Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 014 – Fay-san (15 years old) who knew nothing again [A]

It was a dimly lit room like a prison. Only star lights illuminated it. There, someone who seemed to be a girl sat on a chair. She had a small stature, black hair, and red eyes.

“And what business do you have with me? I’m just returning from a mission here.” 

A man stood in front of the girl. The man had red hair and a pair of red, sharp eyes that could scare just about anyone. 

“Aah. It’s nothing big. I’m just calling you to give you a new mission, Sajinto.” 1 

“…I think that’s a big deal, though.”

“Shut up. You’re my pawn, right? Then I’ll have you work for what your worth.” 2



Although Sajinto was clearly an older man by appearance, the girl uttered haughty and abusive words. He just accepted them at face value since that was the norm for the girl. 

“So what should I do?” 

“Well, just a simple job as an instructor.”

“Instructor, is it?”

“Aah, among the group of paladin imitations who just cleared their temporary enrollment the other day, there was a certain unit that would take their first mission. I would have you accompany them to monitor them. That’s all.” 3

“…Haa. Why is there a need to monitor them?”

“Well, just look here for a sec.”


With that said, the girl casually threw a bag, and inside the bag were names of paladins belonging to a certain special unit. 

“Arthur… This person indeed seems to have something suspicious with her.” 

“That girl has no background at all. We don’t even know where she came from or what she did before coming here. On top of that, she’s pretty capable in combat. It is a mystery how such a monster was kept hidden all this time.”

“Isn’t it written that she was just an adventurer before coming here?”

“That is indeed written, but I’m talking about the period before then. For dozens of years, nobody knew about her. She is talented in swords, moreover, a light Art? That’s totally the same as the Origin Hero Arthur, right? She definitely has a skeleton in her closet. Watch over her and report to me. That’s the mission you will have to prioritize above all other missions.”

“…Roger that. Then, this boy named Tlue is also included among targets to monitor?”

“Aah, that boy came from that disaster village.”

“…I see.”

“On top of that, he is an all master. Such genius draws hate from people. So he is among the monitor targets for now.”

“Is that all?”

“Ah? You got a complaint? About my decision?”


“Well, it’s more of a gut feeling about that boy, though.”

“I see.”


He sighed as if to throw his complaint away. The man named Sajinto seemed used to being treated domineeringly like this.

He continued to read the document. Then he noticed there were documents about another boy. 

“And there is Fay… a boy who goes by that name. He is fifteen years old this year… and he only has non elementals for magic aptitude. He might manage to enter the special unit somehow… but I don’t think that’s–”  

“Fool, the important stuff is written after that. Look at the second page.”


“The first page is public knowledge. However, haven’t you heard about that incident involving that fool of Garethia?”

“Yes. Some people seem to make noises about it.”

“And the one who shut them up is him.”

“…He would cut his own stomach as a guarantee, wouldn’t he?”

“Isn’t that a fool right there? He bet his own life on a mere sword instructor. The name isn’t revealed publicly, but according to my information, he directly went to that fool Lancelot to appeal.”

“I think that sounds like he has dignity, fitting for a knight, though.” 

“There are reasons why I thought there’s something weird about him. First of all, is the speed of his growth.”

“Speed of growth, is it?”

“Aah, he was among the worst possible candidates when he first entered. He was a small fry who didn’t know how to write S from ‘sword’. However, he showed an unbelievable level of growth in just five months.” 


The girl fluently spoke about Fay. Sajinto was reading the document as he listened. 

“It is said he is a very hardworking person here. Since he trained almost every day, perhaps he just reaped his hard work?” 

“He’s just a brat, you know? Ain’t it abnormal to have personal training on top of the training imposed on a special unit? You should’ve known about the crazy training there.”

“Well, I am aware…”

“Do you think that’s normal? For a person to suddenly seek power like a fool? And for the sake of his sword instructor? No, I guess it’s more correct to say to grow stronger, he went and bet his life for it.”

“Perhaps he is in a romantic relationship with Yururu Garethia?”

“I don’t think so. Just believe in my woman’s instinct.”

“Haa… But I don’t think that’s particularly suspicious. I have heard about the village he originated from, though…”

“His speed of growth… and his abnormal obsession to train. Both of them are dangerous in various ways. There are tons of knights who destroy themselves in the foolish pursuit of strength. Although monitoring Arthur is the first priority, don’t forget to watch over him on the side.”

“I understand the orders… but I don’t think there’s need to monitor—“

“Read the fourth page.”


“Year 3027 of the Holy Grail calendar. The village he belonged to was destroyed, which happened to be similar to the period of the time Tlue’s village was destroyed. Then, both of them are entrusted to Maria’s orphanage afterward.”


“Then, in the year 3029 of the Holy Grail calendar. It happened on the day of his thirteenth birthday. He began to act as if he turned into someone else.

“…I see.”

“Things like personality changes due to the shock of their parents’ passing is something that happens often. But in his case, there is a two-year difference between the periods. I don’t understand why, but there’s definitely something behind this… something happening beyond the scope of our understanding… That’s how I feel it…”

“To think you spoke without certainty, perhaps it would be raining spears tomorrow?”

“I’m gonna kill you… well, it’s more of an indescribable instinct of mine in his case. Of course, Arthur is to be the highest priority. Although suspicion about things involving her is also due to instinct, it was an instinct where I was certain that there’s something behind it. As for the two dudes… just report it to the degree where it wouldn’t disturb your monitoring progress of Arthur.”

“Roger that.”

“Well, its the first mission right after temporary enrollment concludes. It’s common for the member to be paired with another unit depending on the compatibility and experience to stimulate each other, though…”

“If that happens, it’ll be impossible to monitor all three of them.”

“My vote goes to Arthur. You’ll have to accompany the mission she takes no matter what.”

“…I understand. But please prepare the necessary groundwork for it. I don’t want to be known as a lolicon.”

“Ah-, well, I am still a Knight of the Round Table after all. I’ll tell them that I would like to have an unpolished gem attached to a third-grade paladin as insurance.”

“As expected of the Knights of the Round Table, the greatest eleven people of first-grade paladins. Please help properly, Noir-sama.”

“Aah, just leave it to me. I actually wanted more pawns, since that means I could monitor all of them at the same time.”

“Can’t you just grab random people for it?”

“There are tons of suspicious people in the knights’ brigade. And having too many people would likely make information leak.”

“But even though you only have twelve pawns, the amount of works is clearly beyond what could be handled–“

“Can it. That’s all I wanted to talk about. Piss off already.” 

“Roger that.”


The girl called Noir ordered Sajinto to leave the room as if driving him away. And she once again looked at the document of the paladins. 


To be exact, it was the document regarding Fay. 


“…Is it really okay to make Arthur the top priority…? I think he might be more dangerous than I expect, but… well, I guess I’m thinking too much.” 


In the original plot, this was the event where suspicion was drawn to Arthur and Tlue and a paladin was ordered to monitor them. However, Fay was included in the list. Obviously, the girl had no way to understand Fay’s belief. From this point on, the proceeding event would take a different turn. 

But just like the game scenario, nothing about Bouran was mentioned in this event. 

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2 years ago

“For dozens of years, nobody knew about her.”

How old do they think she is? Isn’t she like 16?

2 years ago
Reply to  jayswing103

her public persona is bruno, a first class paladin which seem to be mid 20 or 30