The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 20.5 (Kijima POV)

When you think of graduation ceremonies, you might have the impression of pink cherry blossoms dancing in the air—but it didn’t look like we could expect as much this year.

It seemed like the buds of the cherry blossom trees on the school grounds would not be in full bloom on the day of our graduation ceremony.

Next week, we will be graduating.

We would be able to meet classmates and friends we hadn’t seen in a while on that day, so a lot of the students were restless.

Most of the entrance examinees in our grade consisted of three groups—people with not a single worry on their laughing faces, national exam takers who still couldn’t relax yet, and people who gave off a grim aura that clearly said, “Don’t talk to me”.

And then there were my best friends.

“Good morning, Kijima.”

“Karasawa, good morning!”

I could tell that something had clearly happened between them during the exam week.

When I entered the classroom, Karasawa gave me his usual response.

Once Amami entered, Karasawa seemed slightly embarrassed but was smiling as if flowers were blooming, so I could guess what happened.

I knew why Amami was stubborn and waited till it was closer to graduation to confess to Karasawa.

It was because Karasawa had a sudden charm after he fell in love and had it reciprocated.

He definitely couldn’t continue pretending to be a beta.

Even though his pheromones weren’t pouring out right now, not only the alphas in our class, but alphas in the other classes were also glancing over and scrutinizing Karasawa.

I casually shooed those bugs away and approached Amami’s desk.

I was sure Amami would have been all lovestruck after making some progress with Karasawa.

But instead, he was sitting in his seat with his arms crossed and his face grim.

Even though he was all smiles after making eye contact with Karasawa and greeting him, I still wondered what was wrong.

He sent me a message about their exam results in advance, saying, “We both got into our first choice,” so I wasn’t worried about that. Did something else happen? Or perhaps…

“Amami? What’s wrong?”


Despite sitting down in the seat in front of him as I asked, he gave no response.

As expected, he was acting odd.

To me, it felt like the mood between the two of them was getting good before we went on our break, so I thought everything had gone well.

I leaned closer to Amami, who had a stern expression and whispered conspiratorially.

“Could it be… your first night together failed…?”



He kicked me hard on my shin.

Does this guy have no idea what it means to hold back?

“Why!? I said that because I was worried!”

“It’s because you said something dumb.”

“Alright, alright, I was wrong. So, what happened?”


“It doesn’t look like ‘nothing’.”

When I pressed a finger on the rare crinkles between Amami’s brows, he immediately slapped my hand away.

There really is a noticeable difference between the way this guy treats Karasawa and me.

Well, it wasn’t like I wanted Amami to dote on me, but still……

“…Next time, I want to have a cooler setup planned.” 

“Ah? Just how far did you guys go?”

“We confirmed our mutual feelings, he figured out we were fated mates, and I had him promise to become mates.”

“I-Isn’t that practically the finish line!?”

“So that’s why the last step needs to happen in a place where I can make sure we make romantic memories.”

I see, I understand now.

Amami was unsatisfied with the way his confession—where he made Karasawa into his lover by taking advantage of him—had happened in a desolate park.

And their promise to be mates was also likely made in a place he didn’t factor in, probably an unappealing one at that. 

So he thought that his first night with him should at least happen according to his wishes.

I couldn’t help but think that it was creepy for a high schooler about to graduate to be thinking about this so early in the morning; but as far as I was concerned, Amami had always been a weirdo, so I couldn’t care less.

“Wasn’t that what you were thinking of before as well? Is there a need to change your plans?”

“I just felt that the plan I thought of before was no longer sufficient…”

Argh, this guy… He was the type to get uneasy right before completing all of his preparations and slowly revised it again until it got completely lost in the process.

I also listened to his grumbled worries once during winter break as well.

If everything went too well, then he would spiral into suspecting everything instead.1

“Usually in a cliche situation like this, your original plan would typically be the best one.”

“Is that so…?”

“Even though you’re usually full of confidence, when it comes to Karasawa, you immediately turn like this. Karasawa is like a hex to you.”

“I guess… Whenever I assume he’ll move according to my plans, he immediately diverges from them. And then he’ll come back from a completely unexpected trajectory… He just dances in circles around me.”

Amami finally flopped onto his desk while keeping the same posture.

It looked like it was serious.

I supposed it couldn’t be helped, so I’ll lend him a hand. I hummed and also thought of a plan.

“I’ve been thinking, but is Karasawa the type of person to observe everything around him when he goes somewhere for the first time? Or is he the type to shrink, analyze his surroundings, and then take a cautious step?”

“Hmmm. Well, he’s definitely not the type to do as he pleases at a place he doesn’t know.”

At that, I thought about my time on the school field trip in my second year of high school.

Karasawa might not be the type to stress about everything going according to his plans, but it didn’t seem like he would actively encourage getting off track.

By the way, the one who does as he pleases at a place he doesn’t know is me. Don’t ask for the details.

“Then rather than devising a super elaborate plan for him, how about a date at your house?”

“A date at my house?”

He gaped.

It was unusual to see such a foolish look on him. If I took a picture… he’d be angry.

“I bet you were planning on bringing him all over the place. After he gets used to being romantic partners, the last thing you need is somewhere Karasawa feels safe. What you want isn’t actually a romantic situation, but Karasawa’s happiness. Am I right?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then, I think a place where Karasawa feels safe and can take a breather is the best. Karasawa still lives with his parents… so Amami’s house then?”

“I got it. I’ll find a place to live together.”

“Such a quick decision!”

Right after he said that Amami started taking action on his phone.

Speaking of which, he previously reported to me, while looking like a dying dog, that he was almost dumped for suggesting to move in together after graduation, but was he sure he worded it correctly…?

The truth was, he must’ve wanted to go to the same university as Karasawa, but rather than live in momentary bliss, he thought of the future the two of them may walk down together instead, which was how he chose his university. What strong willpower.

The fact that Karasawa hadn’t even mentioned the word “love” in his career path, yet Amami had thought this far about a life with him, only now gave me goosebumps.

Alphas really were the type to do anything to obtain what they wanted.

“…If anything happens to Karasawa, I’ll beat you up.”

“Hehe. You don’t have to worry, something like that will never happen.”

“And how can you guarantee that?”

“Because he will be my mate.”

Amami, with his lips stretching in an intoxicated smile, gave off scary, alpha-like, and biting cold pressure despite not releasing any pheromones for intimidation.

As long as Karasawa was happy and Amami was satisfied, there was nothing else I would want as their friend, so I didn’t plan on saying anything else.

But still, Karasawa—it looks like you’ve caught a crazy guy.

I couldn’t help but think that.

“Speaking of which, even though you have such a good personality and are so considerate, it’s strange how you still don’t have someone yourself, Kijima.”

“Shut up! Die!”

Seeing Amami’s faint smile as he said that while fiddling with his phone, I returned a heavy kick to his shins below his desk.

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