A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 34

Author Note:

Who do you think understands our protagonist’s nature the best?

In the middle of summer break, a certain person came to talk to me and Arisu-chan.

“What’s your business in this fucking heat?” 

“You’re probably the only one who treats me like that. You’re an interesting man as usual.”

The name of this man who gave a creepy smile was Nagumo Miyabi. 

Today wasn’t the first time we met like this.

It was just before the end of the first trimester. 

Nagumo suddenly contacted us.

[“Oi, you are Takashiro Haruto, aren’t you? If you don’t want to be crushed by me, shut up and follow me.”] 

The place we were forcefully guided to was the second-year classroom. I remember feeling an indescribable disgust for Nagumo, who acted like a king, and those around him who accepted that. 

This was especially the case with women. From the way he treated them, I could instantly understand that he was a no-good person.

In that place, Nagumo guessed one after another the actions that Arisu-chan and I took during the first trimester. 

It seemed before I knew it, several students were monitoring us. That was disgusting.

…I had no idea why, but it seemed he was interested in me for quite some time.

“Let me say it again. Takashiro, come join the student council. I want to welcome someone like you among us.” 

“I told you over and over that I don’t want to since it seems boring. Nagumo-san also doesn’t like an unmotivated guy, right?”

After that, every time we met, he would invite me to join the student council. 

I hate boring and troublesome stuff, so I didn’t have the slightest interest in the student council that fulfilled both criteria. I just prefer him doing it on his own without involving me.

As expected, we didn’t stay and talk in the heat. 

We continued the conversation at a coffee shop called Palette. I really wanted to go home, though.

“I told you I’m fine with you joining together with Sakayanagi as a set, so why are you refusing?” 

“Because it feels dull, I guess…”


“Then let me ask you instead. Nagumo-san, as the most likely person to be the next student council president during the next election, how do you want to change this school?”

Nagumo made a confused expression for a moment, perhaps because he didn’t expect me to ask him something. 

“An ultimate meritocracy. I want capable students to continue to rise up and those who are incompetent to fall below. I plan to destroy the current lukewarm environment and recreate it.” 

Nagumo declared that. The concept itself wasn’t bad, rather, it was fairly interesting. 

“I see, that sounds thrilling and fun. I’m sure there will be more and more students who end up expelled, but it can’t be helped since it will become survival to the fittest. Is my understanding correct?” 

“You’re right.”

“Well, if that happens, I guess an ordinary person like me would be expelled in no time.”

“…Are you seriously saying that?”

While tilting his head, Nagumo rummaged through his bag and took out several photos. 

The ones who were photographed with me were Honami-san and Kikyou-chan. Hey, that’s voyeurism! What a bad hobby!

“There are people who will move to make sure you won’t get expelled. It’s hard to believe such words came from a man who controls several women including Sakayanagi over there. Your main quality that I appreciate… Well, there might be a difference between ‘collector’ and ‘breeder’, but basically, it’s your great ability to dominate other people. As long as that ability grows further, it would be possible for you to dominate the entire school year just like me.” 

He talked rapidly about something and was immersed in glee, but I didn’t really understand his analysis. 

Wasn’t he overestimating me for him to believe I could dominate the entire school year?

“…Leaving his willingness aside, if the question is whether it’s possible or not, then it is possible.” 

“Right? The fact he made a woman like you completely fall under him shows how abnormal he is.”

For some reason, Arisu-chan supported his claim. 

In response to that, Nagumo muttered that he actually wanted Arisu-chan to join the student council as well.

Perhaps the reason Nagumo was so attached to me might be Arisu-chan. 

I didn’t know the details, but it was highly possible that he took our relationship as a premise for bringing up that topic.

“Okay, then let’s do a simulation.” 

Suddenly, Nagumo folded his arms and began to think. 

I looked around. This guy was famous, so I hoped there wouldn’t be any weird rumors attached to me.

There was Honami-san’s group in nearby seats. Since she waved her hand at me, I waved back.

