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Chapter 08 – Characteristics

In this world, every human has at least one characteristic. There were many who were born with the “self-maintenance”, “memorization”, and/or “great power in an emergency” characteristics. I didn’t have any of the three mainstream characteristics, but I think my elder brothers had all three. Since it wasn’t something to boast about, it was never mentioned, but I was sure they had more characteristics than what was publicly revealed.

Regarding characteristics, you need to donate at least 10,000 yen worth of money to the church to have it checked. It wasn’t all that expensive, but it also wasn’t that cheap. However, it was customary to allow commoners to see their characteristics for free at 10 years old. As for aristocrats, they would see their initial characteristics at 5 years old to decide how they would train themselves.

In order to know whether my slaves have developed self-regeneration characteristics, I frequently sent my slaves to check. This also served to donate large amounts of money to the church. If I got along with the church faction, I would benefit later on. I am an atheist, but I believe that a god exists in this world. After all, I often received complaints from the goddess.

[“Isn’t it stupid of you to keep coming to me even though your true and filthy intention is to receive characteristics by persuading the goddess?”]

“Shut up, idiot. Isn’t it okay to have a little hope? Also, give me some amazing characteristics.”

Back to the main topic, there were many slaves who acquired self-regeneration characteristics, and when I had them train in the spear, there were those who earned the spearmanship level II characteristic after training an hour a day for a month, but there were also those who didn’t earn spearmanship level I even after training hard for half a year.

…I knew it already, but basically what was shown was just their respective current abilities. I already confirmed with the goddess that people wouldn’t reach level V just by training long and hard, and this also served as a clear and cruel indicator of difference in talent. There were no hopes and dreams in this.

But well, just like how a sheltered girl could earn a characteristic of monstrous strength and do one-handed pull-ups like a macho gorilla, there were cases where the characteristic was just not revealed yet. And so I tried playing piano, painting, cooking, and other acrobatic eccentricities, but I gained no characteristics. It seemed there really wasn’t any easy way out.

On the other hand, my whipmanship increased to level III, but the goddess teasingly said [“That’s the most you can get lol.”] so it seems I have reached my limit in this regard. But level II already allowed me to whip exactly where I wanted, so it was really convenient. I think it would help me to some extent in war as well.

Perhaps due to an increase in my strength, there were some cases where the hit became so severe that bone could be seen when I hit the slave’s shin. I received pain comparable to being pressed with a hot iron every time I did so, but the pain soon became pleasure.1

…Nah, that was a lie. Pain still hurts. If pain became pleasure, it meant your head was acting up.2 But when I tried it on the slaves who had self-regeneration characteristics, the pain would be gone after a short while, and because of the pain relief level II characteristic, it was relatively manageable.

I still had 4 years until adulthood, so just as I was thinking of what to do, my father Bayer collapsed. He hadn’t died yet, but he became bedridden. It was certain he would die in the near future. Symptoms-wise, I guess it was pneumonia? I could only assume from his cough, though.

As expected, I would be troubled if he died at this point, so I collected medicinal herbs that could be useful for treating illness. My elder brothers also didn’t act like “the time has come” and instead came to visit with fruits and a famous doctor with good skills. Healing magic was effective against wounds but not against illnesses, so magic wouldn’t do anything.

Thanks to the doctor’s diligent treatment, his condition temporarily improved, but he still wouldn’t last long. In the first place, he already started falling sick more often since 3 years ago at 51 years old. The average lifespan in this world is 50 years old, and considering he led the unhealthy life of an aristocrat, he had likely almost hit the end of his lifespan. 

…This was bad. Even though I had 100 slaves in my army, I still couldn’t win against Wagner’s standing army of 300 with just that. In addition, there was a disgusting difference in the number of conscripts available, and the difference in commanders was also hopeless. If things rolled out badly, even the Carling Empire’s army would be added to that number, so how was I supposed to win?

The other side would immediately invade once the distribution of assets concluded. He had no reason to wait, and if I became an adult, one of his justifications would disappear… The earning revenue would also be different in number when it was directly managed compared to entrusting it to vassals. He had no reason not to attack.

And so, I was going to spread traps in the Fentz county of the Deal duchy I was going to inherit from now on. In addition, I also promised the seat of marshal to Baron Harting, who was a competent baron. I spread the word publicly. This baron was a powerful one, controlling two baronies out of 13 in my territory and had 100 soldiers.

Because I forcefully intruded and helped in his war the other day, he was indebted to me. Aristocratic society was interesting because even if it was a promise to a child, their reputation would take a hit if they didn’t fulfill it.

After that, it depended on whether I could form a good relationship with the Schult ducal family. If things went badly, the engagement might be called off the moment my father dies. I have to avoid such a future, or I would be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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