The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 12

Every year, it felt like autumn grew shorter.

Maybe it’s because when summer vacation started, there were so many things to do. So it felt like each day passed by as fast as an arrow.

Then, when it’s university application season, everyone in school gets wrapped up in a subtle sense of urgency.

I was nervous as well.

Though I say that, this was just the beginning. If I was already tired out from being worried stiff about everything up till now, then the actual thing would make me collapse.

For now, I’ll strengthen my foundations and work on practicing for the short essays and interviews.

For students like me who didn’t attend cram schools, the teachers at school would accept requests for interview practices.

Of course, they couldn’t allocate a lot of time for each and every person, but this was still a valuable means of practice so it helped a lot.

“Karasawa-kun, although your answer was very solid, you ended weakly, so be careful with the way you speak. Also, please fix your habit of leaning to your right when you’re hesitant to say something.”

“Eh? I’ll take note of that habit. Thank you very much.”

“Of course. The next one can come in.”

I was attending interview practice today as well. I bowed to my guidance counselor and left the room.

Since I was one of the last few in the queue, it had gotten considerably late.

As I went into the hallway while wondering whether I should go to the supermarket to buy something on my way back, a voice called out to me from the side. 


“Ah, Hasegawa-sensei.”

A tall man from the other end of the hallway was walking straight toward me.

Hasegawa-sensei was a contracted teacher and was in charge of the English department.

Although I hadn’t really gotten to know him until now since he didn’t teach my class, thanks to my guidance counselor, I made a connection with him since he graduated from my top school of choice. Now, I could consult him about anything.

“So you’re getting guidance for interviews today as well?”

“Yes. I need to try my best to fix the way I project my voice and my bad posture……” 

I was disheartened, so Hasegawa-sensei patted me on my shoulder to cheer me on.

The hand of a tall person patting me hurt a little.

“If it’s you, you don’t have to worry. More importantly, do you have time after school tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow? I’m free.”

“Though I was left in charge of arranging the English prep room, there’s not enough time to do everything myself, so I was wondering if you could help out. As thanks, I’ll give you some advice as an alumnus. What do you think?”

“I understand.”

“Sorry about this, even though you’re still preparing for entrance exams. Well, it should be fine. It’ll be done quickly since you’re helping out.”

With one last pat on my shoulder, Hasegawa-sensei departed.

Though I really should go home as soon as possible to study, advice from a senior who passed those exams would be greatly useful. Above all, it was fun listening to Hasegawa-sensei talk.

It should be fine to shorten my self-study time by just one day.

Today, I’ll head home.

After school the next day, I arrived in front of a deserted area in the far back where the English prep room was.

This week, Amami was on cleaning duty, so we couldn’t walk home together. But surprisingly, Kijima said he had fewer part-time shifts, so we’ve been going home together. 

Of course, it was fun to walk with Amami to the station, but recently I’d been feeling weirdly anxious, so I didn’t have the confidence to behave naturally around him.

On that note, since Kijima already found out about pretty much everything I wanted to hide, and doesn’t even treat me weirdly, I felt even more relaxed.

Kijima had his part-time job today too, so I went off on my own for the errand at the prep room.

“Karasawa, if you have the time, let’s go home together.”

“Sure…… But it seems like my errand might take quite some time, so it might be best if you go back first.”

Before Amami began his cleaning tasks, he called out to me, so I had no choice but to give a vague reply.

Of course, I knew that there was a prep room for every subject, but they were not places students would usually go. I hadn’t expected there to be any super bulky teaching materials in the English prep room…… so it was certainly uncharted territory.

It was to the point where Hasegawa-sensei wouldn’t be able to clean it all up by himself, nor would it be easy to do.

“Excuse me…… Hasegawa-sensei.”

“You’re here, Karasawa-kun.”

The door was unlocked, so I knocked and entered. Hasegawa-sensei was waiting for me with a smile right as I entered the room.

I felt my jaw loosen naturally.

Hasegawa-sensei had a tall and built athletic figure that gave off a cheery feeling. He even had deep, chiseled features that made us believe that he might have some foreign blood. He was extremely popular with the female students here. Or so I’d heard.

