After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Lilia

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Chapter 01 – My Second Life Broke Down on its First Day

“I’m YEETing you from this party.”

Upon hearing this from the leader, Mariemaia, the girl who was serving as the party’s healer, opened her eyes wide in disbelief. 

The party was resting on a hilltop near the royal capital, and this declaration abruptly happened after they had finished packing up their camping equipment.

“H-Haruto-san, what did you say just now…?” 

“I said I don’t want you in my party anymore. Pack up your things and leave immediately.”

A man was leaning back in his chair and glaring at Mariemaia. His name was Haruto. 

He was the leader of this party, which was renowned as the strongest, and was also a descendant of a hero who had saved the world in ancient times. The rest of the party only watched and commented. Nobody said anything in defense of Mariemaia.

“Haruto, is that okay?” 

“I don’t care… This woman is in the way if we are aiming for even greater heights.”

“Shoo, shoo,” Haruto waved his hand away as if he was dealing with an insect. 

“N-no way! Isn’t it Haruto-san who scouted and made me travel together with you to begin with…!” 

Mariemaia screamed with tears in her eyes. 

However, Haruto turned away with an expression as if he found her troublesome. 

“I thought you would be more useful, but it seems I just expected too much. It would be easier for us if we brought another healer instead of you.” 

“But… I have done my best…and I can still improve, just tell me-”

“Shut up. I told you to disappear, so the best thing you can do right now is to just disappear. Once you’re gone, I’m planning to do everything in accordance with my desire and lust.”

Haruto put his arm around the waist of one of his companions, a female knight. 

The female knight blushed a little and accepted it. Haruto clicked his tongue and withdrew his arm.

“Damn it, that’s not how you’re supposed to react. You’re supposed to act a little evil…” 

As Haruto began to mumble to himself, Mariemaia’s tears overflowed from her eyes. 

“What should I do from now on…?” 




The moment Haruto saw Mariemaia crying, he stiffened with a straight face, but as he realized she was giving up, he smiled mockingly. 

“You can do whatever you want. For now, you can go back to your parent’s house in the royal capital. After that… how about going to the neighboring kingdom? I can write you a letter of introduction, you know?” 

“Eh? Why are you suddenly kind?”

“Gyahahahah! It’s obviously a lie, you idiot!” Haruto laughed, but it sounded a little forced. 

Haruto crumpled some paper behind his back, but Mariemaia couldn’t see it. 

“It’s just a single slope down from here to the capital, and the view is nice, so you can get home without getting into any danger, right? You should just leave now. Once it gets dark, it’ll be harder to make it down that hill, and your healing magic won’t help you much.” 


“I’m telling you to begone.”

Although he used cruel words, he was still kind, but even though he was kind, he consistently tried to get rid of her. 

As if realizing there was no room for discussion anymore, Mariemaia picked up her carefully packed luggage and silently started walking downhill toward the capital. She kept her head down and didn’t look at anyone. 

As she walked down the hill, she paused and turned around again and again. But Haruto didn’t even look at her, so she turned back around, moving away little by little. 

And after her back was finally out of sight, Haruto sank down on the spot without a word and held his head in his hands.

“Even though you went through the trouble of writing a letter of introduction, why are you wasting it yourself?” 

“You said you might use it based on the flow of conversation, but why would you lead the conversation’s flow so obviously, and then suddenly switch to where it wouldn’t be used?”

Toward the leader who was suddenly behaving so irrationally, his comrades looked at him coldly, as though they expected him to have something in mind. 

“Leader, what are you going to do? I don’t think there’s anyone out there who could replace Mariemaia, though?” 

“…………I’m gonna quit. Being an adventurer.” 1

A baby-like tone spilled out of Haruto’s mouth as he crossed his arms and looked away. His comrades looked at each other and shrugged.  

And so, the strongest party went on a hiatus without anyone knowing.







I, who graduated from university and was working normally, slipped on the stairs one day at the station and died. 

