lately, I hadn’t even seen any scenes of them having a conversation, though…

Judging from that, I doubt she knew much about what he had hidden.

Horikita said nothing more and left. 

She probably hadn’t given up yet.

“Sorry to drag you two into this weird situation.”  

“There’s no need for Kikyou-san to be bothered about that. However, Horikita-san seems to be quite cornered. I also didn’t expect her to resort to this.”

Kikyou-chan lovingly embraced Arisu-chan. 

I was sure that for her… as long she could protect this bond, everything else didn’t matter.

Horikita’s departing back looked a little lonely.

Author Note:

It was intentional that Arisu-chan spoke a little louder in the restaurant.

It was so the nearby people could hear it.

She didn’t actually think it was wonderful or understand that feeling whatsoever.

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