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Chapter 34 – First Night

Ten days had passed since the meeting. Carla and I married in Fenz county. Marriages to concubines did not usually have weddings, but I held a ceremony of reasonable size to demonstrate my alliance with Countess Jeremias. The cost was covered by the celebration money collected from the people. We got so much that I could still hold another three weddings. If we only focus on this, it would make me look like the worst lord in history.

…Ah, now that I think about it, the neighboring king of the Borghardt Kingdom held dozens of weddings already. They were festive every time, and each time they took more money, so I guess I wouldn’t be the worst lord in history.

“…You are awfully calm despite the fact that this entire marriage was done only for the alliance.”

“I expected as much, as a daughter of an aristocratic family. I didn’t expect to end up as a concubine, though.”

Carla and I got married despite having barely known each other at all. However, it was commonplace in this world and happened often. To end up married to someone they hadn’t met before wasn’t so rare.

With that in mind, even in the Edo, Meiji, and all the way until the Taisho era, it wasn’t rare having not met one’s marriage partner before the day of the wedding. On top of that, the divorce rate prior to the war was at an extremely low rate of 0.5% — to a modern Japanese person, that’s crazy. But the cultures and customs differed by era and nation, so it couldn’t be helped.

Leaving that aside, the fifteen-year-old Carla had a medium build. Our first night was tonight, and I couldn’t help but wonder how a woman felt, having to spend a night with someone she didn’t even like… well, I got a little excited.

By marrying Carla, my ruling territory of Count Deal, became four counties, which exceeded half of the Deal Duchy. It granted me the right to raise my standing and become Duke Deal. I guess this wedding was a good thing after all? I would have to help Countess Jeremias fight the prince after this, but we would end up executed if we failed.

Come to think of it, I asked about Carla’s characteristics before the wedding, but she turned out to have the ‘robustness’ characteristic. I was fated to be with women who had innate physical characteristics. Linde-san had superhuman strength and an insane growth in strength. Cornelia had sturdiness, which made her more resilient and recover from injuries faster. Then there was Carla, who had a robustness characteristic that granted her additional strength and a healthy body.

But even though Carla had power, she hadn’t learned how to fight, so she couldn’t go on the battlefield. Just the fact that she wouldn’t get sick was amazing enough though… I wonder if the characteristic would be inherited by my child? I would be happy if it did.

“Fu~hn, I see. Pal-kun is weak.”

“Stop with that ‘Pal-kun.’ Also, not only do I not have physical characteristics, but I also didn’t train my body much. There’s no way I’d win in strength against those who have and do both.”

As it turns out, Carla held the initiative on the first night. Both of my wrists were held down so that I couldn’t move, so if Carla intended to kill me, I might have really died. The reason she didn’t react when I blocked her mouth back then was simply because she was too surprised to do so.

I spent my youth doing the deed until morning, so I slept like a corpse out of exhaustion. Linde-san knocked me awake and pulled me away from the similarly just-awakened Carla, who glared. I had to wonder why Linde-san’s favorability towards me was so high.

Linde-san embraced me, but it felt quite painful because of her monstrous strength. She had continued to work out up to now and was strong enough that it caused trouble in her daily life. For example, she could accidentally break the bed while she was half-asleep. Soon enough, I think she might be able to destroy the castle wall on her own. I knew it was bad to keep relying on her strength, so I tried to not use her as much as possible, but the destructive power was so attractive that I couldn’t help but want to use it.

After saying, “I’ll have you return him to me” to Carla, Linde-san carried me back to her room. There was an overwhelming difference in strength to the extent no resistance was possible. If my WAR stat was a trashy 5, Linde-san’s WAR stat was 98. Just give her a weapon and it would exceed 100.

Everyone in the mansion was aware of Linde-san’s monstrous strength, so everyone would open the way whenever she passed through to avoid her. If Linde-san had a personality disorder, she just might turn into a tyrant. Even though she was bullied during her early childhood because of her albinism, it was amazing her personality didn’t get distorted.

Considering the entire, supposedly ‘blessed’ Enure family were quirky in their respective ways, I guess a good environment didn’t guarantee they would grow up well. After Linde-san lowered me on her bed, she pushed me back down. Ah, I felt a déjà vu of last night…

However, Linde-san didn’t do anything obscene. She just kissed me on the cheek and began to sleep as she embraced me. As expected, her tight grip loosened soon after, so I stroked her head.

It was considered normal for aristocratic men to have four wives, but how did they manage them? I really wished my father taught me that. That saint lord Wagner also had four wives, so I guess I would ask his advice during this ceasefire period in that regard. As for the Borghardt Kingdom’s king of lust… I think I shouldn’t use him as a reference.

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