A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 29

We returned to our guest room together with Kikyou-chan.

As soon as we entered, Arisu-chan turned to me and started talking.

“Haruto-kun. I have one request. Could you listen to it?” 

“What is it?”

“I would like you to leave me and Kikyou-san alone for about an hour right now.”

That surprised me. I guess she wanted to talk about something with just the two of them. 

Arisu-chan had a serious expression. Since I had no reason to refuse her request, I nodded.

“It makes me a little lonely, but I should be fine if it’s about an hour.” 

“Thank you very much. It also feels very painful to be apart from Haruto-kun… but the thing I’m going to talk about from now on will most likely determine Kikyou-san’s future from now on.”

Since she said that much, there was no way I could refuse. 

Something that determined one’s future sounded heavy. I guess it was natural to make sure there was no third party eavesdropping on it.

“Well then, just send me a message once you’re done.” 

I put my cell phone in my pocket and stood up. What should I do from now on? 

After Arisu-chan nodded deeply, she turned her gaze to Kikyou-chan.

“Kikyou-san, do you really understand the meaning of bringing up ‘that topic’ to me?” 

Arisu-chan said that coldly. 

…No, that wasn’t it. Arisu-chan was just pretending to sound cold.

Perhaps Arisu-chan was testing Kikyou-chan. 

“Of course I am. Not only that, I also understand why you asked for the topic to be discussed with just the two of us. After talking with Horikita earlier, my feelings of wanting to be with Arisu-chan have grown stronger. My heart… has already decided ever since I met you that day. There’s no reason for me to hesitate after all this time.” 

“Fufu, I understand. In that case, I will respond to your feelings as well.”

I could only understand part of their conversation. 

Perhaps it was some sort of girl’s talk that men couldn’t understand?

I left the room with a carefree attitude.

Everywhere on the ship was bustling with students.

Everyone seemed to be having fun, but the degree of enjoyment was different depending on the person.

This exam clearly split the winners from the losers.

The members of the winning class and defeated class showed different enthusiasm for their enjoyment.

However, when it came to Class B where I was from, everyone was in high spirits with the exception of a few students.

Because bad results continued one after another, I guess most of them no longer cared about the results.

“Huh, Haruto-kun. You’re alone today?” 

While I was wandering around the deck, I was called out from behind. 

When I turned around, there was Honami-san. Five people followed her as escorts.

At first, I almost retorted that she was posing as a king, but I soon understood the intention behind it.

Honami-san was way too conspicuous in many ways. Since she showed enormous results as the leader of Class A, it was highly possible that there were others out there who bore a grudge towards her without her knowing.

I guess the people in her class judged that it was dangerous for her to go out alone.

…At this rate, I guess it would be difficult for the three of us to talk like we used to. 

Honami-san might be protected from the surroundings, but it made me worried that it might break her from the inside instead.

“Oooi, Haruto-kun?” 

“Aah, sorry. Even if I say I’m alone, it’ll only be for about an hour.”

Oops, I guess I was lost in my thoughts. 

Perhaps she thought I didn’t hear her, Honami-san called me with a louder voice.

Although I said it was only for an hour, that time felt pretty tough. 

It was the same when I was on the deserted island, but when Arisu-chan wasn’t by my side, I couldn’t help but feel restless. The feeling of losing something that was always there was impossible to get used to.

As I thought, I was no good without Arisu-chan.

Being given the opportunity to act alone like this made me reaffirm that fact.

As I convinced myself, several figures approached.

“Kuku, it seems big figures have gathered here.” 

A man intruded in the conversation. It was Ryuuen. 

He also came with his minions. What does he think this is? A yakuza-style face-off??

After glancing at me for a moment, Ryuuen glared at Honami-san. 

Honami-san also glared back without shrinking.

“Ichinose. We’ll have to settle our scores eventually. It’s frustrating to dance to Sakayanagi’s tune… but wash your neck and wait.”1 

At those words, the surrounding students made noises. 

“Fu~hn. So you are acquainted with Arisu-chan, aren’t you?” 

“I have no obligation to answer that. But really, the fellows of Class A are all crazy fanatics. They all say things that make me feel disgusted like ‘It’s for Ichinose’s sake’ or ‘Because Ichinose said so’. Do you mind telling me how you did it for reference’s sake?”

Ryuuen approached Honami-san as he provoked her. Obviously, he didn’t ask because he wanted to know the answer. 

This man was competent in observing his enemy. I guess he wanted to see how Honami-san would react to that provocation and whether she would carelessly let things slip out of her mouth.

He had a strong tenacity to take advantage of even the smallest weakness.

He gave the impression of being a rough person to people around him, but he was quite a hard worker on the inside. Otherwise, there was no way he could insist on staying on the deserted island alone.

“Isn’t that also something that I have no obligation to answer?” 

“I see, oh well. I’ll recognize your ability to dominate others… Don’t think I’m done with this. No matter how many times I lose, the last one standing is the winner.”

“…I see, I understand.”

“First of all, I have to take back the standing I have lost. Crushing you will have to wait until then.”

After saying that, he left. 

U~hn, as expected, he was really a cool guy.

After I parted with Honami-san’s group, I was wandering around without any particular purpose. 

I really didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t help but be bored without Arisu-chan beside me.

Meanwhile, I saw Kiyotaka nearby, so I decided to call out to him.

“Yo, how are you doing?” 

“Haruto, huh? Well, I guess I’m doing well.”

“I see. By the way, are things going well with Karuizawa?”

“Actually, we announced our relationship to the class a while ago. That’s why there’s no need to hide it from now on and I will act with that in mind. It seems Haruto was also being considerate toward us all this time, sorry about that.”

Kiyotaka bowed his head. It seemed he noticed that… 

However, I didn’t think he would actually reveal his relationship with Karuizawa at this time.

I felt like it was a little too early, but I guess he did so after considering the benefits and demerits.

Let’s think for a moment to consider why he did that. 

What happened after it became known that they were dating?

“…I guess you’re strengthening your interference in the class from now on.” 

“You’re quick on the uptake. That’s mostly true. That said, I don’t intend to change the policy of making everything her achievement. It’s just a measure to ensure the people around us won’t get suspicious when I take action to support her from now on.”

He casually answered my muttering. I felt somewhat happy about that. 

Kiyotaka seemed to become more talkative than before. It was the same when he talked to us before, but whenever I asked for his opinion, he would explain in detail just like this.

I didn’t understand why he did that. Perhaps he might be referring to my idea, or maybe he is simply enjoying the conversations as friends in his own way.

After the topic concluded, Kiyotaka made a face as if he just recalled something.

“There will be a small event starting soon. Want to come, Haruto?” 

He invited me for some enjoyment. I was grateful for having a good friend. 

It was just what I needed at this time. That was what I wanted.

I didn’t know what would happen, but it would be a good way to pass the time. 

I accepted the invitation without hesitation. 

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