After I Finished YEETing the Protagonist, I Moved on To My Second Life and Found Out that My Students Were the Protagonists of the Sequel

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Chapter 06 – Hair Drying Night and Collision Morning

Somehow, I managed to finish my first day as a teacher. 

I curled up on the bed in a room in the staff dormitory right next to the school building that I was assigned to.

“I-I’m exhausted~……”


As expected, putting myself in an environment that was new to me made me feel a lot of fatigue.

It made me recall the time right after I changed occupations in my previous life.

But well, I was in a state where I had nothing to lose, so it was still better.

“I wonder if Mariemaia is okay……”


I might have no right to worry, but the words still spilled out.

My other comrades were also very worried about this. Although I told them that Mariemaia should have the power to survive alone, they didn’t seem to be convinced I went about it in the right way.

Perhaps it was unavoidable, but I ended up explaining the situation to some extent to my three former party members. If they were seriously disappointed in me and decided to go to Mariemaia, it might be helpful for her, but considering the future plot progression, it wouldn’t be a good idea. 

That was why I told them about some of the circumstances, but it was amazing that they immediately believed in the demon lord’s resurrection……


As I was thinking about that, there was a sudden knock on the door.

The only people living in this staff dormitory were me and the vice principal.

In other words, it was possible she was here to scold me about something I made her angry about.

“I’m coming.” 

While fearing the unknown consequences of things I might have done wrong, I timidly opened the door. 

“Good evening.” 

It was Sharon in her nightgown, with a towel hanging around her neck. 

Steam rose from her shiny black hair, and her face was slightly flushed.

“…………Eh, wait a min-”

“I have a question.”

“Ah, okay…”

Before I could say anything, she sauntered into the room and sat down on the bed. 

“Eh? Wait a minute, how did you get here? It’s not like you live here, right?” 

“Erin and Kuyumi live on the second floor, you know.”

Why were the staff dormitory and student dormitory combined?! 

Wasn’t such a thing absurd if you think about it normally?!

“So, can I ask a question?” 

“A-aah, yes……Well, I guess it’s okay.”

Sharon swung her legs up onto the bed and looked at me, who was awkwardly sitting on the chair. 

“You told me that I could increase the output even more, but I thought about it… and if I did, I don’t think the school building would last.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Now that she mentioned it, it was certainly the case. 

I couldn’t say anything other than agreement. I should have noticed it earlier.

“So in the end, I thought it would be better to practice at a lower output.” 

“Well, that’s true. If you can control your output precisely, though, then you’ll be able to do both.”

It was surprising. 

I thought Sharon hated the act of lowering her strength to match that of others.

“That’s why, I decided, hair.” 

As I was impressed with how much my student had grown in just one day, she pointed to her own black hair and spoke words that made no sense. 


“Maybe, if I did it myself – and it’s just maybe – but I think even with something like this, they might be blown away……”

“A-aah. You mean drying hair with magic?”

“I think it’s perfect for practice, but what do you think?”

Sharon’s black hair was certainly long, which made it tedious to dry.

If it was our Magician, I think she would just develop a magic spell that automatically blew just the right amount of warm air until the moisture was gone, but as expected, I didn’t have the skill to do that, much less teach it. 

“How about mixing fire and wind attributed magics to blow warm air to dry the hair?” 

“Yes, I’d like to try it.”

Sharon cut off her words and stared at me. 

Eh, what should I do?

“So let’s do magic together and dry it. It is so I can practice adjusting the output.” 



People had to be in pretty close proximity to each other to use magic together, right?

It was some kind of mechanic, like when Mariemaia used healing magic on the male lead in close proximity and caused their heart to race, right? 1

It was a heavy emotional burden. It might be a little too heavy. 

I spent my days running around as the lustful scum hero Haruto, so I didn’t have any resistance against women. Huh, didn’t those words sound contradictory?



As Sharon sat on my lap and took my hand, she activated her fire and wind attributed magic. 

I could feel the power instantly. It felt like a massive firestorm that could burn monsters into a crisp and a wild storm that could blow a house away, both happening at the same time.

It was a force that would wreck this dormitory in an instant.

“Are you an idiot?!” 

I suppressed the power in a hurry, forcibly snatched the magic power that was about to be conducted, and narrowed down the output.

She seriously sucked at controlling output, didn’t she?!

“I-I guess I’ll show you first. Can you remember the sensation?” 

I managed to create a stream of warm air somehow and let it flow from Sharon’s palm to her black hair. 

“……The amount of magic power when activated is too miniscule for me to notice.”



How much stupid firepower do you usually shoot with, then…?



