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Chapter 09 – Schult Ducal Family

The big ducal family of the Carling Empire’s Southern region would be the house of Klaus, but there were many ducal families the size of Klaus. One of them was the Schult ducal family located in the northern regions of the empire, famous for picking a fight with foreign nations every year. Basically, they were barbarians who frequently looted others like Wagner.

The 1,000 light cavalry formed the backbone of their army. What’s amazing about them was that they were an army with murderous intent that could annihilate an enemy army of the same size in a single battle, and their capability for mopping up enemies was exceptionally high. They were also a family blessed with three sons, and it seemed that the eldest would inherit two counties, and the second and third sons would inherit one county each. The head of the Schult family was still in his forties, so it seems the bloody succession battle will occur later.

All three of them were already around 20 years old and had their own respective heirs, and unlike our family, their eldest son was stupid, so the battle over succession would be fierce… Perhaps the reason the Schult family had a lot of daughters was out of the intention of having a fourth son so that the territories could be divided equally? The second son of their family, Savage Schult, possessed the characteristic super strength, which was an inferior version of monstrous strength. He seemed to be an intelligent man as well, and his age wasn’t too different from the eldest son, so I can look forward to the future.

…This second son Savage and third daughter Linde-san were siblings from the same mother. Since both of them had similar strength-related characteristics, perhaps they inherited it from their mother? The difference in age between the two was 10 years. There was quite a gap, but that wasn’t uncommon.

According to Linde-san’s letter, Savage-san seems to be the only person who treated her decently… Since he got along well with Linde-san, it meant that there was a possibility of forming an alliance with him in the future. We were separated by quite a distance, but if we could form an alliance, then he would become a powerful ally… Well, that only mattered if Savage-san won the battle of succession, though.

Meanwhile, the eldest son of our Klaus family instigated a peasant uprising in the second son Alfred’s territory. It was to a point where I wondered which part of him made him a saint lord. To be more exact, it was an uprising in a barony, which was a vassal of Alfred, but it spread from the barony and there was no doubt Alfred suffered quite a bit because of that. The reason for rebellion was simple: to rebel against the tyranny of the baron who was Alfred’s vassal.

I didn’t know the exact details because there was no internet in this world, but seeing Alfred also angrily muttering, “This is definitely something that Wagner started,” I think I wasn’t mistaken. Both of us have justification to claim each other’s territory but we would turn into fellow vassals of Duke Wagner Klaus the moment our father died. Even with our age difference, we could still at least talk, or rather, exchange information with each other.

Well, Alfred was a hypothetical enemy to me, and vice versa. The enemy of the enemy was still an enemy. In the Middle Ages, most lords were their own respective factions. Blood relationships were the worst curse. One could easily understand if they studied history, but up until the modern era, most wars, be it big or small, stemmed from family conflict, which showed the sad nature of mankind.1

That was why the sibling relationship between Savage-san and Linde-san, who got along well according to her letters, was considered rare. My relationship with my sisters wasn’t necessarily bad but aristocratic women were basically born to be wed into other families, so we hardly met. At the moment, both of my elder sisters were already widows. That showed they were married to the wrong people.

[“If you want to meet nii-sama, you could meet him if you visit during the beginning of the year, you know? Nii-sama also wants to meet Palmer-sama, so I could set a date if you would like to meet.”]

“If I could meet Savage-san, I would visit during the beginning of the year, but isn’t Savage-san a busy person?”

[“He said he was free enough that he was merely looting the territory of the neighboring nation while saying it was to train the troops every two months.”]

“What’s with this muscle-headed race?”

Savage-san already inherited one county and it seemed he repeatedly plundered the Gallo duchy of the Jerome Kingdom northeast of his territory. How the heck could a mere count repeatedly plunder a duchy independently? I knew the northern region of the Carling empire faced the sea and was a bountiful land, but wasn’t it weird despite that? Did that mean the Duke supported the second son?

[“By the way, nii-sama said that my marriage partner must be someone whose martial might exceeds his own. But since Palmer-sama knows how to work out as well, you should be okay, right?”]

“I’m just 11 years old, while Savage-san is 19 years old. There’s no way I can win. Moreover, he has the characteristic of super strength.”

[“You should be okay, right?”]

“Ah, yes. I should be okay.”

We’ve been communicating through letters, but it seems that Linde-san was quite a pleasant person. It was hard to believe she was actually 9 years old. Well, most aristocratic daughters mature early, but her letter seemed even more mature than her age suggested. Perhaps, or rather, it was definitely because the servants were correcting her sentences.

…As I exchanged letters with Linde-san, the figure of Savage-san in my mind totally became that of a battle maniac siscon. Does this mean I would have to fight against Savage-san? Although super strength wasn’t as amazing as monstrous strength, it was still a rare characteristic, and I would definitely lose in a contest of pure strength.

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