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Translator – Hasr11

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Commoner and Young Master.

「Your room’s even smaller than my study though.」
「Shut up, if so, then just go back to that palatial residence of yours!」

I, Ninomiya Ryouta and my friend Kobayakawa Sou, had such conversations every single day.
I was a commoner, living in an ordinary 5 LDK[1] house.
And Sou was a young master living in a palatial residence in the forest right in front of my house,

Since childhood, I had entered the forest in Sou’s house as and when I liked to catch bugs.
That gigantic mansion was large enough a plot to accommodate many people, but I didn’t know whose house it was.
I’d get caught sneaking in, catching bugs by the butler, Hasegawa-san everytime.
「This is private property」
「What’s ‘private property’?」
It was not something a first grader like me was supposed to know.
The one hiding behind Hasegawa-san and staring at me intently was Sou.
Showing only half of his face, Sou spoke while staring intently.
「Who’re you?」
「And who’re you?」
This was how we first met.
Did he come to catch insects with the old man that time? I didn’t think any else , but as we played together , he turned out to be quite an interesting guy. Moreover, having two elder sisters and a house abundant in dolls and frilly clothes, I, who was hungry for a male friend quickly became friends with Sou.
In any case, his house was right in front of mine.
It seems my ma[2] thought that all the nature around the house was nice. She liked it and so we bought it, but as it turns out all that nature belonged to Sou’s family.

「It’s small, so it’d be better to quickly pick your manga.」
「If so, then arrange the manga around your bed.」
「Hase-san would clean it afterwards.」
By Hase-san, he meant the butler Hasegawa-san.
Now even though I get along well with him, being a good-natured old man who takes me fishing..
But to make him clean your room.
「Lame, you, even now make Hase-san clean your room? Hase-san enters your room?」
「What, you mean you clean your own room?」
「Of course. If I don’t clean it, my sis will abandon me as they please」
「Hanae-san sure is intense.」
「It’s the worst, it’s disregard for privacy.」

I have two elder sisters, Yukina and Hanae, Yukina has left home and is now independent (She works nearby though.).
Hanae is a university student, so she’s still at home.
Both of them are shitty annoying elder sisters, and thanks to them I hate women.

「Hanae-san’s beautiful, ain’t she?」
Sou said that while rolling on the bed, reading manga.
「Her face looks pretty, but she’s actually the worst. She throws away her bra, rolls around clearly showing her panties, she the worst, the worst!」
「Our family’s elder sister is like that, too.」
「Idiot, Yukiko-san will never do something like that, she’s a genuine ojousama
「She’s pure evil, that woman.」
Sou too has an elder sister, she’s already an adult.
I saw her once during a party in the Kobayakawa house. Anyhow, she’s beautiful.
Her standing figure, her perfectly straight black hair, all too wonderful.
That ain’t an elder sister, that’s an oneesama.
「If it’s Yukiko san, even her panties are alright.」
「You’re really disgusting.」
In such identical circumstances, we were the best of friends who had always been together through grade school, middle school and up to high school.

「Ooooooohh!! I won!!」
I screamed looking at my smartphone.
I had won a mail lottery to the most popular idol, Nishikawa Miwako’s concert.
Sou, who was rolling about reading manga, dropped down from the bed.
My smartphone screen showed the name of two winners.
Sou and I did a high five.
A light clap echoed through the room.
Nishikawa Miwako was a ballad singer, and we were huge fans.
We tried applying for the concert many times but were rejected – till now.
「We did it!!」
「Are you serious? Am I alright too? It’s fine if I come too, right?」
「Of course!」
Dammit, dammit, what should I wear? Let’s play some music!
We got all riled up in a stretch and stared happily jumping up and down the bed.
「Ryouta, shut up!」
That old hag Hanae’s voice came from the room next door.
Sou and I smoothly rolled down from the bed.
「……Hah? Isn’t it the worst?」
「Seems like it.」
We, huddling our bodies together, grinned while staring at the mail displayed on the smartphone screen.

Bam! The sound of the arrow hitting the target resonated.
At the same time, the bell rang with a gong.
I saw Sou in front of me, who was maintaining his Do-zukuri[3] posture.
Sou slowly drew his bow and set his aim.
He was in the position of drawing his bow; the 【Kai[4].
His left shoulder was raised, so I took a step forward and corrected his shoulder.
He fired the arrow and it pierced right through the centre.
Bam! A loud sound resonated.
I said in a low voice.
Sou, who was in front of me, turned around.
「Thanks, Ryouta!」
「It was raised again, you see.」
「Thank you!」
Sou had the bad habit of raising his left shoulder during the Kai position.
If he could just fix that, he’d win two out of four matches.
Sou showed his gratitude and got down.
I was at the very end, in the position of the Ochi[5].
I set my bow, and drew strength from my lower back, lowering my centre of gravity below my stomach. Do-zukuri.
Staring at the target, lifting it up, I slowly drew.
Setting my aim, without putting any strength, letting go of the string from the Kake (Deerskin gloves on the right hand to protect it while pulling the string), I waited to fire the arrow.
A lengthy Kai posture.
Ping! The bow spun, the arrow was fired and pierced through the centre of the target with a thud.
Sou said to me with a loud voice.
I showed my gratitude and got down from there.