While I was dumbfounded, she touched my hand and narrowed her eyes in pleasure.

Perhaps it was her first time using just the right amount of warm air, seeing the good mood she was in.

“Would it be bad for me to visit your room without previous notice?” 

“No……back in my adventurer days, everyone used to visit my room for various reasons. I’m already used to it, so it’s okay.”

It was true they visited often, but I actually wasn’t used to it at all. 

Even now, I was desperate not to bite my tongue. My students took priority, after all.



Perhaps seeing through how pathetic I actually was, Sharon’s eyes clearly contained contempt when she looked at me.







Even after she left, Sharon’s lingering scent still filled the room, so I didn’t rest well. 

As a teacher, I shouldn’t be conscious about such a thing.

If I thought about it with the standards of my previous life, teachers who lusted over their students were garbage that shouldn’t be left alive.

I should keep myself together. Such was my plan as I walked down the hallway to the classroom.



As I approached the corner, I took a deep breath and accelerated my walking speed, intending to make a strong impression.

“Ouch~♡! Sensei, you actually crashed into a student, you’re the worst~♡”

“That’s an afterimage.”



I thought there was someone who concealed themselves very well on the other side of the corner, but it turned out to be her. And if it was that certain girl, then her behavior would definitely be….

Seeing Kuyumi blatantly opening her legs, revealing what should be covered by her skirt from the front as she fell to the floor, I turned around and shrugged. 

“Eh? Eh? I don’t understand what just happened. Isn’t it absurd to crash into an afterimage……?”

“I just created an illusion that made you think your body collided with mine.”

“……Did you use magic?”

“I didn’t.”

It was a trick of the eye that could be done with enough training. 

“Rather, I think Kuyumi will eventually be better than I am in this aspect.”

“……Ahah, what is that, I don’t get what you mean♡”


Kuyumi deepened her smile as if she had found a toy worth playing with.

“Anyway, are you satisfied with the prank? We’ll be together on the way, so let’s get going.” 



Kuyumi took my outstretched hand and stood up.

She was quite cute when she nodded obediently and listened……


“Did you manage to sense my presence? How? Did you feel it with your skin? Or is it through the eyes? Either way, it’s too creepy♡”


It seemed like it was just a misunderstanding to think she was cute.

She greedily wanted to know the reason for my strength. 

“In my case, it’s a combination of things…… Oh, but my acquaintance once said they distinguish between real and illusion with their eyes. They said they could see something was off just through visual information alone.” 2


That being said, this girl also had good eyes. 

Perhaps a little too good.

“Kuyumi, you also used your eyes well, didn’t you? You were able to time it perfectly when you looked around the corner. To be honest, I don’t think there are many people who can see as well as Kuyumi.”

“Kyahaha, sensei, maybe you actually don’t know?”

As Kuyumi gave me a teasing smile, I scratched my cheek. 

“No, I know. Erin has the best eyes, right?” 



There was no way I would forget. It was the biggest characteristic of Erin, one of the protagonists of the sequel game.

Her speciality was ultra-high-speed close combat using her two swords ── such was her battle aspect.

In terms of the scenario, Erin was able to show such ferocity because of the existence of her [Mystic Eyes]. 

……Well, after this ability was unlocked, it became a passive skill that applied a positive buff to all actions, greatly increasing the accuracy of detecting hiding enemies, so it was an extremely powerful skill in combat.

But unfortunately, repeated use of Erin’s active skill using the combo sequence [Horizontal Flash Slash!] x 2 → [Vertical Flash Slash!] x 2 would fill up the SP gauge and allow her to instantly use [Omni-directional Multi-Slash!], which would easily defeat most enemies, so there weren’t many opportunities to experience the benefit of the [Mystic Eyes].

“……It sure makes people jealous and hateful, right? [Mystic Eyes] users wielding swords. People probably think it’s unfair.”

“Aah… I guess that’s the case from your perspective.”

“That’s right. It was cheating to be able automatically see through concealment, isn’t it~”


We reached the stairs as we talked.

“Then, see you later.” 


“Let’s have some fun again, sensei♡”


After blowing a kiss, Kuyumi nimbly climbed the stairs while giggling.

I stood staring blankly at her small back disappearing into the distance. As if I were a trance, I just watched her school bag bounce around on her shoulders like a rucksack.

I folded my arms and stood in place.




──I received an air kiss?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I might get pregnant……



No, this wasn’t it. I was focusing on the wrong thing. Remember what I decided about keeping it together, me! 

After clearing my throat, I refolded my arms and stood still on the spot again.



──Is Kuyumi supposed to know about Erin’s [Mystic Eyes] at this point in time?

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