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Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~

“That’s why I was suspicious of you from the start. Then, upon doing some investigating, I came across Niltz village and your real background.”

“………..You say it as if it’s quite that simple.”

Sumia was grinding her teeth and biting her lips.

“The details of my birth and upbringing were supposed to be thoroughly covered up, then how?”

“Such a large-scale​ lie is certainly bound to have some evidence left behind. And with my excellent attendants, it was only a matter of time.”

I stuck out my chest, taking pride in my attendants’ accomplishment. There were many excellent commoners among my attendants, led by Lucian. The people who were best familiar with commoners’ way of thinking and behaviour were non-other than commoners themselves.

They made full use of their power and my father’s accumulated influence and authority, which helped with their commoner-related investigation, and led them to Sumia’s actual identity.

“Sumia, if you keep on meddling, I won’t show you mercy. The reason why you got recognized as His Highness’s fiancée is because of your aristocratic lineage. Despite its inferiority. And I’m sure you understand the power of social discrimination that’s deeply rooted in this country. What would happen if His Highness and His Majesty knew that you were not in fact from the Baron’s family and that you were deceiving the whole country?”

“……Tch, you’re bluffing!!”

Sumia shouted.

“If you really had any proof of my identity, you would have announced it already, right?! But you didn’t, so that means it’s all a lie! You don’t have any real definite evidence, so you must be bluffing!!”

“………….You don’t know when to give up, huh.”

With a sigh, Lucian brought out some folded documents from his pocket. Thanking my capable attendant, I read through the papers.

“Your real name is Mellow. Born 17 years ago in the village of Niltz to a father Griada and a mother Dealsen as their third daughter——“

As I kept reading aloud, Sumia’s face turned as pale as wax. From how detailed I recited her background; she came to understand the amount and accuracy of the information we got.

“———-You understand now, right? If I feel like it, I can indict you for pretending to be an aristocrat and corner you whenever I want.”


Sumia’s mouth fell open as her lips trembled.

Finding it unbelievable and not wanting to believe[1], her eyes which looked cornered were wide open.

“Why?! Why?! You investigated to that extent, and you could have gotten rid of me whenever! So why didn’t you do it immediately?!”

“Because it would have been meaningless.”

I tried to explain to the screaming Sumia in an admonishing manner.

“If I had found out about your real identity a month ago, I probably would have told His Highness in secret, but wouldn’t have made it public, of that, I can assure you.”

“Then, why?!”

“Isn’t it too foolish? The crown prince elevated you for your so-called purity and even fell in love with you, who’s lying about her social class. It would have been nothing less than a scandal for the royal family and this country.”


“Besides, even if I had known just before the day of the engagement annulment, it would have changed nothing. Aren’t I right? It wasn’t likely that Fritz would have uncancelled the engagement if I had indicted you at the time. If I did, it would have given the crown prince an ill-reputation not only for being foolishly deceived but also for slighting my family and me.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“And it would be the same if I did now. If I were to expose you now, I would be just tarnishing Fritz’s and the royal family’s reputation more. Do you think that a new and decent fiancée will come to Fritz after being so badly received? I would rather have you remain as his fiancée then.”

Aside from Sumia’s temperament, she also had the backing of crafty four-eyes and the Ilegar house. As long as her identity were in the hands of the Ilegar dukedom, she was no better than a puppet unable to do whatever she wants on her own.

Moreover, by accepting my unreasonable exilement, the royal family owes my household a huge debt. And I’m not going to let them, or crafty four-eyes do whatever they want; I believe that if it’s my father, he can easily suppress them.

“Sumia, calling me out here today was also at your own discretion, right? I’ll be reporting this to crafty fo- I mean Ileus. By doing so, he will increase the surveillance on you, so next time you better think before doing anything.”

As I have said what I wanted to say to her. I decided to take my leave with Lucian leading the way——-

“I call upon you, come force!”[2]

Walls of light surrounded us in all directions, so I looked back with a sigh. Sumia gazed at me, who was imprisoned by the shining cube of light, with bloodshot eyes.

“It’s all your fault!”

“And? What are you going to do?”

“You won’t be able to break these walls with your magic! While you’re imprisoned and stuck here, I’ll go and call for aid, so you better wait!!”

“So, you’re planning on keeping me quiet, is that it? Don’t you think it’s futile?”

Of course, I left a copy of the documents with Sumia’s real identity in my residence. So, if I, by chance, got killed here, the culprit would be obvious. But I’m not planning on being put down without a fight.

The walls of light were about 5 meters long and shaped like a cube. It even closed off the sky; the barrier was airtight.

Sumia, despite her personality, was excellent in magic, and the wall before my eyes was bound to be strong and tall. To break such a barrier, we had to use a powerful attack. But the problem was that there was no escape. So, if I used some flashy magic such as flames or whirlwind​, I would die in the aftermath.

“……..Then, let’s test that one, shall we?”

Affirming, Lucian took a step back as I gazed at the wall in front of me.

Water magic ought to be enough to deal with this.

With the dramatic improvement of my magic’s efficiency, I can freely use water, which I wasn’t quite good at originally.

Concentrate, concentrate, then chant.

The target was forward, slightly off from the triumphant Sumia, and at an angle that wouldn’t hit the ruins.

—————And Fire!


The light wall cracked in front of the gaping Sumia. And there was a hole there.

The magic that I just used was the water version of the “Transmute” magic I used the other day. It was a technique that freely changes the shape of the produced water and manipulates it using magic, by finely compressing the water, then releasing.

———– It was like the “Water cutter” I saw in my previous life.

I practised it in case I needed something to counter Sumia’s light magic.

“N-No way…!”

The wall of light shattered and dispersed in front of the stupefied Sumia.

[1] 信じられないと、信じたくないと。Couldn’t come up with anything better. It means “Not wanting to believe an unbelievable situation/thing” or something like that.

[2] 「実力行使と来たわね」I took some liberty with the magic spell.

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