I didn’t really feel any sense of impending doom, or see my life flash before my eyes, but I felt my body fall over and a strong impact hit my head, and then my vision went black.

I guess that was quite a death. I feel a little bad for the people who witnessed it.

When I woke up, I had become a baby again. 

Seeing my parents, scenery I had never seen before, and most people out there using magic like it was obvious, made me realize that I had come to another world.

I tried to act like a child so as not to attract attention, but I tried to gather the names of the nations and various popular spots to figure out where I was. 

As a result, I came to believe that this world was the world of the game I played in my previous life.

I was reincarnated into the world of a consumer game called “CHORD FRONTIER.” 

It was a typical RPG where you control a life-sized 3D character, explore the map, encounter mobs, and engage in turn-based battles to advance the story.

Its distinctive feature was the game scenario that incorporated the so-called YEET content. 

After the protagonist Mariemaia was YEETed from the party, she gathered comrades in different countries and various remote areas and went on an adventure to save the world ── such was the general story.

Perhaps the staff was aware of this novelty, so they called  the genre non-stereotype RPG. But the protagonist still gathered various comrades to save the world, so it wasn’t too far off from any other RPG, actually.  

As a result, the scenario’s popularity and novelty was controversial, but I personally felt it was a setting that could be used in a game… or at least I thought it was, since I bought it.

The game system and BGM were amazing, and above all, the character designs were very good, making it a work of art that became a hot topic of conversation. 

In fact, since the other aspects of the game easily received around 95 out of 100 points, it made me think that the scenario included the YEET element on purpose to make the game fans feel repulsed.

Still, a huge number of copies were sold and a sequel to the main story was quickly released, so clearly the YEET element wasn’t a total failure. Well, the taste suddenly changed in the sequel, so I think the developers still got enough hate mail over it.  2 

Anyway, upon learning I had been reincarnated into a world of a game I knew very well, or rather, was quite into, I got very excited.

Then upon learning my own name, I sank to the lowest point ever, even with my previous life and death included in the count. 

My name in this world was Haruto. 

He was the arrogant party leader who ordered the protagonist, Mariemaia, to be YEETed at the beginning of the story.

[“Mariemaia… be mine.”] 

[“Since you disappeared, we have fallen into decline, and now we are C-class adventurers… everything is your fault…!”]

It was the same fellow who said ugly things like that. 

By the way, the reason that Haruto YEETed Mariemaia was because she refused to become his woman.

As the scenario progressed, he appeared from time to time, but every time he did, he fell lower and lower, and when he expressed his grudge to Mariemaia or pressed her again for a physical relationship, he was beaten down by her new allies.

Although it was a non-stereotype RPG, a scumbag that regularly visited female protagonists to demand physical relationships was definitely a hateful fellow.

It made me convinced that my…… I mean, Haruto’s anti thread kept getting longer and longer every time.

Anyway, Mariemaia, who was YEETed from the party, went on an adventure with her new comrades and ended up saving the world. 

In other words… the world wouldn’t be saved if I didn’t YEET her.

Even though she called herself an ordinary girl, she was too beautiful to be called one. So helpful, kind, and definitely the cutest in the world. Totally right up my alley in looks, personality, strength, everything. But if I didn’t YEET her, the story wouldn’t proceed.  3

And that YEET had just been successfully completed. Mission complete. 

All that was left was for Haruto to fall lower and be defeated many more times, but to be blunt, it had nothing to do with the journey to save the world. It was just an event to make Mariemaia’s party feel refreshed for punishing him, and to give the players closure.

That was why I judged there was no need for me to go out of my way to do that, so I intended to disband the party and retire. 

But it was my remaining party members who told me to put the party disbandment on hold.

They pointed out that since we were the strongest party, if one of the comrades were suddenly YEETed and party disbandment happened right after, people might instead think it was Mariemaia who did something wrong that caused everything to happen. She would get blamed and ostracized, and I already threw away that letter of introduction, so people’s opinion of her wouldn’t improve. 

