After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 07 – Enjoyable Swordsmanship Training

Several days have passed since I began my life as a teacher.

“There, sensei, concentrate properly.” 

I was stuck closely with Sharon at the training ground at the moment. 

I know this was my job, but right now, I was feeling really stuck as a teacher, too. 1

Somebody, please fire me.

“Heeh…… so this much output is the correct amount.”

As she set her weapon, the assault spear, to bombardment mode, Sharon confirmed the amount of magic power transferred and nodded. 

Looking at the way we were standing together, it was like she and I were supporting the spear together. Perhaps it would be easier to understand if I compared it to a newlywed couple cutting a wedding cake together?

It’s a good explanation, but it feels like I’m throwing away something more important for the sake of clarification, though……


“Erin-chan, you’re being too obvious about being lonely…♡”

“Hey, don’t read my mind.”

“I didn’t have to, it is written on your face♡”



In the background, Erin and Kuyumi were talking about something.

Their gazes were piercing my back for a while to the point it became physically painful.

Well, I guess it couldn’t be helped, since they never saw a teacher personally guide a student in making a pose meant for a decisive battle during class.

“Sensei, can I try shooting it?” 


The virtual target display function of the training ground was initiated. 

Sharon brought her face closer to me and pulled the trigger by mentally communicating her intention, and fired the cannonball.

The target was smashed with a direct hit, and the penetrating shell scorched the walls of the training ground.

The recoil caused her black hair and uniform skirt to flutter.

“You mean this is just the right amount?” 

“It’s a little above the intended…… I mean, quite a bit, no, quite greater than the intended amount, but the fact you could control and reduce the output already is progress that you should be happy about.”

“You should say that when I’m not around.”

While chuckling, Sharon canceled the assault spear’s bombardment mode. 

“Thanks, sensei.” 

Such a soft voice whispered directly into my ear, which made my shoulders jump. 

The distance was obviously too close.

“T-then next… I guess it’s Kuyumi?” 

“Sensei~, my tummy hurts, so I’ll have Sharon-chan accompany me to infirmary~♡”


The moment I turned my head, she said such a thing, so I frowned in suspicion.

“Eh, you look healthy, though?” 

“There are many things that happen to girls, yet you don’t know about them, so I guess sensei is just a small fry♡”


Yes…I’m sorry… I don’t understand girls…

Seeing me unable to reply, Kuyumi burst out laughing.

She totally understood the position she needed to take against me. No good. At this rate, I would never be able to hold my head up against her.

“So Sharon, come with me~♡”



Along with a sigh, Sharon lightly kicked one of Erin’s legs, who just blinked in confusion in response.

“Ouch, what are you doing, Sharon?” 

“Kuyumi is saying that she’s going to set things up for you. Do your best.”

“Eeehhh?! W-what do you mean, setting up what?!”



After some rambling conversation, Sharon and Kuyumi left the training ground with light steps.

She was definitely faking illness. Should I reprimand her next time? But Kuyumi’s practical skills were basically full marks, and when she was practicing, she did so diligently, so it was hard to reprimand her for that. And besides, I don’t really understand girls, so if it turned out she wasn’t faking it…


“Okay, Erin. Can you come over for a bit?”

“Ah, y-yes!”

Erin, who was left behind by the two, approached with a pair of large and small long swords attached to her waist. She kept fiddling with the swords and didn’t make eye contact with me. 

I had no idea what she was panicking about, but the way she was walking was bad for my heart. She was walking silently and lightly in a way that would allow her to evade another person’s senses and immediately approach, and I would like to be spared from being approached by someone who was completely distracted while walking in such a different way. 

To explain it more clearly, I meant she was walking in the bushido style.

“Anyway, in your case, I want you to simply accumulate experience. I’ll prepare several targets, so cut them down as fast as you can.” 

As I operated the control, virtual targets imbued with magic power appeared with a buzzing sound. 

They were arranged along various vertical and horizontal axes.



The moment she recognized the targets, the redness subsided from Erin’s cheeks and a cold light appeared in her eyes.

Perhaps it could be called an icy flame?

She was an existence who could best show her true worth in the land of death.

“Then, begin.” 


She instantly activated [Horizontal Flash Slash!] twice in quick succession, casually cutting all the targets in half. 



“H-How is it, teach’! Don’t you think it’s pretty good?!”

“It’s really good, or rather, it was like watching a transcendent’s innate technique.”

I made the target placement quite difficult to prevent her from doing what she just did, but she was still able to clear it casually. 

Her first one activated normally, but didn’t the second one seem to have its trajectory forcibly bent? It was [Horizontal Flash Slash!], but it wasn’t a horizontal line, was it?

“……When did you come up with the idea of doing what you did just now?”

“Eh? U~hn, after I stood here.”

Erin lowered her gaze. 

She was too much of a genius. While I was happy to see it, it was also scary.

“You passed, or rather, you exceeded my expectations… I’ll set it on another pattern, so can you wait for a moment?” 

