The Spicy Omega

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 11.5 (Kijima POV)

I placed a menu so big it could hide my upper body upright in front of me to hide my smirking face.

After getting both Karasawa and Amami to promise to hang out after school, I immediately got Amami to repay the favor for that restaurant behind the school and across from the station.

One of my biggest objectives was to go to a high-end restaurant, one I don’t go to often, and eat meat on someone else’s dime.

But that’s not all.

I peeked over the menu to see Karasawa and Amami sitting across me with their shoulders brushing.

Karasawa hung his head, and his bangs fell over his eyes. When he used his thin fingers to brush it behind his ear, Amami subtly followed the movement carefully with his eyes.

Karasawa didn’t notice Amami doing that, so when he pointed at an item on the menu that interested him and raised his head, he was surprised that Amami’s face was closer than he expected and drew back.

A flush rimmed his eyes red.

Hmmm. How lovey-dovey!

Right, at this restaurant chain, the booth we were at seats 4 people but only had 2 menus. 

If I continued to take up an entire side myself, I would be able to witness them sharing the other menu together.

A way of naturally closing their distance and becoming more intimate would make them both happy, therefore this is a win-win situation.

Someone with the consideration of a saint—that’d be me.

For this lovey-dovey couple before my eyes, it was quite amazing that both of them actually believed their love was unrequited.

The moment Karasawa and Amami became conscious of it, my facial muscles worked the hardest they’d ever had in my life to somehow keep a huge smirk off my face.

Though I still have the most tremendous urge to tell Karasawa, who wanted to give up anyway since it was unrequited, the truth…

I am not someone who would give away spoilers.

Though Karasawa being aware of his feelings toward Amami was a recent development, his thickheaded nature of not noticing Amami’s passionate gaze for him to this extent even made me suspect that he might be pretending. 

But these two, who get along so well it even made me embarrassed for them, were currently acting intimately so naturally without being obvious about it.

Though I say that, it was only natural that they acted intimately.

Even if Amami confessed, Karasawa would misunderstand it to be platonic rather than romantic; or if he revealed his sexual desire for him slightly, Karasawa would twist it into a more negative idea and self-destruct.

He fell in love like me—a beta—so they would become and are becoming closer naturally. If he found out later on that it was actually fated, then their bond would grow even deeper.

That’s all.

I had the consideration of a saint who had completely understood this shoujo manga-like development.

“Kijima, have you decided? Karasawa said he’ll be ordering this.”

“Amami, are you sure you’re okay with that?”

“Aren’t we splitting it?”

It seemed that while I was having a strategy meeting in my head, they’d already decided on their orders.

They arrived at the conclusion that they would be splitting their main dishes in half as if it were a matter of course.

At our age, you could barely say that even brothers would be this intimate, but this was so natural to them that they wouldn’t even see it as a problem. 

Though, Karasawa probably thinks that Amami smoothly sharing his food despite not having the same preferences was just something that friends do.

Grasping his food preferences perfectly, Amami ordered from the menu with little hesitation and proposed to share. This naturally led Karasawa to lower his reservations and satisfy himself, which I think Amami will of course take as an opportunity to dote on him. 

I lost the energy to accuse him of actually being a high school girl.

In the end, despite Amami saying they would split it in half, he cleverly divided it so that Karasawa could eat to his heart’s content. Because Amami’s actions were so natural, Karasawa didn’t suspect anything at all. 

In a sense, those two were the perfect match for each other.

“I’ve also decided.”

“Alright, then I’ll call the waiter over.”


Karasawa was about to press the bell at the table, but Amami had reached out to do the same and touched his fingers.


“Sorry, you can go ahead and press it.”

Karasawa let out a pained voice just from brushing fingers, but Amami, who had huge underlying intentions you couldn’t feel even an ounce of, smiled refreshingly and apologized.

Hey, that was definitely on purpose.

Wasn’t there a huge distance between Amami’s seat and the call bell?!

Karasawa lowered his head to hide the obvious blush on his cheeks.

Just looking at this made me feel like I was intruding.

I’m gradually losing my patience.

(Can’t they just hurry up and become closer……)

There was Amami, who was seizing every opportunity to flirt, and then there was poor Karasawa who couldn’t follow along at all and was completely lost. I spaced out while leaning on my elbow watching them.

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