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Chapter 59 – Evolution

In 21st-century Japan, the literacy rate was almost 100%. However, the literacy rate in my territory barely reached 25%. To be frank, I had no idea whether this was high or low by this world’s standard, but it basically meant that my propaganda only needed to trick 25% of the population.

Those who couldn’t read would have to rely on those who could read to know, so the remaining 75% would be deceived automatically as long as the 25% got deceived… It was a world where I could employ every type of scam that came to mind. I might get rich if I pulled off an MLM scheme.

Although the literacy rate was relatively high in urban areas, only a small percentage of people in rural areas could read and write. Well, this was a world where diplomatic candidates and some aristocrats couldn’t write letters after all… Well, those people only know how to write their own names. Those who couldn’t even do that much weren’t rare either though. Well, this situation was similar to the developing countries on earth.

Due to the literacy rate, I printed and distributed free newspapers to convey information in an attempt to induce public opinion and increase the percentage of people who could read and write. As expected, the literacy rate for the farmers stayed at a small percentage, around 5%, which was definitely not a good thing.

Therefore, as long as people could realize that the ability to read would bring benefits, the literacy rate would rise. In the first place, even though the Carling Empire had established educational institutions, the low literacy rate was preceded by the resignation of farmers who claimed that the ability to read was useless.

However, the low literacy rate also served as proof that the people didn’t have many problems in their daily lives even if they were incapable of reading. For the time being, the literacy rate tends to be higher in the younger generation. So if we put some effort into promoting education, I think the literacy rate in rural areas will exceed 10% in a few years. I have no clue what would happen beyond that point, though.

…For now, I think the basic package of arithmetic, and reading and writing would do for their initial education. Bluntly speaking, in this era where most occupations were physical, there was little need to focus on education, other than in reading and writing. I think it would be enough to give thorough education only to the geniuses and prodigies. This era hasn’t caught up yet after all.

“…Why did you change the slave training recently? Some of the slaves are complaining about it.”

“Because I realized that there were two patterns in obtaining characteristics. Strictly speaking, there are more details to it… but it could be roughly divided into two patterns.”

Regarding the education of slaves, I split the slaves into those who sought a better situation, and those who already gave up, to train them more efficiently. For some reason, during the process of abuse, the growth factor of traits obtained by slaves who desired life or sought death tended to be different — and this was most likely related to “not being aware of the system”. Actually, this “not being aware of the system” was also a rough category.

…If one could efficiently acquire characteristics, I think people could go beyond the human limit in the future. According to that vile goddess, characteristics were earned through a mechanical system, so I would assume that there was some way to work its mechanism.

Even at this stage, people could obtain extraordinary endurance. In fact, some of the slaves could no longer be considered human. The fact that they were still alive even after their heads had gotten crushed, or after their bodies were cut in two, was definitely weird no matter how I thought about it. They had already gone beyond the human limit. There was no way a normal person could survive being cut in two.

I think that if there was something like a status screen, their race would probably no longer display ‘human’, but rather ‘undead’ or ‘zombie’ instead as that would be more appropriate. Since fictional works often depict the evolution of slimes or goblins, I guess it wouldn’t be weird for humans to be able to evolve as well.

That was why, what I did was similar to a demon tamer who continued to abuse their demons as a form of training. I just did it to humans instead. Since I wanted to raise them, of course an effective method was preferable…

…According to that goddess, there was another god. Since they both exist, that meant that a god could come into being through some method. Would that method be humans gathering faith from people, humans continuing to evolve beyond their limits, or simply through child-making activities between gods?

And if it was possible for a human to become a god, I think I would want to become one. Just like that vile goddess, I wanted to be a god who enjoyed playing with humans. That was the reason I created the Palpal religion to begin with after all. Well, there was a good chance. The story of a person gathering faith and being uplifted into godhood was quite typical after all.

Of course, it remains unclear whether a human could actually become a god, and it would be nice if it was actually just an extension of what I was already doing. I would have needed to found a new religion either way; and making my soldiers obtain extraordinary endurance was necessary to push through with my conquest and any heresy. I would be happier if all those things were related to human evolution.

…Well, if the system was unable to evolve a human, I could just genetically modify them and force them to evolve instead. There was a technology here known as magic and since nobody has yet to regulate it, I could tamper with genetic information as I like. I would have to start breeding more efficient crops anyway, so if genetic recombination was possible, it should be done.

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