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Chapter 58 – Organize

None of the slaves died in this earthquake. Other than Count Joachim, no baron or those of higher standing who used to be former slaves died. It was fortunate, and there were many people who could take the lead, so reconstruction would progress quickly.

My next target was to the south: the Miller Duchy of the Estoani Kingdom, but as it was still a mountain of rubble at the moment, there was no point in occupying it. I should focus on developing my territory for now. Many houses in the royal capital were destroyed, but it was easier to organize. To simplify the city layout, I had the houses constructed into grid-like shapes.

Since there hadn’t been any information from the Borghardt Kingdom, the West must have suffered some devastating damage, or the spies couldn’t find their way in. Both were possible, so it was hard to say. I personally thought it was the latter, even so, it was strange that not one of the eight I sent out had managed to return.

I would also personally help with the royal capital’s reconstruction work. We just had to carry construction materials and build the exact same houses for each block. To be frank, it was a painful situation, so I had no choice but to forcibly decide the housing standards to make a large amount of simple housing. We had no such thing as a refugee house, so many of my people had to sleep out in the open. It looked painful.

After that, we had to build a tenement for the poor. It was a two-story building with 12 rooms on each floor, with each room the size of 6 tatami mats. By granting the poor the tenement as their living space, it was also easier to manage them. The roots of revolution usually came from the poor. Doing this allowed me to keep a close eye on them, and nip any sort of rebellion in the bud.

Especially after a natural disaster like this, fools spouted idiotic things, like it happened because of god’s wrath, and it was the divine punishment of the lord. Religion sure was annoying. As a matter of fact the Knut religion spread in this world, or at least to Carling Kingdom and Lenart Empire, because the goddess actually existed. Since there were quite a number of people who said this occurred because of divine punishment, I had them gathered up to the center of the city and hanged.

“You would actually do such a thing as this… The Wrath of God will definitely fall upon you!”

“If the goddess really could do such a thing, then it would have happened a long time ago… I will let you live if you convert your faith. Otherwise, just rot and die.”

And so, the captives were forced to convert to the Palpal religion, which only took me three seconds to come up with. In those three seconds, the vile me and evil me had a discussion, and thus I integrated doctrines that allowed gender equality, polygamy, incest, and homosexuality. Unlike the Knut religion, which only allowed three concubines, the Palpal religion allowed an unlimited number of concubines. That king of lust would be pleased.

The only people with the power to appoint the popes and induct the priests were myself and the vassals. It was a complete subversion of the separation of Church and State practice. Thanks to these doctrines, the Palpal religion gained legitimacy and support from the minority groups that advocated for incest and homosexuality. The important thing was to include the minority groups. I was already excommunicated by the Knut religion, and I needed to make my own religion anyway, so I might as well incorporate those hostile to the Knut religion.

Of course, very few would actually convert to such a heretical religion. When I first created it, the first to convert were my vassals, barons, and counts who were former slaves, their families, and their current slaves.

Now, more had chosen to convert and began to believe in it because they thought bad of the Knut religion. That was also because of my influence, spreading rumors about it.

To spread a religion, the easiest method was to lower the reputation and value of other religions, as well as atheism. People would gather on their own if they thought the new religion was comparatively better than the existing one. Some of them came forward to make some serious denouncements, but as long as I made them examples by killing them, the rest should follow. Long live terror politics.

The negative propaganda of the Knut religion was made possible by our spies. We revealed the pope and priests’ wealth, with the latter running a brothel disguised as an orphanage.

The priest who ran the brothel had sold a total of 90 boys and girls to the nobility. The rest of the orphanage owners were genuine, though. None of them had any sort of villainous clergy.

When I spread this information, I replaced the part where the priest who ran the orphanages in the Deal duchy sold an average of 1.3 children. There were a total of 69 orphanages in the Deal duchy, which meant there was an average of 1.3 boys and girls per location.

There was also a part where the parameter used was within the Deal duchy, not the Deal Kingdom. It would otherwise lead to a drop in the kingdom’s reputation, but if the population of the duchy was further reduced, suspicions would be aroused. That was why the evaluation was limited to this duchy.

In addition, by using the negative influence of the average number, I revealed the luxury of the upper echelons of the Knut religion and conveniently spilled words that priests of the Knut religion said. Since I once lived in 21st-century Japan, where trashy mass media was in its heyday, this much propaganda wasn’t difficult.

Since I had the lie-detection artifact, I couldn’t tell lies, but distorting and twisting the truth wasn’t a problem. Ah, that’s right. I should draw a diagram to make it easier to understand. It was the time to make use of a diagram where the 32% part is a bigger circle than 62% or a bar chart with weird horizontal scales.

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