“Yes, it’s okay.”

Erin, who answered cheerfully, squatted down on the spot and started scratching the ground with a tree branch. 

……What should I do about this? I was thinking of making her using [Vertical Flash Slash!] but it seemed everything could be solved with her [Horizontal Flash Slash!].

“Hey hey, teach’.” 


While I was troubled on how to solve the situation, Erin called me out while staring at the ground. 

Was this girl seriously trying to chat with the teacher during the lesson? Not that I mind, though.

“Teach’, you were an adventurer, right… for about two and a half years, was it?” 

“Oh, you mean my party. If you include the time after Mariemaia joined and before I gathered my comrades, it’s a little longer than that.”

“Then what were you doing before you became an adventurer?”

“Honestly, I don’t have any interesting stories that Erin might want to hear from before I met my comrades. Rather, I honestly don’t want to remember my past self, especially before I met my comrades… or to be more specific, before I met the magician.”

“Eh, ah, I-I see……”

“Aah, no no, it’s like I have bad memories of that time period.”

Simply put, I was wasting my time during that period. 

I was unable to discern what to do, unable to understand what I was capable of, and wasted my days away in vain.

“Then I want to ask…… um, what were you doing?”

“I was researching whether it was possible to kill the demon lord on my own.”

“Eh,” leaked from Erin’s mouth as it dropped open. 

To say that the demon lord was strong was an understatement. It wasn’t simply strong; it was a completely different class of existence. 

It couldn’t even be compared to strong humans, strong demons, or things like that.

That was why, it was said that only those who were born with the qualification to defeat the demon lord would be able to defeat it. In other words, those who weren’t chosen wouldn’t even stand a chance. Such was what the scenario team clearly stated. 

Even so, I couldn’t accept the fact that Mariemaia had to fight for her life for that kind of empty purpose alone.

“Do you know about the largest fortress owned by the kingdom, called Thousand Eyes?” 


“You know that the reason it became known by the name of Thousand Eyes is because of an ultra-high-power compression magic cannon that uses 1,000 magic compression lenses, right?”

“It is said… that it could easily burn down an entire city in one shot, right?”

The other nations complained a lot just because the kingdom had possession of it, but it was honestly a stupid weapon that people were too scared to use. 

It was too overkill even to be used for war. If there had been the concept of an international treaty, not only would it be the first to be banned from construction, but pre-existing forms of it would be ordered to be dismantled. Probably, the blueprints for it would be ordered to be destroyed as well.

──But according to the scenario, even that wasn’t enough to kill the demon lord.

“I was trying to exceed that level of power, but all I managed to do was to exceed that a little and I hit my limit.” 



All of my desperate hard work turned out to be just a little better than something that failed to kill the demon lord.

It was still far away from fatal injury, let alone complete obliteration. It was out of the question whether I’d be able to stand a chance.

It made me feel despair. I thought I was talented and I worked hard. Even so, in the world of this game, those without qualifications couldn’t even step into the ring. I guess even hours of grinding can’t overcome favorable RNG or meta-breaking skills. 

Of course, such large-scale annihilation attacks weren’t my specialty. My main style was close quarter combat. 

That was why I might be able to continue to cripple the demon lord haphazardly, but I wouldn’t be able to kill it completely.
Someday, after I died, the demon lord would revive and it would prove that everything I did was meaningless.

In the end, I had no choice but to entrust it to Mariemaia and Erin. 

Well, I did my best to set the table. Handling sequel protagonists that came out of nowhere was really troublesome, but there shouldn’t be any problem if I just kept doing what I’ve done so far as a teacher.

“The reason you went so far to defeat the demon lord… is it because you hate demons?” 

“I don’t like them. But it’s not like I want to kill them because I hate them, either.”

The moment I spoke my honest feelings, I wanted to scream, “Oops!” 

When I turned to look, Erin’s eyes were staring blankly at the ground, and the tree branch she was scratching the ground with was shaking as it dug into the dirt..

“……You’re a great person, sensei.” 2

I knew about her. 

If I recall correctly…… Erin was technically an orphan. Her actual family was slain by demons.

She was accepted into the SwordX family because of her talent with swords, and she was trained as a fighting machine and never given any familial love.

“I couldn’t think the way you did. But I’m not able to let go either…”

She loathed demons. 

However, she couldn’t become vengeful enough to withstand the training of the SwordX family.

“I’m just half-assed in everything… even though I’m here now thanks to teach’……”


Seeing Erin muttering that in an empty voice, I couldn’t find any words to say.





“Eh?! Wait a minute! What do you mean it’s thanks to me?” 






That was a lie. I actually had words to say! So many, in fact, that I couldn’t say anything at all! 

No, seriously, what did she mean that it was thanks to me that she was here now? 

Answers! As your teacher, I need answers!








On the way to the infirmary, Sharon and Kuyumi were killing time near the stairs.

