A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 65

When I arrived, the girls had just finished grouping.

I found her heading to check the room and immediately called out to her.

“I’m glad, Arisu-chan…” 

“You’ve come. That makes me happy.”

Arisu-chan didn’t look like she was injured, so I was relieved. 

“Geez, Haruto-kun worries too much. I will stay with her all the time, so it will be okay.” 

After receiving Kikyou-chan’s reliable words, my heart calmed down even more. Apparently, the two safely entered the same group. Since the schedule would be tight starting tomorrow, there would be even less time for us to meet. In a sense of planning countermeasures, it was necessary to confirm the result of women’s grouping as soon as possible. 

After the three of us chatted for a while, it was time to eat. 

I saw Kei-chan immediately locate Kiyotaka’s figure at the venue and happily rush over to him. I took a seat while looking at the scene that brought a smile to my face. Needless to say, Arisu-chan sat next to me.

“There were a lot of disputes, but generally, the group was divided as Haruto-kun intended.” 

While drinking tea, Arisu-chan began to explain about the girls’ grouping. 

First of all, Honami nominated Arisu-chan, Kikyou-chan, and Masumi-san to be pulled into her own group. After that, Kei-chan also joined the group as instructed by Kiyotaka. 

However, the dispute began from then on. Chihiro-chan of Class A adopted the policy of not allowing students of Class D to join the group that Honami was participating in.

“…I guess she didn’t want to include a group led by Ryuuen. It was the correct move for the class.” 

It was not an exaggeration to say that Ichinose Honami was everything to Class A. 

Because of that, the risk of her being expelled must be avoided even if the possibility was already close to zero. Since the possibility of suicide bombing I was talking about under Ryuuen’s instruction… which was driving the group to fail and drag another to be expelled with them couldn’t be denied, that was probably the reason she couldn’t let Class D be included in the group.

“That’s right, I think Chihiro-chan took the best course of action.” 

…I felt that Ryuuen was in a sense a person who would become a joker. A person who could resort to such a thing was currently ranked the last. Anyone would feel creepy about it. 

…On the other hand, since Honami was given too much importance as the top member, her footwork inevitably became heavy. Everyone around her put her safety above all and had no choice but to resort to conservative measures.

If there was any chance to take advantage of the current Class A, it might be something like that.

“In the end, our group consists of 4 people from each class except Class D, making it 12 people in total.” 

“Well, it’s impossible to not go through with Chihiro-chan’s request after all.”

Since students of other classes such as Arisu-chan were already included, it meant the condition of forming the group was easily met. All that was left was just a matter of how many Class A students to include in the group, as the group already gathered competent students together. Since the reward multiplier had increased, as long as things stayed as they were, then only Class A would end up earning a lot of points. Excluding Class D and making 4 from each class participate was a very realistic conclusion. 

“Since that many measures were taken, I guess it’s unlikely to be expelled, huh…” 

I suddenly looked at the side. On the far table in that direction, Hiyori of Class D was sitting there. 

She was eating while looking lonely. Because of Class A’s policy, she ended up separated from Arisu-chan. Since I felt sorry for her, I thought I should talk to her once.

However, with the arrival of Honami and Chihiro-chan, that was no longer possible.

“Ah, mas… Haruto-kun!” 

That was another close one. I really wanted to be spared from that. 

Saying that while Chihiro-chan was next to her was practically a death sentence to me.

“Honami-san, thank you for your consideration.” 

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s none other than Haruto-kun’s request after all, and above all… it’s not like I came to hate Arisu-chan. If you are in trouble, I’ll definitely help you.”

As Arisu-chan bowed her head, Honami replied with a smile. It’s exactly because Honami had this kind of personality that she became the class leader and the founder of the cult. 

Although her sense of value changed because of her relationship with me, I could see that her good nature was still present.

“I’d like to thank you as well. It really helps. Thank you, Honami.” 

“…Aah, happiness.”

She replied with words filled with strong emotion, which made me feel chills down on my spine. 

Before long, Kiyotaka and Kei-chan also joined us and we all had a good meal together. Since it was rare for me to eat in a large group like this, it was a very enjoyable time. It’s just… I felt like something was going on since a while ago. 

Things seemed to be going well as far as I heard, but I felt like I’d overlooked one thing.

I wonder what Hiyori was panicking about? 

She had a frustrated expression that she would normally never show. I felt a strong sense of discomfort about it. 

However, she left the dining hall before I could speak to her.

At night, I laid on the bottom bunk bed.

By the time I returned to my room, they already decided who would use which bed, so this was just natural. As expected, I couldn’t really complain about this.

And so, I ended up sleeping in the unchosen spot… the unpopular place, which happened to be the same bunk bed as Ryuuen.

“Where did Ryuuen-kun go?” 

Hirata muttered quietly. The time for lights-out was approaching, but Ryuuen was still missing. 

That man seemed to go somewhere after confirming the room. His attitude was better compared to me, who wasn’t with the group to begin with, but he was acting as he liked as usual.

“How annoying. Isn’t it my freedom to go where I want to go?” 

“Ooh, here he is.”

While we were talking about him, Ryuuen entered the room with a dull look. 

He threw his luggage and climbed to the upper bunk of the bed.

“…Ryuuen, are you intending to ‘win’ this time?” 

“Don’t ask for every little thing. It’s nothing to do with you.”

He responded to my words with an extremely troublesome expression. 

As I thought it was bingo, I spoke about the thing I was curious about.

“Shiina Hiyori.” 


The moment I mentioned that name, I didn’t miss the slight twitching on his cheek. 

It was as I thought. I was convinced that this guy was involved by the time I left the dining hall.

“See, you’re plotting something after all. Well, even if I know about it, I have no intention to stop it, though.” 

“…Keh, what an annoying fellow.”

“I’ll ask just in case, but your tactic wouldn’t hurt Arisu-chan, right?”

“Class B is not my target. My target is…”

Ryuuen cut off his words and glared at Kanzaki’s face. The meaning of his action was clear. 

This guy intended to crush Class A this time. He finally challenged the Honami cult this time.

“Isn’t that great, Ryuuen? I’ve been waiting for you to act like that.” 

“…Kukuh, can you say the same if I exploit your ‘nature’?”

Ryuuen provoked me with a profound expression. I see, that was interesting. 

I had no idea what ‘nature’ of mine he was talking about, but it did make me more and more excited.

“Of course. I look forward to how you will exploit me.” 

The conversation stopped at the end of my words. Ryuuen seemed somewhat tired and he immediately fell asleep. However, since I was interested in solving the mystery, I didn’t feel sleepy at all. 

Aah, this was fun. I have to thank Ryuuen for giving me this opportunity.

After thinking about it all night, I welcomed the morning after an all-night session. Since the curriculum that used physical strength was included, this was pretty tough. But as a result, I was able to derive the answer. Although it was still just a guess, the sense of accomplishment felt wonderful. 

If my answer was correct, the match was already decided. It would make sense for him to have the leeway to accidentally give me that hint.

In order to confirm Ryuuen’s plan, I called out to Mashima-sensei, who was patrolling at 5 am in the morning, and asked him some questions. When I got a generally satisfactory answer, I returned to my room and waited for the wake-up time. 

Honami entertained me at the sports festival. I reconfirmed how fast Arisu-chan’s brain turned at Paper Shuffle. As for the Mixed Training Camp… it was Ryuuen Kakeru. I guess I would get to witness the cunningness of this man.

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