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Chapter 11 – Meeting 

I arrived at Schult duchy and was surprised to see that the mansion was bigger than my parents’… It seemed to be expanded quite a few times and prioritized functionality over aesthetics, which showed the attitude of the Schult family. The Schult family was made up of four counties, rooted on this land for generations, and had a longer history compared to the Klaus family.

As the gatekeeper informed the family that Palmer Klaus had arrived, I was guided to the detached mansion where Linde-san lived. I never thought I would achieve one of my goals this quickly, so I braced myself a little. But the one who appeared before me was a terrifyingly beautiful white-haired girl. She was slim, and while I could see a bit of muscle in her arms, her figure wasn’t that different from a normal person’s. From our previous correspondence, I was surprised that she actually wasn’t a gorilla macho!

She wasn’t even ten years old yet, so she stood at about 140 cm tall. Her long white hair, completely stripped of natural color, swayed in the wind. Her orange- and red-colored eyes squinted as she smiled, which undoubtedly revealed that she was Linde-san herself. It was the first time I felt truly happy I was reincarnated to this world since I got to be engaged to such a beautiful girl.

“…It feels rather strange actually meeting face to face like this. I am the third daughter of Duke Schult, Burglinde Schult.”

“The vassal of Duke Wagner Klaus, Palmer Klaus… eh, do you actually have the ‘monstrous strength’ characteristic with that body of yours?”

“I lifted a maid recently, you know?”


She held a parasol, being weak to direct sunlight. It seemed that she couldn’t take direct exposure for over ten minutes. What was she, a vampire? Albinism could be inherited, and so there weren’t many potential grooms for her, but wouldn’t it be easy if she was allowed to go out with such an appearance…?

“Onii-sama wanted to meet you, so I’ll lead you to the arena inside.”

Then, I received a death sentence. I did as I was told, and followed her to a large arena, where a stern man stood at its center. It was undoubtedly Linde-san’s elder brother and the second son of Duke Schult, Savage-san. His height exceeded 180cm.

Even though super strength was an inferior version of monstrous strength, he had a muscular physique worthy of a warrior. He had a cool expression but came off stern. Sure enough, he told me to beat him if I wanted to welcome Linde-san as my bride, so I obediently entered the arena. My height was only about 150cm, and seeing up close, one could really see the difference between an adult and a child.

“I am not asking you to win, but at the very least, show me your power. I’m aware that you are ill-suited to magic, so we won’t use it. Everything else is allowed. Now, your sword.”

“I did not bring a sword, because I can’t use one. I brought my own weapon. We can begin at any time.”

Savage-san acted coolly and threw a sword at me, but I gracefully avoided it. That was dangerous. I was a little irritated at that, so I provoked him to make the first move.

Savage-san, who trained muscles, started to move quickly, but it didn’t matter. The moment he stepped close, I pulled out a whip out of my pocket and struck his face.

The whip I used this time was an artifact with the characteristic of ‘pain conversion.’ It wouldn’t cause any wounds on the target, instead, it increased the amount of pain they experienced. According to one theory, it seemed to be a disciplinary whip in ancient times. When I wielded it with my whipmanship level III, it became a deadly weapon that would instantly reap the consciousness of my opponent. Since it didn’t cause wounds, it was very convenient.

With that knowledge,  I could go all out without a problem and unleashed the whip at mach speed at Savage-san’s face. Naturally, there was no way he could have avoided that, so Savage-san collapsed as painful noise resounded across the arena. The whip caused pain so great to the point that it could kill a person mentally, but since Savage-san had super strength characteristics, he could likely endure it and wouldn’t die just from that.

“Onii-sama? Onii-sama?! Please wake up!”

“Ah~ he should be okay. The whip only increased the amount of pain he experienced, it won’t actually cause him damage.”

After this, I was told that there hadn’t been a precedent of wielding a whip for duels between aristocrats, but since Savage-san said anything was allowed, he forgave me. He seemed to like my childlike attitude of going all out at the first move, so I’ve grown closer with him after he revived. He even kept praising me.

I got to see Savage-san’s characteristics, and he even had the rare characteristic sturdiness in addition to his super strength. He also had swordsmanship level III and water attribute magic level IV. Isn’t this person’s combat ability quite high? If the duel allowed magic, I wouldn’t have won.

My fire attribute magic was at level II, and the most I could do was a simple fireball. It couldn’t be helped since my maximum mana capacity was small. I would run out in just three uses. Even though I kept training my mana in my childhood, I couldn’t understand why it was still so little.

I apologized to Savage-san because I would be meeting the head of the Schult family, Duke Schult, Fontana, next. Since he kept looting the neighboring nations every year and used those gains to develop his territory, he was feared as a tyrant by other nations, but a wise lord highly reputed by his people.

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