A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 33

Today was the last day of the exam. 

Although the exam itself already ended days ago, it was still counted as the last day of the exam.

I was getting bored of this ship anyway, and now I had a strong desire to go home quickly.

We took a seat in the corner of the restaurant to kill our boredom. 

It was already past lunchtime, so the inside of the store was empty, which made it easier for us to relax.

I could see Kiyotaka and Kei-chan in seats a little far away, but they seemed to be immersed in a world of just the two of them.

I read the room and decided to refrain from calling them.

“Kei-chan sure looks really happy.” 

“You’re right. Kiyotaka-kun is the only one who can bring out such a sincere smile from her.”

Her smiling figure gave a strong impression of cuteness. 

She could be popular if she acted like that normally… but she probably could only see Kiyotaka and nobody else now.

I guessed the men of Kiyotaka’s class would be jealous of him from now on. 

I suddenly remembered. The person who liked Kiyotaka wasn’t just Kei-chan. 

There was Sakura Airi as well. Would she be okay?

She wasn’t the type of person who would go crazy with jealousy, so I guessed she might be crying somewhere.

…Even though nobody was at fault here, I couldn’t help but pity her since I knew about it.

However, Kiyotaka should already expect Sakura’s matter as well, so it wasn’t my place to be nosy.

There was even a possibility that he might use that feeling as educational material for Kei-chan.

I already knew Kiyotaka was that kind of man for a long time. That was why he was strong.

Since I was hungry, I ordered a steak set. 

I was looking at the two of them while chewing on the delicious meat.

Kamuro-san came just after I finished eating 200 grams of meat. 

She sat down in the opposite seat with a slightly sullen expression on her face.

“Both of you really have no interest in classes, huh…” 

“Well, that’s right.”

We had been indifferent to the class since enrollment anyway, so it wasn’t much to mention at this point in time. 

While we were acting independently, the Katsuragi faction seemed to be working hard.

…Well, all that hard work went to waste due to Arisu-chan and Kiyotaka’s hands in an instant, though.

After the incident with Totsuka, I felt even less interested in getting involved with them.

“Have you heard about Katsuragi wanting to step down as leader?” 

“What the hell, that’s the first time I heard that.”

It was the first time I heard that, but I didn’t think it was unnatural. 

It was natural considering Katsuragi’s personality that he had no choice but to take responsibility for the class’ poor performance.

Also, the fact that she phrased it as him “wanting to step down” meant that they still didn’t allow him to step down.

I also could understand that somehow. Just because he took the responsibility, didn’t mean there was anybody who could replace him.

With Totsuka at the top of the list, even if only a few enthusiastic sympathizers remained, Katsuragi’s regime would continue.

Even though people knew it was sinking, they couldn’t get off the mud ship. The class was already stuck.

Seeing our uninterested responses, Kamuro-san let out a big sigh. 

After calling the store clerk and ordering orange juice, she turned to me again.

“By the way, what do you want to do with me, really?” 


“After you made such a horrible threat, the only thing you asked of me was to take care of Arisu. Nothing happened at all so it feels creepy instead. Isn’t there anything at all?”

She suddenly changed the subject, but even if she said that, I couldn’t help but be troubled. 

The reason I made use of the trump card of her shoplifting was because I didn’t want Arisu-chan to be lonely. There was nothing more and nothing less. Since that goal had been achieved, there was no more reason to tie her up.

However, since she mentioned the order, I came up with something good.

“Since you said that much, I’ll give you an order.” 

“…Why the sudden change of attitude?”

“From now on, please let me call you Masumi-san.”

I had always wanted to call her Masumi-san. 

That was what I thought, but she glared at me.

She pouted and had an unconvincing expression.

“That sounds pretty disgusting. Are you aware of that?” 

“Eh, I see. I’m sorry.”

It seemed to make her very uncomfortable. She complained about it directly. 

Now that she mentioned it, it might be pretty gross. I reflected a little.

“…Aah, geez. Okay. I’ll also call you Haruto, so just do what you like.” 

Seeing me slightly depressed, Masumi-san immediately forgave me. 

It made me feel happy. As I thought, calling her Masumi-san felt more fitting.

“Thank you, Masumi-san.” 

“I don’t want to make it look like I was at fault, and it’s an order after all, so it can’t be helped.”

Even though she turned away, I could see she was a little embarrassed. That was cute. 

Despite what she said, she couldn’t hide her kindness.

It was not my intention to keep chaining such a good girl. 

Her shoplifting behavior was definitely not a praiseworthy act, and she would definitely get caught someday. However, since she already experienced how I made use of that to threaten her, I doubt she would do it again. I heard that shoplifting was a crime with a high recidivism rate… but I wanted to believe in her.

It should be enough already. I should release her now.

“Hey, Masumi-san.” 

“Just because I allow you to, you shouldn’t keep calling it… what?”

“When I said I recorded Masumi-san’s action, that is actually a lie.”


Masumi-san’s surprised voice echoed throughout the restaurant. 

As the gazes from the surrounding people turned to her, she seemed to feel a little embarrassed.

“That’s why, I’m sorry. Even if I had to lie, I wanted you to be with Arisu-chan.” 

“No way, you really said all that just for that purpose…?”

