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Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~

9. I thought you were the demon king

“You….What the hell was that……?”

Losing her strength, Sumia sat down on the ground opposite the crumbling wall of light. She lost her confidence due to the defeat of her light magic that she took pride in, or so I thought, but it seemed that that was not all.

Some of Sumia’s chestnut hair was cut to her chin by the attack, and the hairs were glittering in the moonlight as they gently fell. It seemed like the blade of water was way too close to her neck.

……….That’s not good. I made a mistake. That was dangerous.

Sumia’s face was pale, body trembling as she smiled in disbelief.

The pseudo-water cutter that I just used was adjusted to prevent it from hitting Sumia when fired. But because this was my first time using it in combat, it seemed that my aim wasn’t that good.

My aim was off, and it seemed to have flown way too close to Sumia’s neck. That would have been a bloody disaster. You could say that it was a terrifying situation that risked one’s neck.[1]

Compared to Japan, this world’s public order was quite bad, so I wasn’t hesitant to defend myself when needed. But as a former corporate slave who lived peacefully, I would like to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

So, I wanted to prevent any R-18G images[2] from unfolding. I’ll definitely dream about it otherwise. I’m sure I’ll have nightmares.

As I thought, offensive magic was dangerous. I’ve to be careful when using it. As I noted that lesson in my mind, I surveyed my surroundings. Fortunately, it seemed that the Water Cutter hadn’t hit the ruins.

That was dangerous.

These ruins are a thousand years old. If it were on Earth, it would have been acknowledged by the UNESCO as a world heritage site, and it would have been invaluable. I’m really glad that I hadn’t accidentally damage it.

“I’m glad it was only hair….”


“I’m glad it was only hair….”

Hearing Leticia’s words made Sumia tremble. These words were undoubtedly a threat to her. It meant that If Leticia wanted to, she could easily remove her (Sumia’s) head from her shoulders whenever. That’s why she held back and only nicked her hair; it was to show the overwhelming difference between their powers.

Sumia, who was a user of light magic to the point of being regarded as the second coming of the holy saint because of it, had absolute confidence in her magic. However, that woman, Leticia, destroyed her light magic so easily and even smiled at her.

It couldn’t be more humiliating than that.

Feeling anger, frustration, and an inexorable sense of fear, had Sumia feeling disturbed to her core.


Her lips moved on their own.

“How?! How are you so confident?!”

It was like a dam had been broken, and she spilt everything in front of Leticia.

“It’s wired, isn’t it?! Not just now! How can you be so confident after having your fiancé taken by me?! After being dumped and made fun of in front of so many people?! How can you…….?”

Sumia clenched her teeth.

She has stolen Leticia’s fiancé, the crown prince. Obtained the title of the crown princess, which was the highest title for women in this country. It was an unequivocal victory as the woman who defeated the beautiful Lady Leticia.

She was the winner, and Leticia was the loser. Or that’s what she believed.

“Then how, how could you……?”

It was as if she was the loser. As if she was mistaken or something. She couldn’t help feeling like that as unhappiness and remorse filled her heart.


“……..How? Don’t you feel miserable at all from having your fiancé stolen……?”

Sumia moaned out.

I pondered her words for a bit before deciding to answer her.

“I did feel frustrated and remorseful at having that done to me, but I didn’t feel miserable.”

“…………What do you mean? Your fiancé got snatched from you in front of everyone.”

Sumia was in a state of disbelief.

“You mean because he’s the crown prince?”

I made a clear assertion.

“He’s a man, who despite me already being his fiancée, was still easily deceived and fell in love with you. And he selfishly broke off our engagement without any consideration of the consequences. I can’t respect him at all as a man or a human being, so I don’t feel miserable at being dumped by someone like His Highness.”

But of course, I got upset for a second when the engagement got cancelled so abruptly….

When I think about it calmly, Fritz was a no-good human being, let alone an adequate crown prince. No matter who’s his political marriage partner, just thinking about his disposition and manners would turn the person off.

“I’m not going to forgive either you or Fritz for what you did to me. But in a way, I’m grateful to you. Thanks to you, I’m free from His Highness.”

I was genuinely sorry for causing trouble for my father and the people around me with the cancellation of my engagement. However, I personally felt relieved after I stopped being Fritz’s fiancée.

Up till now, I always was respectful towards Fritz as the crown prince. I even had a slight affection and compassion for him…

But from the bad treatment that I received, on the day I regained my memories, his true nature became clear to me that any feelings that I once had were no more.

“……You’re lying, aren’t you? You can’t possibly be grateful to me for stealing your fiancé….”

While denying my words, Sumia’s voice lacked force. Maybe she vaguely understood how I felt. She more than likely doesn’t have any feelings for Fritz in the first place.

From the way, she clings to him to the way she sweet talks him just to capture his heart. All these schemes were to acquire the crown princess seat. Someone like that should be able to understand Fritz’s thoughtlessness and foolishness well enough.

