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Chapter 06 – Correspondence

It was a natural desire to get to know one’s fiancée, and considering that we were separated by a distance that made it difficult for us to meet in person, it was common among aristocrats to start a correspondence with their future partners. When Linde-san and I began writing to each other, I learned that she was practically under house arrest. Naturally, she was a daughter that the Duke Schult family didn’t wish to show off to the public.

I heard she was a bit sickly, but I thought that it was simply because of a lack of exercise. That said, I heard albinos were naturally weak. She also lived in a hut that was built separately from the mansion and basically wasn’t allowed to go out.

…Perhaps she wrote such stiff sentences because she had a proofreader who looked her letters over before they were sent. If they were written by Linde-san alone, then I could’ve expected something from her intellect as well.

Because she was sickly and physically weak, there was a chance she might die before we married, so I lightly suggested that she should do some exercise. It was too late if she hated exercising, but according to what I read, I could see that she was very free at the moment.

[“I couldn’t move my body much when I ate, so food would get stuck in my throat, sometimes. I fall sick easily, so I’m rarely allowed to go outside. I already read all the books in the mansion, so my correspondence with you has become the sole thing I look forward to in life.”]

“I want you to move your body and eat a lot. If you have your own room, I recommend you to exercise.”

[“Exercise? I could actually do so in my own room?”]

“You could do the basics, like push-ups, sit-ups, and squats every day. It would train your body, and if you train your body, you’ll be less likely to get sick.”

And so for the time being, I taught Linde-san how to work out via correspondence. She could do that much if it was just her room, right? She seemed to have a lot of time on her hands so if I told her that she would be less likely to get sick if she trained her body, she would work out every day as much as possible. Even if she was an albino, wasn’t it possible for her to get stronger? I didn’t know for sure, though.

I guess I should say that I didn’t work out myself. A person who was just an ordinary otaku in his previous life wouldn’t be able to stick with troublesome activities like working out every day. There was a time when I swung around my sword, dreaming of being an adventurer, but I got bored of it after about two months, alongside being told that I had no talent for it anyway. I guess I don’t have to do it now.

On the other hand, it made me amazed that I actually lasted this long with the whip, but if I thought about it, it didn’t actually tire me out and served as resistance training to pain. It was still painful even with the resistance, and even after continuing to whip for that long, I only got to Pain Relief Level I, so I didn’t have much expectation.

As time went on, our correspondence had gotten to the point that by the time she had written and sent two letters, I had just been able to send one. I couldn’t really understand, did she just have that much free time? I could imagine how boring it was to be a young lady on house arrest, but I was busy whipping slaves and appeasing the baron of the county I would reign in the future.

[“I can now hold a V-crunch for an hour!”]

[“I ate a lot of meat recently. The steak I ate after my workout was the best.”]

[“I acquired the characteristic of ‘monstrous strength’. Workout is justice. The people of the church were surprised when they saw me.”]

[“Doing pull-ups with just one hand, is it? I see. If I could lift my own body using a single hand, it would serve as a good workout.”]

[“I did one-handed pull-ups 100 times for each hand yesterday. My muscles cramped after it was done. But for the sake of a better body for the future, I will continue to do my best.”]

As such, while ignoring my circumstances, the other side kept sending her letters. Well then, where would I even begin? First of all, her ‘monstrous strength’ characteristic was valuable and rare. If one could actually earn that just with one month of working out, then the world should have been filled with people with that characteristic! As I thought, it was her talent, and the level of her workouts rose steadily. I would need to use my manga knowledge at this rate. Actually, that one-handed pull-up was something I picked up from manga.

…Since she had ‘monstrous strength,’ it was certain she had more strength than I did. Truth be told, it was rare enough even among people who specifically cultivated their strength. I could see her being strong-armed, both literally and figuratively. The fact that she managed to acquire such characteristics just by doing the workouts that I told her about from our correspondence, the world was rather unfair, wasn’t it? I also wanted such a thing. 

I couldn’t reply to the letters for the time being, but it seemed like she didn’t particularly mind. I haven’t actually met her in person yet, but she seemed to see me favorably, which made me both look forward and scared of meeting her… She wouldn’t be a macho albino gorilla, would she?

It would be nice if she wasn’t too ugly, I thought as I contemplated my fiancée’s workout routine in the future. Perhaps I should teach her the concept of a bench press soon? If we make use of artifacts with ‘super heavy’ characteristics, it would give the same result, right? I would definitely not do it myself, though. It was dangerous.

…Would this make Linde-san want to participate in the battlefield in the future? She was a daughter of the war-crazed Duke Schult, so it wasn’t unnatural, but an albino woman leading an army would likely be very conspicuous.

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