Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 048 – Strengthening [D]

The moment Barbara arrived outside, everything was already over. Barbara witnessed the moment the black dragon was cut in two by a girl (Mordred). It was an unbelievable scene that seemed detached from reality. 

This was something unexpected even for Della. 


“…To think the dragon was defeated easily. Moreover, she used light… I guess she is related to the ‘Cage of a Hundred Children’. It means she’s our complete opposite.” 


The man in black robes jumped from the head of the split dragon and landed on the ground. 


“Oh my? So you’re going to fight me.” 

“Aah, if it’s against the member of the Cage of a Hundred Children, it’s a perfect opponent.”

“…I’ll ask just in case, but you’re not part of the Cage of a Hundred Children, are you?”

“I’m affiliated with the Eternal Foundation.”

“So it’s that one. In that case, I don’t particularly care, but… this place is also my nest of love with Fay-sama, so I couldn’t let you destroy it.”

“Who is that? Well, As long as I could test this power――”

“――Oh my? It seems it’s not me you’ll be fighting against.”



Mordred was there after defeating the dragon, but she wasn’t the only one there. Many adventurers also drew their blades in order to exterminate the masses of demons that emerged from the large hole. 

They were overjoyed over the defeat of the dragon… but that atmosphere suddenly disappeared. As if they were hit by a ripple, they opened a path for someone. 


“You are――”


――Della recognized who that person was.

Della was supposed to be able to win. That boy was protecting an ordinary commoner girl back then. Della let his guard down since he thought the boy was not a big deal. However, that was a mistake. Magic eye was ineffective against him. 

Della felt strange wariness against that boy with those eyes that gazed over the world as if he was separated from normal humans. He never saw such eyes before and he thought the boy might have come from another world. 


“So it’s fate. Isn’t it the best!!” 

“…Let’s get started.”


It was as if the boy was aware of their reunion and upcoming fight beforehand. And in the moment Della realized the boy’s eyes were focused on his katana instead of him, he became furious. 


“Things will be different than last time.” 

“Indeed, I’m also changed…”


Della underwent a transformation that could be called the combination of a dragon and a man. Several thin dragon-like wings stretched from his back. His human skin transformed into scales and a being that could hardly be considered as a human was now confronting Fay. 


“I’ve changed, for the sake of being strong. I desperately did everything to be strong.” 

“…I guess it is used like this?”


One of his wings extended and became a sword, flying down towards Fay. Fay used his new katana, Tsumehagi (Nail Peeler), to cut it down. At the same time, one of Fay’s nails was peeled away and disappeared. 

The Sword of Exorcism Tsumehagi (Nail Peeler) was not only used to seal a certain existence, but it also had the characteristic of enhancing its sharpness in exchange for consuming its user’s nails. Fay had heard about it from Aliceia who had heard a little about it from Felmi. 


“Tsumehagi (Nail Peeler), I see. So it’s as the legend said… It was originally armament created using a certain demon. In addition, it possessed that characteristic and was used to seal an evil spirit…” 

“…I see, so it is used like this… I roughly get it.”

“Nails are something necessary for humans to grip something. In other words, you could only swing it for another nine times, no, eight times. Moreover, its sharpness will reduce every swing after, so I could only consider it as an inconvenient weapon.”


Della’s wings headed toward Fay one after another. His wings were eight in total. Fay dodged them as he advanced. Mordred was just looking at the fight happily. 


“Is it okay for you not to help?” 

“I don’t even need to. Victory is something that is already in the hands of the winner. This battle is already…”


The wings didn’t stop; Della also unleashed explosive fire from his mouth. The flames that were shot like rays of light were cut down by Fay. 


“So you actually cut down explosive flames… however, your whole body got roasted.” 


Fay managed to perform an unbelievable feat of cutting down explosive flames, but even then, the high temperature and parts that couldn’t be cut burned Fay. The heat almost melted his eyeballs and his trained body might disappear like ashes. 