……Now that I think about it once more, Sumia will probably have very tough days ahead of her in the future. One could say that Fritz loves her, but he only really loves the false persona that she puts on. As long as she continues acting, he won’t lose interest, but this truly wasn’t love at all.

Moreover, the title of crown princess might be dazzling, but it was a position with many restrictions, just like the light and its shadow. If it were me, I would have ignored them and did whatever I want, but crafty four-eyes and his family would never allow something like that. The only way left for Sumia was to sit beside Fritz, who she didn’t love, as a puppet princess.

Sumia might be well aware of such a future. I couldn’t help but think so when I looked at the tearful look on her face.

“It seems like someone is approaching us, Milady.”

Lucian whispered in my ear.

Taking in that info, I indirectly surveyed my surroundings. There was a figure there with their glasses shining in the moonlight. It was crafty four-eyes, Ileus.

“Oh, how do you do? Why are you here at such a late hour, I wonder?”

“……..I just came to bring that woman- Sumia back.”

Ileus pushed up his glasses to hide his facial expression and averted his face.

“What happened today was because of our negligence in supervising Sumia, but it’s also your fault for getting lured by such a suspicious letter.”

“Oh, you don’t say. I think it’d be better if you supervise Sumia a bit more strictly. Otherwise, my engagement cancellation, that I let you have would have been for nothing, right?”

I replied to him sarcastically because Ileus was never one to acknowledge his faults. As it was him, I’m sure he was able to guess what most likely transpired here between Sumia and me just by looking.

………Not even apologizing to me despite guessing what happened was the reason why crafty four-eyes was so nasty. It would cause one to want to smash his glasses and curse quietly at him in their minds.

As an aristocrat and for the sake of self-protection, his behaviour was correct, but it does make one angry.

It would be okay if I smashed his glasses, right?

” I have got a gift for you, Ileus. though It might be a bit troublesome.”

“……….Do I have the right to refuse? After all, It’s not something good, right?”

“Correct. You’re smart. I’ll give you this report as a reward.”

Looking displeased, Ileus pressed the piece of paper he received from Lucian. It was a copy of Sumia’s background investigation report. Ileus’s face soured as if he swallowed a bug as he skimmed through the documents quickly.

“…………What do you want? Is it for us to tighten our hold on Sumia, so she doesn’t do as she pleases, and to not cause you or the Duke of Gramwell any more trouble?”

“I’m glad that you’re quick on the uptake. In addition, you must keep a close eye on Sumia and His Highness Fritz so as not to harm either me, my household, or the national interest, okay?”

“…………….I can’t promise you anything, but I’ll be sure to take it to my father.”

“I’m counting on you then.”

I smiled sweetly in a threatening way.

That should be a good enough warning for Ileus’s household, the Dukedom of Ilegar as well. Just like the royal family, they owed me for the exilement. With this, my family shouldn’t suffer any losses even if Sumia becomes the crown princess instead of me.

“………Come to think of it, Ileus, I was curious about something, is that alright?”

“What is it?”

“I’m curious that you willingly cooperated in disguising Sumia as a Baron’s daughter and helped with the plan to have her get close to His Highness. This plan just happened to work because Prince Fritz was more of a simpleton than expected, but originally, even if the success rate was good, the risks were way too high, right? So, I’m curious why you cooperated in such a plan.”

It was strange.

Ileus might have a bad personality, but he was smart and excelled in planning. Honestly, it was surprising that he was working behind the scenes to bring Sumia and Fritz together. It might have been on the instructions of his household, the Dukedom of Ilegar, but if Ileus wanted, he could have gone with a plan that didn’t need his cooperation.

“…………No reason. There’s nothing strange about it, is there? My father, the head of the family, asked me to do so. There just wasn’t any reason for me to refuse.”

It was a somewhat crisp answer, and he didn’t seem to want to talk about it any longer. He may have his reasons, and it was natural that he didn’t want to reveal them to me, who was the same as a political rival to him, so I decided to stop pressing.

“Is that so? I understand. Pardon me for asking such a strange thing.”

As I said that I was about to bid the awkward-looking Ileus a goodbye————–

“The sound of hoofs?”

I could faintly hear the sound of hoofs approaching us from a distance. The sound grew louder and louder, and finally, its owner’s form appeared.

“The Demon King?!”

Ileus cried out.

Straddling a majestic black horse while looking down at us with glinting sharp eyes, like a demon’s, was———-

“Leticia, are you okay?!”

————-not a Demon King, but my father.

[1] うっかり首を飛ばしかけるという恐ろしい事態だった It’s a Japanese idiom that literally means “Carelessly causing one’s head to fly” so I used “Risk one’s neck” as an equivalent since I couldn’t come up with anything better.

[2] R-18G stands for any illustrations that depict extreme violence, blood, gore, and disturbing elements that causes any viewer to feel disgusted/disturbed.

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