So the Medieval Age Has a Split Inheritance System…

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Chapter 23 – Excommunication

Linde-san and Cornelia started their relationship with the worst impression of each other, but after Linde-san slammed Cornelia against the wall, the atmosphere between them became unexpectedly peaceful. I was glad both of them could act like adults, or rather, I think Cornelia realized that Linde-san was a dangerous person while Linde-san was impressed by Cornelia’s sturdiness. A hole was left in the mansion wall; I wonder if the Schult family would compensate for it?

“Please be my friend.”


No, I had the wrong idea. Rather than a peaceful atmosphere, it was a situation where an 11-year-old kid was happy to find a toy that wouldn’t break and a 16-year-old kid who had a void-like gaze that had given up on everything. Even so, seeing both of them lined up together, they actually had similar height. It showed how big Linde-san had grown. She was almost as tall as I was after all.

As Cornelia vaguely realized how much power Linde-san had, she was scared at how Linde-san was hugging her out of excitement about gaining a friend. It would be scary from Cornelia’s perspective since her body might just burst if Linde-san exerted more power in her embrace.

…Even with two wives, my heart was not at peace. Since many other men had 4, it showed how determined they were. My elder brother Alfred had gotten 4 wives in no time… and that number increased further even after that.

As Alfred suddenly became the Borghardt Kingdom’s Queen consort during his war with Wagner, he signed a ceasefire with Wagner and became independent. In theory, it was Alfred’s victory, putting an end to the conflict between the eldest and the second sons of the Klaus Family, and Alfred began to use his power as the king of the Borghardt Kingdom.1 

He married the 4th concubine, aka the fifth wife after that, as if it was the most obvious thing to do— and continued to marry other women. In the end, he married all the maids he had brought along with him from Klaus’ family. They were definitely maids-cum-mistresses to begin with anyway. How lustful was he?

Being the most powerful person in the Borghardt Kingdom, he had married 8 additional women, thus having a total of 12 wives. Alfred suddenly became a super celebrity even in the neighboring nations. Needless to say, it resulted in him being excommunicated by the Pope of the Knut religion since Alfred blatantly went against the doctrine of only having up to 4 wives. It was something unavoidable, but even as the other kings —whose kingdoms’ national religion was the Knut religion— and their nobles attacked Alfred, he managed to repel them all.

…Why did such a lascivious scumbag have all the talent, luck, ability, money, and pedigree? Or rather, how did he manage his 12 wives? And how lustful could he be? I learned that he already had 4 sons, a piece of information that I didn’t even want to learn. I was still a virgin here.

But well, I think I can understand his desire to build an inner palace now that he had become the king and wielded his rightful authority. Even on modern Earth, there was a certain seventh-generation king, whose name I can’t speak of2 who passed away in 1982 who had 70 queens, 210 children, and more than 1,000 grandchildren. Well, I guess Alfred only having 12 wives was still no match for him.

…I’m guessing that the Borghardt Kingdom will switch back to the ‘eldest son inheritance system’. I was sure that Alfred wasn’t a person who would be drowning in his lust to the point it would ruin him. As for the movements of the Borghardt Kingdom itself, it seemed to be aiming for the Aubrey Kingdom, so Alfred was likely trying to steal what was left over from Wagner’s attack.

Huh, that meant that there was a possibility that both Wagner and Alfred declared war on the Aubrey Kingdom at the same time. Originally, the Aubrey Kingdom, which consisted of 3 duchies, was just a small nation that declared its independence during the generational change in the Carling Empire, so there was no way the Carling Empire would accept their existence.

Moreover, one of those 3 duchies was already taken over by Wagner, so the kingdom practically only had 2 duchies left. I guess around next year, the Aubrey Kingdom would disappear from the map, erasing the kingdom’s history with it.

“You may refer to me as onee-sama.”

“Eh, but I’m older than you… No, it’s nothing, onee-sama.”

It seemed that the power balance between Linde-san and Cornelia had been completely established, but I guessed they would be getting along well after a while. As for Linde-san, after showing her the state of the territory, I guessed I would have her do hard labor.

“By the way, Linde-san, what’s with the rock on the platform?”

“…You can call me without honorifics, you know? Also, that rock is something I picked up on the way here.”

“The rock…? What are you using it for?”

“It’s for self-defense by throwing it. I had used what I had prepared on the way, so I picked up another rock to replace it that just happened to be big… what I brought initially was a bit smaller, you know?”

Speaking of which, there was a large rock at the back of the carriage that Linde-san was riding on, so I asked if it was some sort of special material, but it turned out to be just for self-defense. Considering the rock’s diameter was about 1 meter, it should weigh more than a ton no matter how I looked at it— and that thing was used for self-defense by throwing it… It was amazing how the carriage didn’t break down along the way, but I was sure it was due to the effect of an artifact. Moreover, it was the expensive stuff that merchants often used.

And since she said she had used what she had prepared along the way, I guess there were some thieves or bandits that became the victims of Linde-san’s might… As expected, I doubt people of Linde-san power could easily be encountered on the battlefield, but I should assume that every ducal class’ forces would at least have one or two people of similar might. If I didn’t prepare countermeasures against monsters like her, it would be difficult for me to expand further in the future.

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