A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 63

Author Note:

Sorry to keep you waiting.

It’s the Mixed Training Camp arc from now on.

With the New Year passed, the Advanced Nurturing High School had entered its third trimester.

After successfully completing the opening ceremony, classes begin immediately.

“…Haah, I want to go home.” 

Even though I said it was class, it wasn’t a normal class. It was a special exam. 

It was a Thursday in early January and we were rocked in a bus. Putting aside what would happen from now on, I couldn’t help but worry that Arisu-chan might get sick. 

After all, it was a three-hour long trip. We wished to decline when we heard about it, but we were unable to get permission. It made me seriously suspect that Arisu-chan’s father might actually be stupid despite how smart he looked.

The seats on the bus were assigned based on the order of the list, but we were made an exception and allowed to sit on a joint seat. That too modest of a consideration made me feel like crying.

The students of Class B were making a lot of noise like they were in an excursion mood. They knew there would be a special exam from now on, but since they had no intention of taking it seriously, it was no different than recreation for them. 

…However, that was only if their safety was guaranteed. Considering this school had low hurdles for dropping out students, it was better to think that not all exams were as “easy” as Paper Shuffle.

“I will explain the outline of the special exam from now on. I don’t mind if you’re enjoying yourself, but make sure to listen for now.” 

Mashima-sensei took the microphone and began to speak in a clear voice. After a while, the noises of the students stopped. The fact they didn’t immediately stop chatting showed the nature of Class B. 

Arisu-chan, who sat next to me, looked a little uncomfortable. Perhaps she got car sick. While rubbing her back, I listened to what sensei had to say. I didn’t care about stuff, but I wish we arrived quicker.

“We’ll arrive at our destination in less than an hour. The place we are heading to is an outdoor school on a mountain. The place is normally used during summer, but for our school, we got to use it after the New Year period.”

Of course it was. Who would want to use outdoor school during the cold of the winter? 

After seeing us having a dull expression, sensei started handing out “handbooks.” When I flipped through it, I found out that this special exam forcefully made boys and girls act separately. At this point, my motivation gauge had become zero. It was the worst feeling ever.

“At the outdoor school, students are to participate in group activities for seven nights and eight days beyond their grade. The name of this exam is “Mixed Training Camp.” In a sense, you can just think of it as a sports festival on a bigger scale.” 

As far as what I saw in the pictures, it seemed that the environment there was better than the deserted island, but I didn’t give a damn. I would be separated from Arisu-chan again. What should I do? 

“…Since there’s no option to drop out of the exam, I guess we have no choice but to participate.” 

“You’re right. It’s shitty even if I put it kindly.”

Arisu-chan sighed and looked at the scenery outside the window. 

The explanation after that didn’t really enter my mind. There should be extremely important explanations about the exam, such as students being divided into six groups and having to mix with other classes. But all of that was just a trifle to me. Now that I knew that I wouldn’t be able to be with Arisu-chan for a long time, I didn’t feel like doing my best.

…I was getting more and more annoyed. 

Just as my frustration reached its peak, the penalty for the bottom-rank group was explained. Upon hearing it was expulsion, the students began to murmur.

Since I didn’t listen to the explanation, I flipped through the handbook and calmed down. 

It seemed the group consisting of each grade was called a “small group” in this exam. Then a combination of three grades worth of small groups was called a “large group.”

The exam was conducted in a large group as a unit, with the group that ranked the lowest to be subject to the punishment, but it wasn’t like all members of the group would be expelled. The one who would actually be expelled would be a small group that scored below the school’s set boundary within the large group that ranked last… to be more precise, it was “the person in charge” of that small group.

It might be hard to understand, but basically, the leader of a no-good group would have to take responsibility and get expelled. Also, when the “person in charge” got expelled, they could nominate another student in the group to be expelled along with them.

…I see, that was interesting. I found something I could do here. 

Immediately after the explanation ended, I began to raise my hand vigorously at the time when the question and answer session began. 

“Sensei, if I become a ‘person in charge’ and deliberately lower the group score below the safe boundary, it means I could nominate a person I don’t like to be expelled, right?” 

In response to that question, the surroundings, including sensei, were astonished. 

“…Of course, that is correct. But needless to say, it means you’ll also get expelled.” 

“Aah, that’s not a big deal to me, so it’s okay. Thank you very much.”

It was just a harsh rephrasing of what was already explained. However, there was a meaning to taking such an action. If anyone actually nominated me as a person in charge, it meant I would drive the group to defeat and drag another person to be expelled with me… I would have other people to understand that. As long as they consider me as a dangerous person, it meant I was successful. 

“…Regarding Sakayanagi, the utmost consideration would be given. So don’t worry about it too much.” 

“I see. Well, I’m glad then.”

I reply perfunctorily to sensei’s follow-up. That wasn’t the problem here. 

As I suddenly came up with something, I picked up my terminal and quickly chatted.

[“Honami, I have something to ask.”] 

[“What is it, master?”]

The reply came within 10 seconds. It was too quick as expected, which made me a little scared.1 

[“I want Kikyou-chan and Arisu-chan to be in the same group as you. If possible, Masumi-san as well.”] 

[“Okay. You want me to help Arisu-chan, right?”]

It really helped that she was quick on the uptake. The sense of security felt completely different if the Honami group could protect them. 

I was really glad that Honami was an absolute leader. As I thought, she was really necessary for me. While I was in this school, I should make sure she would obey me even if I had to take some risks.

[“Also one more thing. Tell me know how many points you have at hand at the moment.”] 

[“Um… is this okay?”]

After waiting for a minute, a screenshot of the terminal was sent. 

The 21,173,950 pr was displayed. I already expected it, but actually seeing it was still shocking.

For the time being, I was able to find out what I wanted to know. With all these points, even the worst-case scenario would be manageable.

…I guess I might eventually become a classmate with Honami.

While I was chatting, the bus got off the highway and entered the mountain road. Arisu-chan’s carsickness seemed to be worsening, and she looked into the distance with a tearful expression on her face.  

…She looked pitiful. I wanted to let her get off the bus right away. Even though I had the etiquette bag ready just in case, my resentment against the school grew. Chairman, you idiot. Can’t you protect your own daughter?2

After a while, we finally arrived at our destination. 

Somehow, Arisu-chan managed to endure it, but she was barely holding on.

When the bus stopped, Mashima-sensei called students from the front seats and began collecting their terminals. 

“You did a great job, Arisu-chan.” 

“…When I think about how I’ll have to experience this again on the way back, I can’t help but feel depressed.”

“It’s just natural.”

As soon as I got off the bus, I was attacked by a strong cold. I was sensitive, so I didn’t like cold or hot weather. 

No good, I lost more motivation than when the sports festival took place. I did take some measures, but it didn’t change the fact I was forced to participate in troublesome events.

Arisu-chan also didn’t like being separated from me, so she was holding onto the sleeve of my clothes for a while.

Anyway, it made me feel dull. As I looked up at the two towering buildings, I gave a wry smile. 

“Aah, I want to go home!” 

The cry of my heart echoed in the mountain. 

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