As I did so, it seemed he was finished thinking. 

The next question he popped out was something ridiculous.

“Let’s see. Takashiro. For example… what would you do if student council president Horikita kidnapped Sakayanagi?” 

“At worst, I will take her back even if I have to kill.”

I answered immediately. 

“Kuku… then, how exactly are you going to take her back?” 

“Hmm. The first thing that comes to mind is to take the student council president’s important person as a hostage. Isn’t there someone like that? Although the name doesn’t come to mind, there’s someone who often walks together with him.”

“You mean Tachibana-senpai?”

“Yes, that’s one. I’ll just capture her and threaten the student council president that I will do things to her if he doesn’t release Arisu-chan. In some circumstances, I might actually do it instead of ending it as a threat.”

“Ahahah, interesting. You are the best after all.”

Seemingly satisfied with my answer, Nagumo started laughing. 

Did I say something interesting? I just thought of that method since I knew I wouldn’t win in a straightforward confrontation.

“I already understand. You have a similar nature to me. You are a person who doesn’t give a damn to the damage to your surroundings as long as you achieve your goal, right?” 

“…It depends on the goal, but if the premise is the earlier example, then it is true.”

“That’s right, I also think the same. If I wanted to defeat the student council president, I have a similar mentality to first crush Tachibana-senpai. As I thought, my eyesight is amazing.”

As Nagumo was praising himself, I was taken aback. 

Did he say I was the same as him…? I really want to be spared from being considered the same kind.

But even though I think so, the surprising fact that I wasn’t disgusted by it made me frustrated.

After that, we kept talking until it was evening. 

After leaving Palette, we were forced to exchange contact information, so we reluctantly registered Nagumo’s number.

“Make sure to keep that promise, okay?” 

“…Well, I understand. If I come to feel bored of this school, both Arisu-chan and I will join the student council. It might be troublesome, but it should at least make me feel less bored.”

Before we parted, Nagumo asked me a question. 

I kept saying it was dull, but what would I do if I got bored of the school itself? Such was the question.

I immediately answered that I would drop out. It seemed he was so surprised that he froze for some time.

On the contrary, Arisu-chan seemed to already expect that as she listened calmly.

Therefore, Nagumo brought up a verbal promise. 

If the moment came when I wanted to drop out of school voluntarily, I had to make sure to contact Nagumo beforehand.

If I did, he would make use of his authority as the student council vice president to entertain me.

In exchange, both Arisu-chan and I would have to join the student council. There was no particular disadvantage.

“Oi oi, don’t say things like using the student council as a tool to kill your boredom. It’s the first time I saw a first-year student being this arrogant. If the current student council president-sama heard that, he might snap, you know?” 

“But Nagumo-san wouldn’t, right?”

“Of course. It’ll be boring if you don’t have at least that many screws loose.”

With those parting words, Nagumo left. 

After he disappeared, I realized one thing. 

He made me interested in the student council and made us join later, even if it was just a verbal promise.

I thought I didn’t give a damn since it was boring.

Before I knew it, our distance was greatly shortened.

…He got me. I guess this was Nagumo’s true value. 

Did he conquer women just like that? What a motherfucker.1

“…Student council, is it?” 

“Are you interested, Arisu-chan?”

“A little bit. Fufu, it might be possible for Haruto-kun to become the student council president.”

“Eh, I don’t think that’s true, right?”

Arisu-chan told such a joke while smiling. 

I didn’t really understand why Nagumo took all the trouble to attract me.

But that man… certainly had some similarities with me, although I didn’t want to admit it.

Even so, there was no need to think about it now.

Right now, I want to cherish my enjoyable time with Arishu-chan and my friends.

Even under the scorching sun over 35 degrees, my mind was still calm.

Author Note:

The sports festival arc is more difficult to write than I thought and it plagued my mind.

As I thought, I am keenly aware this fanfic is dominated by Arisu-chan’s presence.

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