As she said that, Masumi-san stared at Arisu-chan. It seemed she still couldn’t believe it. 

U~hn, I didn’t intend to ask her something weird at all back then, but looking back, I guess I was a little too aggressive in order to fulfill my goal.

If Arisu-chan was involved, my standards would be shaken.

I would do anything to protect her. Such a thought was born in me.

“It might be hard to believe, but Haruto-kun is that kind of person.” 

Arisu-chan earnestly said that. Indeed, I was that kind of person. 

“To think I was just being set up, seriously… I feel like an idiot.” 

“Ah, well… I’m sorry for deceiving you. Please give me this opportunity to ask for forgiveness.”

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t really me setting her up. 

But since there was no way for me to speak about my previous life’s memory, I chose to stay silent.

Masumi-san was lying down on the desk, looking exhausted. 

After being down for a while, she weakly raised her face.

“…It makes me understand less what you want to do with me. Even if it’s a lie, I don’t see a single benefit for doing so. What do you want to do?” 

“I just felt like it, I guess.”

That was all I could say. She might not understand, but I really didn’t have much thought for doing so. 

I guess this argument would continue until she could understand the principle of my behavior.

“I don’t understand. I don’t even know what I should do at this school and what I should aim for in my life here. The atmosphere in the class was already over, and just as I thought I should at least listen to your order, you suddenly abandoned me. I’m starting to want to drop out of school…” 

Saying I abandoned her made it sound terrible. There was no such intention in my previous statement. 

However, she was actually complaining and had a sad expression. I wonder why?

All I did was release her from my control, why did she end up like that?

…I finally realized that I might have made a mistake in my choice. 

I realized that Masumi-san herself might have expectations of forming a relationship where she moved according to my command.

Although not as much as Horikita, Masumi-san was also a solitary type of person. I wouldn’t say she lost to her loneliness, but perhaps she thought it wasn’t bad that I approached her. Or maybe she was mentally damaged upon looking at the devastation of the collapsing class.

I thought that forcibly terminating the master-servant relationship would be better for her sake. 

I also held my head as the result didn’t have a very good effect.

“…Sorry, Arisu-chan. Help me.” 

“Aah, so that’s how it is. I finally understood.”

Having grasped the situation, Arisu-chan crossed her arms and thought. 

For a few seconds, she made use of her superior brain. She thought deeply while staring at Masumi-san.

“…I understand. Masumi-san, please cooperate with us from now on.” 


It seemed Arisu-chan came up with an answer immediately. Her brain worked fast as usual. 

“I am working to make this school enjoyable beyond the boundary of classes. Therefore, I want at least one person in every class to understand my intention. Examples from other classes include Ichinose Honami of Class A and Kushida Kikyou of Class C.” 

“In other words, you want me to take on the role of collaborator in Class B?”

“It’s as you can see. Of course, I will make sure to reward you when you listen to my request… Basically, you are also bored, aren’t you?”

Masumi-san turned her gaze sharply toward Arisu-chan who was smiling at her. 

Masumi-san’s rough expression was easy to misunderstand. She was definitely not a cold person at heart, though.

“Okay, that’ll be fine. I can’t promise I will listen to everything, though.” 

“I don’t mind. I just brought this up since it might serve to help you kill your boredom. I will be in trouble if you drop out of school so easily. You are my precious friend, after all.”

Instead of replying, Masumi-san nodded deeply once and left her seat. 

It seemed the topic was coming together nicely. I guess I could only say as expected of Arisu-chan.

“…Talk to me later if you need something.” 

“Can’t I talk to you if I don’t need anything?”

“Shut up, idiot.”

Saying that, Masumi-san left. 

Even though she said that with an angry attitude, her slightly relaxed mouth expressed her good mood.

Geez, she was really cute.

The end of the cruise was nearing.

As a final memorial, we looked out over the ocean from the deck. 

Once we returned to the land, we were promised a short break until the second trimester. 

I didn’t have any plans for summer vacation at the moment, but fortunately, the number of people I got along with increased.

I was sure they would invite us to do something.

I never thought I would have such a good school life. 

I had more enjoyable days than I expected. 

It was an unimaginable future for me back when I first enrolled here.

…The person who reluctantly entered this school and said he would drop out if it got boring sure changed a lot. 

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Arisu-chan, who granted me this environment.

“Thank you as always, Arisu-chan.” 


Hearing my words, she lowered her eyes a little and looked embarrassed. 

We held hands tightly and looked at the magnificent view in front of us while our shoulders touched together.

Would I be able to graduate from this school or would I be expelled? If I was graduating here, which class would I end up with? 

I didn’t know about that, and I didn’t think Arisu-chan had thought of the ending yet.

However, I could say this. 

I was sure when the time came for me to leave this school…

[“Aah, it was fun!”] 

I would likely leave the schoolyard laughing together with Arisu-chan while saying such a thing. 

Author Note:

They finally got off the ship.

After a few chapters of summer vacation, there will be a sports festival next.

I was writing it now, but I think it proceeded quite casually without much detail.

It was an exam without much involvement from Arisu-chan after all…

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I’ve never read Classroom of the Elite, but I’m guessing that volume 1 ended around this part of the fanfic. Now, on to the next arc!