Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 055 – The Calm before the Storm [B]

Fay was doing sit-ups with his feet lodged on a tree. He has done it many times to train his body.



“Arthur, huh.”


The blonde Arthur looked at Fay, who was hung upside down on a tree. Following next to her was Bouran, who had beautiful rosy red hair. 


“Hey, Fay. I see you’re doing your best.” 

“…You’re in the way, begone.”

“Oi oi, that’s terrible of you! Don’t you think so, Arthur?”

“At times like this, what Fay says tends to mean the reverse, so it’s okay. There’s no problem.”

“I see.”

“If you give Fay some ham and lettuce sandwiches after training, he’ll be happy.”



The two gossiped within earshot of the person they were talking about who was in front of them. Fay ignored the two and continued his training desperately. 

After sit-ups, it was more physical training, dash, dash, push-ups, dash. He pushed his body to the limit by attaching weights to himself. 


“…He really does his best.” 

“I know.”

“What do you like about him?”

“He is a hard worker, always filled with possibility, and always goes beyond common sense.”



Bouran stared at Fay with a blank look on her face. As she stared at him absentmindedly, Bouran found her gaze drawn into him before she knew it. 


“Does Bouran like Fay?” 

“…I don’t hate him. He’s just a decent friend, I guess.”

“I see. I like him.”

“Fu~hn, well, do your best. I’ll cheer for you…”



Bouran pretended to yawn and purposefully bumped into Arthur. Arthur then teased Fay. 

As the quiet night came in, Arthur returned to the knights’ dormitory. Fay suffered a great deal of fatigue from being teased by Arthur and subjecting himself to rigorous training. 


As a battered and tattered Fay walked around――


“――Good job.”

“…Bouran, huh.”

“You’re disappointed that it’s me?”

“I don’t really care.”

“…Ah~ I thought you were exhausted, so I brought you water, a light meal, and a cloth to wipe your sweat…”

“You went through all the trouble to bring this? You of all people?”

“You got a problem?”

“…It’s not how you usually are. I didn’t think you would do something like this.”

“Whatever, just take it. Don’t say anything more, just shut up and take it.”

“…Since you insist that much, I’ll take it.”


Fay quenched his throat using the water he received from Bouran, ate the light meal, and wiped his sweat. He then took a deep breath and stared at Bouran. 


“I’ve troubled you, but as I thought, it’s hard to believe you’re someone who would do something like this… do you mean to have me buy you a meal in return?” 

“That’s not it. I just thought of giving it to you.”

“…I see.”


Fay said nothing more and walked back to the orphanage. 


“See you later.” 

Bouran said so and tried to part ways――


――but she unexpectedly grabbed the hem of Fay’s clothes.





Bouran noticed the change within herself. 


No good, this sensation… I guess I am a beastman after all. 


Beastmen of the beastman tribe have a greater tendency for their females to become attracted to strong males to seek more strength. 1 


No good, since I am a half beastman and half human, I’ve always thought my human blood is thicker. But my body throbbed… when I looked at Fay…


There was an accident behind the scenes where all the women in the beastman village where Fay fought were enraptured by Fay the other day… 

And Bouran wasn’t an exception to this. Fay was a strong male with a formidable body and a supreme soul. Bouran, being half beastman and half human, with her genes leaning more on the human side, had her dormant female beastman instincts burst forth inside her. 


“There’s dirt on your clothes, so I just brushed it away.” 

“My clothes are mostly dirty from training. Cleaning a bit won’t make any difference.”

“Don’t say that. Anyway, I’ll go back now.”


Bouran went away as if trying to escape. She entered the girls’ dormitory of the knights’ brigade. She shared the same room as Arthur. 


“What’s wrong, Bouran? Your face is red.” 

“No… there’s nothing. It’s just… no, it’s nothing after all.”

“I see, you seem to be worried about a lot of things lately. Should I sleep with you?”

“It’s okay, I’ll sleep alone.”


Bouran rejected Arthur’s suggestion and decided to sleep alone. 




[“Oi, Fay.”]


Ah, it’s rare for Baragi to approach me first. It’s been a while since I last came into this spiritual world. 


[“When will your mind break? I showed you a dream where your acquaintances killed you one after another. How are you still so energetic?”] 


Because I was the protagonist. It is part of the basic procedure to not break down even when I saw a dream of my acquaintances killing me. If you pretend that being killed by acquaintances was a stamp rally, it really wasn’t that bad. 


[“I’m well aware your mind is abnormally formidable. However, even after seeing your acquaintances kill you, how could you still interact with them normally as if nothing happened? I can’t understand.”]


I knew well they wouldn’t actually do that to me after all. There was no way they would kill me, and since I was the protagonist, I couldn’t die. 

Basically, there was no point in worrying about it. 

Besides, I already expected you to use my acquaintances to attack my mind. 


[“…You’re really a surprising fellow. Well, whatever.”] 


Did you call me just for that? 


[“No, it’s not. I haven’t given up on taking over your body, but I’ve decided to change my methods. Tell me about yourself. I will listen.”] 




[“Maybe I can find a weakness somewhere. Rejoice, this pretty, beautiful, and lovely me will listen to your story.”] 


Fumu, well, I guess it was okay to talk… 


[“Yes yes, I’ll listen to it. But first of all, the words of that Bouran fellow earlier meant that, like, she’s being conscious of you.”] 


Hm? What do you mean? 


[“No, isn’t she clearly being conscious of you?”] 


I don’t understand. What do you mean? 


[“Seriously…? This really kills my interest. I was thinking of teasing you with love stories, but I’ve lost the desire to do so. Enough, I’ll just sleep for today. It feels really cold. Be a more perceptive man next time.”] 


Fumu? I don’t quite understand… but you must mean that Bouran is a good fellow who gave me gifts! 

Perhaps she was the protagonist’s best friend character? The type who starts arrogant but gradually respects the protagonist! 


[“Seriously, nai waa.”] 2 


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