Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 012 – Chief Paladin-sama [A]

“Well then, Yururu-kun. You said you were driven by impulse and attacked your own students? There’s no mistake about it, right?”


“Umu… I see.”

This man replied with a heavy voice; he closed his eyes and seemed to become lost in thought, arms folded. 

They were doing the interrogation in a luxurious office, and Yururu Garethia stood before him with a dark expression. She had regained her sanity after she was defeated by Fay. Of course, she was gradually regaining her sanity during her battle against Fay, but it was when she was defeated did she completely return to herself. 


Nobody knew that the uproar she caused was due to the effects of dark art. However, the fact that she attacked her own students had already become known. 

But she turned herself in on her own accord. So they were currently at the Knights of the Round Table’s headquarters, the office on the fourth floor. 

The Knights of the Round Table was under the leadership of Chief Paladin Lancelot. 

His forehead shown beneath his hair exposed the wound in the shape of a cross. He was of quite an advanced age of forty, but he still exuded a heavy aura. 


“Well well, what should we do about this? What do you think, Constantine-kun?” 

“…Considering the current incident and the problems related to her family, Con thinks it would be appropriate to just expel her from the knights’ brigade.” 1

There was a blonde standing beside Lancelot. Her face was covered in bandages, so her features couldn’t be seen, but her voice gave Yururu the impression that she was young. 


It’s my first time hearing her voice… so this is the Vice-Chief Paladin, Constantine. 


Although Yururu has been active for a long time in the knights’ brigade, she had never talked directly to Chief Paladin Lancelot before; she had heard his voice before though. However, she had never heard Constantine’s voice even once. Rumor did mention that Constantine was quite powerful, though. 

Since she was the lowest ranked paladin, she had never talked directly to the pair who stood at the top. However, the story of how Constantine was given an exception and directly promoted as Vice-Chief Paladin was famous. 

Yururu often heard about how the Chief Paladin recognized Constantine’s ability by how she defeated a super-strong type of Abyss monster, so he scouted Constantine personally. 



“I guess we can consider it that way. Now, now, this troubles me. To think I have to expel you, the person who was personally recommended by Marumaru-kun… What do you think of it, Yururu-kun?” 

“I-I really do feel the things I did are inexcusable… so I do think it’s natural for me to be expelled.”


“B-but… can you allow me to be active as a paladin for a little more time?!”

“Fumu… May I ask why? To be honest, I don’t think there is any place left for you in the knights’ brigade. Yet you still insist on it despite that?”

“I-I have a reason for wanting to remain here, n-no matter what. I-I have a person I want to teach the sword to!”

“I see… but what should I do about this… It is a fact that there are already many asking for your expulsion, and I need to enforce it for the sake of the organization. Do you have a good idea to solve this problem?”


“Well, it’s not like I agree with everything. I will conduct an investigation, discuss it, and come to a decision. That’s all.”


Yururu couldn’t say anything to retort to that and silence dominated the room. If the current situation continued, she would be expelled. But she wanted to stay here no matter what. 

However, Yururu also thought she lacked power to do anything to the person in front of her. 

At that moment, the sound of knocking echoed through the room. 

“You may enter.” 

“Excuse me, Chief Paladin. I’m sorry for the sudden intrusion, but there was something I’d like to inform you now.”

“I don’t mind, Marumaru-kun. And the people behind you are?”

“They are the temporary enrolled students for whom Yururu is responsible. I brought them over to let them explain the situation.”

“I see. Well then, let’s hear it.”


Marumaru brought Fay and others forward, and the first person Lancelot noticed was Fay. 


“I heard you were the one who fought her. Can I ask about the situation?” 

“Aah, I don’t mind.”

“Wai- Fay-kun. Speak politely!”

“I don’t mind, Marumaru-kun.”


Lancelot laughed out loud, surprising Marumaru, Yururu, Tlue, and Bouran. After all, how could a new knight speak so casually towards the Chief Paladin? 

As expected of Fay. You have the mentality of treating everyone the same. That’s amazing. 


Only Arthur was impressed by that. 