Simply put, they were skipping class.

“Sensei is stronger than I thought♡ but he got startled over every little thing, so I guess he isn’t a prince-type, don’t you think so?”

“He’s only saying that because it’s Erin. I’m not her, so I never thought like that even once.”

“Really? Well, I guess it’s worth coming to this place♡”

“……Kuyumi’s reason for coming here is memories, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I want to make a lot of memories~”

“I see.”

Sharon nodded once. 

It was a perfunctory reply, but it made Kuyumi happy.


“It’s not just sensei, but Erin-chan and Sharon-chan will be accompanying me a lot, okay♡”

“Okay, okay……”


Sharon looked listless, but her lips were gently arched.

“In that sense, Erin-chan is the one I’m most worried about~”

“Is that why you left her alone with sensei, just the two of them?”

“Yes, Sharon seems dissatisfied about that, right? Sorry about that~♡”

“I’m not really dissatisfied.”

“Don’t pretend,” said Kuyumi while grinning, which made Sharon turn her face away upon realizing she wouldn’t win. 

I guess I teased her too much, reflected Kuyumi inwardly, and the girl who made a living as an assassin changed the topic.

“Then what about Sharon?” 

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, why did you come all the way to this adventurer school♡? it’s far away from your home, right?”



Sharon lowered her gaze to her palms.

Before she came here── she might not have been dead, but it couldn’t be said that she was alive, either.

Due to the overwhelmingly strong and useful magic power that she had been born with, everything about her life had been planned out from the start. 

There was an adult who said they wanted to create the strongest warrior by having Sharon bear the child of an excellent swordsman who was much older than her.

It wasn’t for the sake of burning down demons, but to gain wealth and fame. There were people who agreed with that sentiment.

Everyone ignored Sharon’s own will, and it seemed like that was going to become her fate.

However, that possibility was gone now. 

The man known as the descendant of a hero approached the nobles with a certain topic.

[“──I’ll become the strongest, so don’t do anything unnecessary and just invest in me,”] promised the man.

Because of his title and the accomplishments he had achieved before visiting the nobles, everyone decided to follow him for the time being. The things he did were successful to a frightening degree. 

It was only obvious that this relationship would develop into favorable for both sides. The man used the money he got from the nobles for his adventures and for the reconstruction of the areas that had been damaged by the demons. As the man’s fame increased, money, fame, and popularity naturally began to gather around the man, which were picked up by the nobles. Such a cycle was created.

There was no longer any need to turn Sharon into the womb of the mightiest warrior. 

For Sharon, whose existence was acknowledged even though it was for such a hideous burden this abrupt change made her feel like she suddenly became lighter and freer than air.

A short time later, Sharon met the man, who had been invited into a social meeting as a contributor. 

[“……Because of you, there are people who got caught in trouble here.”]

[“Eh, seriously? Why? Are you okay? I might be able to……I mean, kuhahahah! I don’t give a damn, so what if you’re not happy about me? You can’t do anything about it!”]

[“……Although I hated it, the way of life I thought I had to follow disappeared. That’s why, I no longer have anything. What should I do from now on?”]

As Sharon said that, she felt it was so pathetic that tears welled up in her eyes. 

Indeed, even though she hated it, she was still clinging on to it.

She even felt relieved at the fact the path she should walk had been decided.

[“……Ah~ I guess this is serious stuff. Err, let’s see. It’s not like this is part of main story… in that case.”]

He was the strongest adventurer who was said to be a descendant of a hero. 

The man, who seemed like a prince straight out of a picture book, placed his hand on her head and declared.

[“You just have to find what’s important to you, and until then, you should take care of yourself.”] 


[“The fact they decided your way of life meant everyone acknowledged you have that much value, right? Then if you use that value for your own will ──

Don’t you think you’ll be able to do something amazing?”]

Sharon could clearly remember those words, expressions, voices, and everything else. 

Because it gave Sharon the feeling her eyes that were closed had finally been opened.

The behavior of others toward her was still as if she were a ghost . 

That was why her selfish determination to enroll in the adventurer school could work.

The fact that said strongest adventurer came there as a teacher made her feel it was destiny.

“……Let’s see.”

Considering those things, Sharon smiled slightly. 

It was so beautiful that even Kuyumi was charmed, but it was a terrifying smile that would sink people into an endless abyss if they got caught up in it.



“It’s to make him take responsibility for ruining my engagement, I guess.” 







In the depths of darkness, where the trees grew into a single, thick mass: 

There, far from the human settlement, hatred took shape.

“……Haruto, Haruto, you bastaaaarrrrdddd……!”


As the denizen of darkness traced the wound on his body with his finger, a flame of anger lit in his eyes.

“Along with that brat with those cursed mystic eyes…! I won’t forgive them…! I swear to His Majesty, I will make sure to personally deal with them……!”


Although it was small and looked like it might disappear at any moment…

There was certainly a troublesome shadow creeping in.


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