I had never noticed his presence as a teacher until recently, but if I carefully observed him, I could definitely spot his figure surrounded by girls after class in the room or hallways. 

Against this handsome guy who could be said to have everything I didn’t have, feelings of envy no longer seemed to be welling up.

“What should I help you with?”

“Ah, could you sort these handouts for me?”

In this cramped room where only one-third of the space was accessible, I sat at the provided long table that felt as if it was taking up all the space. There was a single cardboard box placed in front of me with all the handouts. 

There were slightly yellowed papers that seemed like handouts from the past.

A newly printed handout was included so I guessed that I should sort it according to the categorizations written on it.

I got up from the chair while holding a stack of the handouts and began sorting within the leftover space on the long table.

Hasegawa-sensei was working away on his laptop in the back of the room, but while I concentrated on sorting, it seemed that he went outside and came back a little later. 

With a click, the door opened. I raised my head and saw Sensei standing there holding two cans.

“It’s a little early, but here’s my thanks for your help.”

“Ah, thank you very much.”

Just as I went to accept the can of coffee he held out, my stretched arm was suddenly fiercely grabbed.

When I realized it a moment later, the handouts I was holding flew out of my hands. I was completely in the embrace of Hasegawa-sensei’s large body.



He used one arm to firmly loop around my shoulders and his other hand meaningfully traced my hip bone.

I felt a sniffing sensation above my head, like he was breathing in the scent of my hair, and blood immediately drained from my face.

“What are you doing?! Let go……!”

“Heh, you’re not being obedient even though you’re clearly enjoying it.”

“Who would be?!”

“You always look so happy when I call out to you, and with that erotic face of yours, anyone would notice it.”

Even though I used both my arms and struggled to distance myself, whether it was the difference between our physiques or strength, Hasegawa-sensei didn’t budge an inch.

“You’ve always wanted a man to do this to you, right?”

He whispered into my ear, and my shoulders jolted.

It wasn’t because the sensation of his voice was nice. It was because… he got me dead on.

Nishikawa, a petite omega who acted sweet all over, and Amami’s acceptance of him. Their figures appeared in my mind.

If I were to stand in the place of Nishikawa…

Even though it would be weird for a beta to think like that.

Even though I’d been desperately living as a beta until now.

A man who barely knew anything about me found out that I actually wanted to be embraced by Amami. 

Perhaps, I did not manage to hide my omega-ness as well as I thought I did……? Thinking of that, my body started gradually trembling on its own.

As I did, Hasegawa-sensei perhaps misunderstood something because he slowly stroked my back to soothe me.

“Even though it’s common for male alphas and omegas to be together, when betas are together, they suddenly become abhorred. Don’t you think that’s odd?”


“If it were me, I would be able to accept you, Karasawa-kun. There’s nothing embarrassing about male betas loving each other.”

Hasegawa-sensei put even more strength into the arm embracing me.

The hand stroking my hair changed its path to trace my nape—probably because I wasn’t resisting. But I couldn’t care less about it to the point that I started thinking about something else.

In other words, he thought that I liked male betas, which was why he was doing something like this.

Not that he found out I was an omega, or that he saw through my feelings for Amami.

He only misunderstood my polite smile for something else.

It was somehow so extremely funny that my body started trembling again.

Even though I was in a desperate situation, I wasn’t able to keep my diaphragm from contracting.


“Pft- ahaha- hahahaha! You’re so funny! Hahahaha……”

At last, I couldn’t hold it in anymore and my voice escaped as laughter.

In an instant, I fell into despair and was immediately brought back into high spirits. I was hyper-aware of this weird high I found myself in.

Since I suddenly started laughing, Hasegawa-sensei was weirded out and loosened his grip on my body slightly.

Seizing this chance, I grabbed the tall figure before me by the collar.

“The one I want to be embraced by isn’t you!”

Losing my entire body to the familiar sensation of a move, I threw Hasegawa-sensei down.

Having finished his cleaning duties, Amami had a strange feeling and opened the door to the English prep room without even knocking.

There, he saw Hasegawa-sensei sprawled out on the floor after being knocked out and Karasawa standing there with “Now I’ve done it” written all over his face.

“……What happened……?”

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