“In the first place, I don’t feel like going along with this farce. Let’s end this quickly.” 

“Hahah, a farce is it? That’s an interesting way to put things. What do you mean by that?”

“It means exactly as I said. To be attacked all of a sudden is considered part of training to begin with. A paladin has to be able to respond to the situation regardless of the circumstances they are in; that’s the training that was carried out. Bouran just panicked and misunderstood the situation, that’s all.”

“Gahahahah, how interesting! So you’re saying that everything was just training? Even the life-or-death fight you’ve experienced?”

“Aah, exactly. Only after a fight with our lives on the line can one grow even stronger.”

“Well well, you sure are an interesting boy. However, other paladins want her to be expelled.”

“Those paladins sure are causing a ruckus over mere training. It might sound weird for me, who is still in my temporary enrollment, to say this, but it seems that there are tons of bored people in the brigade.”



Almost everyone couldn’t hide their surprise. 


“I-I’m terribly sorry, Chief Paladin-sama! He’s still new.” 

“I don’t mind, Marumaru-kun. What he says is really interesting so I’ll forgive him for that. But you see, boy, there are things we can’t compromise on no matter what in this world. We take this incident very seriously, and I’m sure you have heard of past incidents related to this. That investigation is still ongoing even now and is connected to this incident. Foregoing punishment might collapse our organizational structure. On top of that, other paladins will likely be harsher to her than ever.”


“That’s why I personally think we have no choice but to expel her. There are also many paladins who are against her. If you want to overturn that kind of stigma, you have to offer something greater to convince them. Since she is the daughter of the Garethia family, other knights will feel uneasy and, in the worst case scenario, they might die. Do you still wish to protect her despite that fact?”

“Yes, I need her.”


His immediate answer made Yururu’s eyes overflow with tears. 


“Then I’ll ask you, since you insist on it that much, to show me your resolve to go through that path and bear the responsibility for it. If she ends up like the other children of the Garethia family and cause another incident, what will you—“ 

“I will cut my stomach and die.”


“I said I’ll cut my own stomach and die.”

“…Kukuku, gahahahaha!! Well well, you really are an interesting boy. You’ll bet your life on her, you say? Constantine-kun, what do you think about this?”

“…Although the major opinions of the paladins are important, Con does not think they weigh more than the life of a paladin.”

“Fumu, then?”

“If he is really willing to bet his life, Con thinks we can exempt her from expulsion. Otherwise, the other paladins will have to bet their own lives as well to expel her.”

“I see… in that case, we’ll consider this as a training incident that was misunderstood and rumors were falsely spread. And if it ever happens for real, a certain proud paladin has promised to cut his own stomach and die in opposition to her expulsion. Notify the other paladins in this way.”

“Roger, Con will begin work immediately.”


Constantine left the place with quiet steps like that of an assassin’s. 

“Oi, is the talk over?” 

“Of course it is. However, if something really happens afterwards, you’ll really have to die.”

“I see. Oi, let’s go.”

“Eh?! Ah-ah, yes!”


Fay dragged Yururu away and left without permission. Arthur and the others didn’t have that kind of self-assured mentality so they remained in the office. 

“Chief Paladin, I’m terribly so—“ 

“No, don’t mind it. I’m just saying that I had no choice but to make my move as the Chief Paladin since he is willing to bet his life on the matter.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

“All of you may return. Doesn’t the heavy atmosphere here feel painful? Hahaha.”


He told an excellent joke so everyone read the room and laughed along, but Arthur was… 


“Yes. The atmosphere is indeed heavy.” 



Arthur, you too? Was something that ran through the minds of everyone in that place. 

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Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Madman is what I’d call mc at this point. Heck it’s Arthur also who’s a weirdo for joining in

2 years ago

the ball of fay for his action, that all i gonna say, he got one hell of a ball to do what he did no matter how warped his thought actually is

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2 years ago
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and this ball is what saved Yururu, since nobody guarantee her as he did in the game version

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2 years ago
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yea, so Yururu fell for him is inevitable

Oni San
1 year ago
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This harem

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No, she’s the sensei and…

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Grace me with the sauce bro