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Chapter 32 – Brothers

Author’s Note:

Many place names were mentioned so it might be hard to understand what is what, so I made a map with excel to organize my viewpoint. It contains some spoilers but please show some understanding for the low quality. Rather than making the map itself, understanding how mitemin (the site I uploaded the map so it shows in this site) works took more time.

The meeting with Countess Jeremias would be carried out after I seized Reuter county, so I spent my days making mass donations to the church for a while. I was planning a donation worth 100 times over, so it was time to endure. Since the pope held absolute power in this world, I had no choice but to obey for now.

In the end, it took me more than a month to acquire justification for Reuter county, but Linde-san sent a letter stating she wouldn’t be returning to her family home during that period. This albino girl with monstrous strength finally decided to run away from home. And as we lived together under the same roof, I learned that Linde-san often earned money and splurged it on herself.

She wasn’t a spendthrift, but she did spend a lot of money on personal things. Sometimes, she would leave in the middle of the night saying that she would be making money, which would normally sound sort of weird, but what she actually did was make use of her monstrous strength to dismantle houses or transport heavy objects.

An 11-year-old working was considered normal in this world. People were considered adults when they reached 15, but most commoners began working when they were 10. Commoners got to see their characteristics at that age after all, so they would decide on their future when they were around 10 years old.

It might make people think that the children in this world matured early, but even back in Japan prior to the war, a 10-year-old helping with farm work and the family business was considered normal. Today, Linde-san seemed to be transporting a large amount of iron ore that was mined during the day. Considering Linde-san’s characteristics, she should be working several people’s jobs at the same time.

It might raise the question of whether it was alright for a future duchess to do part-time jobs, but since I was the one who said it was fine, there was no problem. As I continued to spend my life peacefully despite still being in the middle of a war, Wagner and Alfred declared war on the Aubrey Kingdom—with Wagner wanting Upper Terrence Duchy and Alfred wanting Lower Terrence Duchy.

Wagner managed to capture the prince of the Aubrey Kingdom when he looted the Aubrey Kingdom’s capital last time. After that, the prince was exchanged for weapons and armor. Were they stupid? Sending armaments to hypothetical enemies was something a ruler should never do.

Rather, from the perspective of the Aubrey Kingdom, I guess they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Wagner’s army was about 4,000 men, while Alfred led the Borghardt army of about 5,000 men—and since the Aubrey Kingdom only had 2,000 soldiers, I guess their fate was sealed.

Sure enough, the Aubrey Kingdom surrendered after 13 days. Rather, it was amazing they were able to last 13 days against those brutes for brothers. In the end, the Aubrey Kingdom’s territory was split in half merrily by Wagner and Alfred. I wondered why it made me feel excluded and sad, but I also felt happy imagining how my brothers would try to restrain each other over the territories they earned.

And while that happened, I also seized Reuter county and became the owner of 3 counties. I would gain another county with the marriage alliance of Countess Jeremias and become Duke Deal. 

Well then, let’s compare the three Klaus brothers again.

(Two years ago)

Father, Bayer Klaus: Deceased. 

Eldest son, Wagner: Duke Klaus, two counties of Klaus duchy under his control in addition to Dismore county. Two vassal counts, Alfred and Palmer.

Second son, Alfred: Two counties of Klaus duchy under his control, Wagner’s vassal.

Third son, Palmer(me): Only Fenz county1 was under my direct control, Wagner’s vassal.


Eldest son, Wagner: Duke Klaus, Duke Dismore, and Duke Upper Terrence. He had 6 counties under his direct control, with many vassal counts.

Second son, Alfred: The King of Borghardt Kingdom (4 duchies worth of territory) and Duke Lower Terrence. He had 8 counties under his direct control, with many vassal counts.

Third son, Palmer(me): Territories under his direct control were Fenz county, Triore county, and Reuter county. Once I married Countess Jeremias’ granddaughter, it was almost certain I would become Duke Deal.

……Huh? The difference got bigger?

Right after earning Dismore county, he turned to the emperor and bought the title of Duke Dismore with money. Then he received more vassals through Middle Age “legal means” and expanded the map of the empire. With the first prince deceased, and the Carling Empire in a state of danger, Wagner became known as the most loyal vassal of the empire, laying expectations in his activeness.

Meanwhile, Alfred, who obtained the Borghardt Kingdom through an unexpected windfall, steadily increased his number of concubines and brought his domestic nobles together. I wonder how he kept increasing the number of concubines, but it seemed that he made the daughters of aristocrats into maids and impregnated them. The fact he still reigned properly despite how he did it was just like Alfred, but his method was scummy. To be frank, I was jealous of him as a man, but I’d like to be spared from having such a person as a neighbor.

…As long as Fenz county was my home ground, I will continue to be exposed to the threat of those two. Alfred’s two counties within Klaus duchy seemed detached since it was far from Borghardt Kingdom, but since Klaus duchy was relatively bountiful, I doubt he would let go of it.

Well, I will continue doing the best I can, and for the time being, I will decide on what to do after meeting Carla the atheist… If negotiations fail, I would have to go to war with Countess Jeremias, so it was painful.

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