“You swung your sword seven times to cut down the flame. It’s over. Your body is completely roasted, and your arms don’t even have the power to swing anymore… That’s the end of this battle. Yet you still have no intention to fight?” 

“Fufuh, how funny to see a person boasting of his victory over a fight he didn’t actually win. Look, Fay-sama is coming over.”



Even as he got charred in the smoke of the flames, Fay still charged forward. 


“What a fool! You are already defeated!!” 


Della unleashed his explosive flame once again. The same scorching ray as before yet Fay supposedly had no option to cut it down anymore. After all, his fingers no longer had nails. His body was also so hot that it could practically be considered a corpse. 


This is the end of it. There’s no way he could still move. 


Della continued to unleash scorching light. He could still see the figure. It was just a shadow, but it was enough to prove his opponent was still alive. 

The human figure took a step forward in the scorching heat. 


It’s the end. 


Another step forward. 


It’s already over. Don’t panic. It’s already over. 


Yet another step, the figure continued to step forward without perishing. 


It’s over… Why hasn’t he perished yet? 


The scorching flame stopped. Nay, it was completely cut down. Fay’s appearance could be seen. He was charred, most of his clothes burnt to ash. But even so, his body was still whole and continued to take steps forward. 


What the hell happened, why is he still alive?! No, calm down, he is the one who is being cornered, not me. Look closely, he is the one who is bea…ten――


A bag fell behind Fay. There were a large amount of nails inside. At that moment, the face of the dragon-man Della was dyed in astonishment. 


No, no way, don’t tell me, no way, he peeled his own nails… then stored them for use?! 


Since nails would disappear with every swing, he could just peel his nails from the beginning, healing, then peeling it over and over, a deed that could easily be accomplished through use of regenerative potions. That was why Fay did so. 

That was something that Fay came up with upon hearing the characteristic of Tsumehagi (Nail Peeler).This was also the reason he could keep swinging his blade at the flames. Needless to say, it was something that was only possible because of the combination of his endurance, physical power, and capability to act without hesitation.  

It was something impossible to accomplish for a normal person. Della was mistaken. He didn’t understand how insane the existence in front of him was. 

Mordred was impressed. Her soul once again realized that the only person who could understand her was the strong man in front of her that she devoted her love to. 



“…Time to test the sharpness.”


Fay cut the dragon man into eighteen pieces despite being in a charred state. He was covered in the fishy smell of blood, the sound of moisture drying up, and the smell of blood burning from his body. 

His body was at his limits, but Fay still stood there grinning. 


“Fuh, I guess it’s acceptable…” 

“As expected of you, Fay-sama.”


Once the battle was over, Mordred ran toward Fay while applauding. Then Mordred shot a golden glow through her glove. Being enveloped in that light, Fay’s body was healed and returned to its usual state. 


“Sorry for the trouble.” 

“No, no, you showed me something great after all.”

“I see.”

“That katana sure has an interesting capability. Well, I wouldn’t be interested if all it does is just raise its sharpness, but I can feel there is some sort of spirit inside.”

“So it seems.”

“Did you hear anything from it?”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“Oh my… Well, that’s fine. Rather than that, why don’t we return to the mansion together? Fay-sama’s clothes are already tattered after all.”

“You’re right.”

“Fufu, let’s go!”

“Oi, don’t cling to me.”

“Well, you don’t have to say that.”


Mordred walked while entwining her arms around Fay’s. Fay had a grumpy expression in contrast to Mordred’s happy smile. Even as her plump body pressed on him, Fay remained calm. 


“Is it okay to go around for a while?” 

“…It doesn’t matter.”

“Geez! If you say that… It makes me burn with more desire to make you look at me! When I saw your battle this time, I fell harder in love with Fay-sama after all!”

“I don’t care.”


Fay continued to walk even though he looked annoyed. At that time, nobody noticed that the katana shook slightly. 

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