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Chapter 51 – Husband and Wives

Although I declared war on the Carling Empire, I had no intention of attacking Wagner’s territory while the Borghardt Kingdom was still attacking Carling. So, I disbanded the conscripts and dissolved the contracts with the mercenaries. With both sides worn out, I thought I could handle them using just the standing army and the slave soldiers. It was also wasteful to keep paying maintenance costs until then.

I was gathering information on Wagner’s territory again—it seemed that he, who had command over almost the entire army of the Carling Empire, was still in the midst of repelling the Boghardt Kingdom’s army, somehow. According to the reports, Wagner himself was rampaging on the battlefield, so his combat power must have increased.

…That saint lord not only possessed high levels of magic characteristics, but also possessed an absurd capacity of innate mana. Even though I had been training in magic since I was young, I still couldn’t use magic practically, so I couldn’t help but bemoan how unfair it was. I ran out of gas just by casting two small fireballs.

As of now, my endurance had improved, but firepower depended on bombs, poisons, and guns. I stood at the center of the still-unfinished colosseum in Deal county, confronted with Linde-san. Lined up behind her were female slaves that she trained. At first glance, it looked like a scene straight out of a harem, if everyone didn’t carry weapons, that is.

The planned use for the colosseum was performances. The inner walls were always broken because of my experiments, so the spectator seats hadn’t made much progress, but once completed, I would have the slaves battle each other and lift the gambling ban. The colosseum itself was quite convenient as a means to train slave soldiers, earn some revenue, and grant the people catharsis from their frustration, all in one.

Linde-san, now 12, had grown taller and had a fairly mature body, having possessed top-class physical characteristics. With her “monstrous strength,” she wielded a giant hammer. It was as big as Linde-san, and had many sharpened steel protuberances on one end.

If the hammer were to be used against an ordinary person, or an untrained slave, they wouldn’t be able to survive the hit. So instead, Linde-san regularly carried a smaller hammer and once defeated a demon that was a mix between a tiger and a bear in a single hit. Its weight easily exceeded a tonne.

“Let’s begin.”

“Ou, come at me.”

After declaring so, Linde-san swung the hammer fully, as if it were a metal baseball bat. The side with steel protuberances accurately smashed into my body from my front.

I slammed into the wall, like my body was buried into the colosseum’s inner wall. This was probably the reason why the colosseum was never completed. I couldn’t get up on my own, so Linde-san pulled her hammer away. My dark field of vision became brighter and revealed the slaves’ weirded-out expressions and Linde-san’s own exasperation.

As expected, monstrous strength was absurd. She caused not just a human-shaped hole in the sturdy stadium, but the entire hammer sunk into it. From where the hammer pierced my arm was a steady flow of blood. I instructed them to shoot the area with guns.

Using the three-stage attack that the slave squad was instructed on, they shot at the holes in my arms. The wounds recovered in no time, so unless I deliberately wounded myself, the bullets wouldn’t normally pierce my arm. If I didn’t do this much, then I wouldn’t be able to acquire gun resistance at all.

Perhaps the bones in my arm got crushed by Linde-san’s hammer attack earlier, because the bullets steadily and easily hit my arm. Even if the bullets remained in the body, recovery magic could remove foreign matter, so I would manage.

More blood splurted out of the wound each time a bullet hit it, but excessive bleeding wouldn’t kill me. I confirmed the safety of this kind of training, so I guess I would have veteran slaves take this regimen if they wanted to improve further.

Oh, I think about 2,000 bullets pierced my arms and hands today. I think I finally acquired bullet resistance level II. Skills could go up to level X, but raising levels was hard. At the fastest estimate, a person could earn bullet resistance level I by being shot five times. I couldn’t help the thought, but this was terribly slow. Levelling meant I needed more experience too, and just because there was more experience, it didn’t mean the upper limit would change either.

After the exercise, Cornelia tried to cut one of my arms with a masterpiece sword. But the sword, which was famed for its sharpness, failed to pierce my skin and left my arm intact. The impact was amazing, but it didn’t cause any abnormality to the bones, so I couldn’t quite feel the sword either. And she managed to just barely cut me with an artifact last time.

For the time being, I think level II would be enough for bullet resistance, so I took the recovery medicine after that. As usual, it tasted terrible. Just when I thought it tasted less bitter last time, it became more astringent. The new one had a mental stability buff, but I couldn’t judge if it had an effect.

Anyway, let’s think of a training regimen that raised gun resistance for new slaves, just in case the enemy improved their firearms. The easiest method was to deliberately maim a body part and then repeatedly shoot at it with bullets. No, I guess I better do this after I produce more guns and bullets? I doubt the enemy would have guns anytime soon… so I guess I would have them shoot slaves with arrows until then?

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