Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

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Editor: ink

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Intermission – A Suspicious Person Who Claims to be One’s Elder Sister [B]


“Mei… that thing is-“

“Calm down. There’s nothing left there. We have no idea what Johnny-sama did down there. We might know he had hidden something from before, but Mei thinks it’s better for us to just drop this issue.”

“You’re right… I know we can’t stay like this. There are my children and people in the territory to take care of. But if only I brought it up and stopped him…”

“Nothing will change discussing what-if scenarios. Even if we talk about it, our life still moves on. Mei thinks what we should do is to think about what to do from now on.”



In a certain office, was Johnny’s wife who was feeling the leftover warmth of her husband and Mei the maid who talked with her. A slight sense of guilt remained within them. The wife also felt a sense of emptiness as she lost her husband. 


“You’re right.” 

“Yes. Mei thinks as long as we never forget about Johnny-sama, it would be a salvation for him.”

“Yes… hey, Mei.”


“Thank you for your help until now… you’ve really helped us a lot.”

“No, that’s-”

“It’s true. I want you to stay if possible… but I wish for you to obtain your own happiness.”


“It’s time for you to return to your former master.”


“It’s okay. You finally get to reunite with your former master, right? I’ll be fine, because I wish for your happiness more than anyone… that’s why, it’s our goodbye today… My husband is gone, but I still have my children and people here.”

“Mei could help you with that… that would be Mei’s happiness.”

“Perhaps you could, but I wish for you to be happier. Weren’t you interested in that man? Fay, is it? He also looked at you with interest, so perhaps you are fated to be.”


“It’s okay, I’ll be fine. You are too good to be a maid of this small place. So go on your way. We’ll be fine here, there’re still other maids after all. I also… have to move forward, and I wish to change myself, who is always too reliant on my husband… that’s why, please go. And don’t forget to grasp your own happiness.”

“…Mei is.”

“Go, this is my command as your master. Then when you reach your greatest happiness someday, don’t forget to visit me, as a former maid and as my friend.”

“…Yes, madam.”


Mei shed some tears from her eyes. It didn’t change the fact that both her former master and current master were important people to her. Filled with gratitude for all the time she has spent together, and enduring the loneliness of parting, she decided to leave. 


Nobody knew that in the game version, Mei would go on a journey after the death of Johnny Point Town, visit many places and ultimately die on her journey. 

Whether fortune or misfortune awaited her for going with Yururu, not even the gods could tell. 




I woke up and saw another unknown ceiling. Yururu-shishou embraced me the moment I woke up. She buried my face on her chest. As expected, I got a little nervous. 

Because I was a virgin since my past life, the stimulation was a bit strong. 

Well, being a virgin was basic for a protagonist. 

Since I was a cool-type character, I shouldn’t show it on my face. I tried to move away since my character might break if I stayed like that, but I couldn’t do so since Yururu-shishou cried a bit as she stopped me. 

After that, we continued to talk and she embraced me again. Did I make her that worried? I felt a little guilty. No, I guess I did make her that worried, so I felt really guilty. I was sure I would end up in a similar state often from now on too. 


I would make her worried from now on as well. Yururu-shishou would be worried since she was a good person, so I should work hard on my training to reduce the chance of me being injured. 


Even so… would a normal master character spoil a protagonist this much? She felt like a caring onee-san, though… 

Uh-n, since she spoiled me this much… perhaps she was a onee-chan character or something? 

Then Arthur appeared!! 

Hm? What? You’re saying you were the onee-chan? 

What the hell is she talking about? Moreover, that isn’t something to be proclaimed on your own, right? Aah, I guess she was that kind of character. 


—A character that appears in front of the protagonist, a suspicious person who claims to be the protagonist’s elder sister. 1 


There were such characters sometimes, a suspicious person who says “I am your onee-chan!!” Somehow, Arthur felt like such a character. 


She must be a suspicious person who claims to be the onee-chan after all. Well then, it was against cool characters to stay embraced for long, so I should move away soon. 


Well then, time to go home. It seemed the initial mission of subjugating the white wolves was forgotten, but let’s go home anyway. I wonder if I could buy a weapon once I return to the royal capital now. 




At the time Fay’s group was about to depart from Point Town territory, someone ran toward them. It was a person with a maid uniform, red short hair, and beautiful yellow eyes. 

Her well-proportioned body shook as she ran. The beautiful maid who has the wonderful bust size of 84. Sajinto’s gaze was slightly chasing after that swaying chest. Tlue showed no reaction, while Fay didn’t even turn to look at it. 



“Ojou-sama, Mei will go with ojou-sama as well.”


“I already got permission. Mei will stay with ojou-sama from now on.”

“…Is-is it really okay?”


“Tha-that’s great!”


Yururu was so happy that her eyes glittered like jewels, and as Mei also loved Yururu, her lips curved into a sweet smile. 

“Fay-sama, please take care of me from now on.” 

“I have no such intention.”

“…I see.”

“Ah, that’s, Mei-chan, Fay-kun is not a bad person, he is just easily misunderstood…”

“I am aware, ojou-sama.”


Mei said that as if she understood everything and accepted it. Yururu, who saw that, felt relieved that her maid best friend didn’t misunderstand her beloved Fay. 


It’s just about right to be a little tsun at the beginning. After all, the plot would end if his favorability was high from the beginning. Mei knew well since Mei is the protagonist of a romance novel. His heart would gradually melt as the favorability increases and by the end of it, he would ask me to look only at him. 


Fufufuh, laughed Mei inwardly. The maid who misunderstood herself as the protagonist of the romance novel and tries to steal her former master’s beloved person was born. 


Hah?! No good!! Mei is a maid!! Ojou-sama’s happiness should be prioritized!! But madam told Mei to grasp my own happiness! Ah, what should I do!!


2Mei-chan looks like an adult after all… I wonder if she thinks like an adult as well. I also wanted an adult-like charm like Mei-chan. If I do, then Fay-kun will… 


Oi, why does only Fay get greeted by a cute maid-chan!! It’s annoying!! Gɐʍɐƃǝɟnagag̶w̶g̶e̶w̶a̶w̶g!!! 


Who is she again…? I forgot. 


I can still grow stronger… Fay… What I need to grow stronger is… 


I guess the dinner would be ham lettuce sandwich. 


None of them were aware of the others’ thoughts. Perhaps they were full of their respective thoughts. With this, the major event of the Mordred encounter has ended. And from now on, the plot would accelerate. 

Originally, this utsu event would result in a heavy atmosphere due to witnessing tons of corpses, but perhaps such an atmosphere was absent because of Fay’s existence. Because he always looked to the future, everyone got affected and also looked to the future as well. 


—By the next chapter, the gods are going to discuss Fay’s group. 

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Eternal perspective
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