Sou and I were in the same Kyudo club.
Call it the traditions of the Kobayakawa family, or their parenting, one was allowed to do as they liked till high school.
But one had to live as per their parents’ wishes from University onwards, it seemed.
「I guess we can go up until the prefectural tournament this year.」
This year, Sou and I are high school third years, and we will retire after our final match this summer.
That’s why this is our last chance.
Sou fired the arrow at the Makiwara (Makiwara – An equipment used for Kyudo practice by bundling together straw).
A heavy thud resonated.
「It’s amazing that Ryouta always goes individually on his own.」
I got hooked on to Kyudo, which started in high school, and practised whenever I had spare time, and became considerably proficient.
I have entered to the prefectural tournament individually, but as expected, when it’s a group battle, it is necessary to find a few people who clearly have the talent to hit all four arrows on the mark like me, and that’s difficult to find I think.
「Because it’s all about the mental game.」
「What, you mean my mind is like that of a tofu?」
Sou glared at me.
「That’s what you’ve been so far right up to the tournament, so it might as well be tofu.」
「Ehー, Ehー, I can’t match Ryouta-sama〜」
The two of us went to the back to collect the arrows.
It’s spring.
Time for the preliminaries.

「Umm, Kobayakawa san, won’t you go out with me?」
At the bicycle park.
A girl was waiting.
I was being considerate and waited ahead a bit.
Sou is popular.
His face looks good, and he has good height too. Moreover, he’s a wealthy young master and his family owns a famous zaibatsu[6], he’s smart, and he wasn’t conscientious. He’s a high scoring[7] ikemen[8].
Me? I’m average. My height is average, with average looks, average in studies, my family is average too. I’m your ordinary player[7].
Of course, I’ve never been confessed to.
Right now, the one who is confessing to Sou is the cute and popular-in-the-school-year, Kanzaki Natsumi-chan.
Straight hair with a short skirt.
Her eyes are bigger than anyone’s and even her voice is cute.
And her chest too…….
「I don’t have an interest in going out with anyone.」
Ah, ah, as usual Sou made an instant kill.
「I see……」
Kanzaki-san cast her eyes downward.
How worthless! A worthless monster is leaving!!
「Ryouta, let’s go.」
Sou took out and rode his bike.
I too, took out the bicycle beside me.
When I swept a glance at Kanzaki-san, tears were welling up in those huge eyes.
Ah, ah, ah….
He really is worthless.
I chased after Sou who was already running.
「You have a worth, I’ve always thought that.」
I said, pedaling the bike.
The cherry blossoms were still in full bloom, painting the slope.
「It’s pointless even if I go out with someone. I have to get engaged once I get into university, and the work at my old man’s company.」
「Eh? Engagement?!」
It’s my first time hearing it.
「It’s been decided, but it seems they are still in the midst of choosing my partner, but I’m fine with anything.」
「Seriously, the rich are sure messed up.」
「Moreover, that girl’s father works for a company that is affiliated with ours.」
「Eh, Kanzaki-san?」
「I’m more or less certain that he’s going to be fired. It’s just his daughter trying to promote.」
「Ehーー, Seriouslyーー, But her eyes were welled up with tears.」
「She was acting.」
「Seriously ーーーー?」
I turned towards the cherry blossoms and shouted.
「You’re too naïve, Ryouta.」
Sou let go of his hand from the handle and looked up at the cherry blossom tunnel.
「I don’t get it.」
I, from the beginning, thought Sou as a friend who goes bug catching together, so I was never conscious of his wealth per se.
「You’re fine just the way you are.」
「You mean it? Then treat me to ice-cream.」
「I really don’t get what you mean!」
We both sped up our bikes.
The spring breeze felt refreshing.
Rolling about the riverbed, we ate our ice cream.
I had chocolate flavoured ice cream in a cup.
Sou, as usual, bought the one that had ice cream inside MochiMochi’s Mochi.
「It’s really peaceful.」
Sou took off the jacket of his uniform.
And then rolled about.
I too rolling about similarly looked up at the sky.
The cold ice cream, and the weather that would soon become hot.
The chirping birds and the slow running river.
It’s certainly peaceful.
「I’ll be going to Tokyo next year.」
「Really? But well, it can’t be helped.」
From here, it takes an hour to reach Tokyo by train. It’s really in the sticks if you live in Tokyo.
It seems that gigantic house is the Kobayakawa summer villa.
I’ve heard that there’s an even bigger house of the Kobayakawas in Tokyo.
「I guess it ending, our youth.」
I put the remaining ice cream in my mouth.
‘Youth’ is something, that the adults who are long past youth say.
Sou gave out a sigh.
「Well, come home to play.」
I had intentions to find a job in the countryside as I see fit.
I don’t especially have any dreams or anything I want to do.
The two of us silently looked at the clouds passing by.
「Beyond the, Clouds〜」
Slowly in a mutter, Sou began singing.
It’s a hit song of Nishikawa Miwako. On the other side of that cloud.
I silently listened to Sou’s song.
Sou’s voice resounded lowly, and then stretched to a high pitch, and I liked it.
「You’re, here〜〜」
「That’s why〜〜, I can〜〜〜」
「Liveー onーー」
The two of us sang quietly.
I’m looking forward to next week’s concert.

Translator’s Notes –

1. 5 LDK is a house with 5 bedrooms, a living cum dining room and a kitchen.
2. He speaks in Kansai dialect.

3. Dozukuri (lit- forming the torso) is form/posture of the body that ensures the archer is properly balanced, forming a straight line from shoulders to feet. This posture is to prevent the bowstring from striking the archer’s face when shooting.
4. Kai is basically the full drawing of the bow. So the bowstring is drawn all the way until the arrow is slightly below the cheekbone or level with the mouth.
5.Ochi is the final archer in the group. So when a group archery is held (usually with five people in a group), the last shooter is called ‘ochi’.

Images and Reference For all Kyudo terms –


6.Zaibatsu is basically a Japanese conglomerate. Think Mitsubishi, Sumitomo etc.
7. Yakuman is a mahjong term – Yakuman 「役満」 is a class of Yaku (hand patterns), whose default point value is set at the maximum limit for a single hand pattern. It’s something that’s pretty rare in mahjong.
8. Ikemen is basically a pretty boy.

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