Wheeew. That was totally a blind spot. That was close. I was really grateful that someone else caught it, so I thanked them. At the same time, it was revealed that I didn’t YEET Mariemaia because I hated her.

That couldn’t be helped. I was Mariemaia’s fan in my previous life after all. 

I bought her goods, and had her ac-stand lined up at my desk at work. Even my phone background was a picture of her. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh noooooOOOOOOOooooooo I never wanted to make Mariemaia-chan cry hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 

I want to die…………


In any case, because they realized there were…certain circumstances for the decision, they accepted my decision without much argument.

In the game version, these comrades of mine would have met pretty bad endings, so the party was disbanded to prevent that from happening, but,

[“Let’s go on adventures together some other day.”] 

[“You can’t make a girlfriend and keep it a secret from us, Haruto.”]

[“Make sure to eat everyday… I’m worried.”]

With such casual greetings, my three comrades each went their separate ways. 

I guess I was the only one who was trying to disband the party…I felt even more bad about that.

But from my perspective, I was finally able to achieve the purpose of my life. 

After spending a few days lazing around in bed, skimming through stacks of books, and drinking a lot of liquor by myself for no reason…

It occurred to me. 

Let’s start a second life.







“I’m surprised, Haruto-kun. To think that you, the descendant of the hero and the strongest adventurer, has actually decided to go on hiatus.” 

“No, rather than go on hiatus, it’s more that I’m starting a second life, though.”

As I was walking through the creaky hallways of the old school building, the vice principal walking next to me said that with a slight tinge of regret. 

She was also the teacher who used to take care of me. Her appearance hadn’t changed at all. I guess because she’s a beautiful witch?

“Is it really okay? If you come to a remote adventurer school like this, what would other people say…” 

“Well, I got nothing to do anyway. I think I might as well help out at my alma mater.”

It would be awkward to show myself at my parents’ house, and it would also be awkward to stay in my house in the capital since I would often run into my acquaintances. If I ran into Mariemaia, I would be forced to act cruel again.  

So I contacted the adventurer school I used to attend, then they told me that they might be able to hire me as an instructor from the outside.

“But the school building hasn’t changed at all. When I was a student… there were just five students, weren’t they?”

“There are only three students now.”

It was a hopeless number. There should be a limit of how low it could be. 

Well, since it was an adventurer school in the countryside, I guess it was something like that.

“That said, ── they have the potential to become excellent adventurers, just like the five of you.”

“Hahaha… Sensei, despite how I look now, I was known as the strongest, you know?”

As I laughed as if it was just an exaggeration, I opened the door to the classroom. 

There were three sets of chairs and desks in the classroom.

The students seated in their respective seats looked at me with interest.

“No way…………”


When I saw those three girls, I couldn’t move. It was as if I had been struck by lightning.


“Heeh~, onii-san, are you the new teach’?” 

One was a lively-looking gal with semi-long blond hair. 


“……He’s quite young.”

Another was a black-haired gal with a downer vibe who wore a uniform improperly, revealing her fair skin. 


“Kyahaha! The sound of your heart is amazing♡ it’s beating so excitedly, but not in fear, it’s in surprise?”

The last one was a petite gal with cute pink mini twintails… no, was she really a gal? Not a mesugaki?  4 


Rather, I guess these terms were pretty outdated. Well, I was using my previous life’s standard.

…No good, my thoughts weren’t organized.

In the first place, the reason I called three of them gals was because when their character designs were announced, everyone’s reaction was that they looked like they would be rebels in the modern day. Rather than a group of diligent young girls, they were better described as an energetic trio of gals. 

“Haruto-kun, these are the students you will be taking care of from today onwards ……Haruto-kun? Is something wrong?”


The vice principal’s voice sounded distant to me. It took all my strength to keep myself from falling to my knees.

The three people who were waiting for me in the classroom were characters from the sequel of “CHORD FRONTIER” ── “CHORD FRONTIER 2.” These girls were the main characters, or rather, the protagonists.


What I wanted to begin was my second life, not the second series! 

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