Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 023 – Alpha, Beta, Gamma [A]

Fay was ordered to do a certain mission. It wasn’t a mission that came from a community like a village or a city, but a mission came from an individual.

These kinds of missions would reap a lot of rewards, and there were members other than Fay in this mission. 

He waited alone in front of the gate of royal capital Britannia as he usually did. It seemed to be the beginning of a casual, everyday life, but this was the world where people die at breathing pace. The mission this time was obviously an event where somebody would end up dead. 

In the original game, after Fay left Ese and others to their death in the previous mission, he was granted another mission. Although every member but him died in the previous mission, it was judged that due to the unexpected situation of an Abyss emerging  he got away without any punishment. However, not everyone had such an opinion, with some people blaming Fay’s conduct. 

That Fay went to this mission with Alpha, one of sub-protagonists, while cussing his bad luck. 1 


Winter was getting into full swing, and snow began to fall on the royal capital recently, with new year’s eve approaching. The residents of the royal capital were also filled with people who wore thick clothing. Fay also wore two layers and a muffler that Yururu gave to him around his neck. 


A duo of men walked up to him. 

“Hey, Fay. It’s been a while.” 

“Ese, huh…”

“I’m here as well.”


It was the pair of Ese and Kamase who shouldn’t be here in the original game. Fay didn’t give a particular reaction about these two people. He merely turned his eyes for a moment and closed it again as if he lost interest. 


“Hey, it is said we’re taking this mission along with a group of girls who are well known to be cute, you know?” 

“Not interested.”

“Personally, I wanted to be friends at least!”

“Both Kamase and I are popular with aunties at fruit stores, but we aren’t popular with girls of the same age, so we want to earn some points in this opportunity!”


“Kuh, as expected of you, who is acquainted with girls like Bouran and Arthur, wouldn’t understand our feelings.”


Both Ese and Kamase frowned because Fay didn’t show any interest in what they were talking about at all. Then footsteps approached these three people.

“Oh-, you’re already here.” 


Paladin Marumaru, came along as instructor. And behind him were three incredible beauties, which made Ese and Kamase’s eyes turn wide. 


“Ooh-, they really are beauties after all!” 

“Our spring has finally come!”


The three had purple hair and brilliant silver colored eyes. They all have good proportions. Although they look different to some extent, their hourglass figure drew eyes onto their chest. 


“It seems we got mixed in with a ridiculous group this time.” 


“Gamma personally nopes out those two people nanoda…” 2

“Ah-, It seems we had a communication failure right at the beginning… but is this really okay?”


Two of three beauties looked at the pair of boys as if looking at filth. 

“We’ll begin with self-introduction, I guess? I think everyone already knows, but I’ll introduce myself again just in case. I’m Marumaru.” 

“I’m Alpha… not that I want to be acquainted with you two.”


“Aah, this quiet girl is my little sister Beta. As for this one,”

“Gamma is Gamma nanoda…”

“Alright, and so,”

“I’m Ese!”

“And I’m Kamase!”

“”Nice to meet you!””


Ese and Kamase gave their smiles, but Alpha and Gamma looked at them as if they were looking at inferior species. Beta still remained expressionless. 

“And? What about that one? 

“Ah, that one is Fay.”


“Isn’t it better if Fay also gives proper greetings? Having these kinds of encounters are about the accumulation of daily conduct, you know?”

“You already said my name just now. There’s no point in speaking more about it.”


With that said Fay sealed his lips and didn’t show any more interest. Alpha and Gamma were relieved to know that at least one of three men seemed to be a decent person. 


“Okay, we’re done with our introduction, should we get going?” 


Marumaru laughed and said so, and the group of seven left through the gate. Fay left for this mission, while the main protagonist Arthur and Tlue were also busy with other missions. There was no problem on Arthur’s side. Utsu development also took vacation on Tlue’s side so it was quite peaceful. 




“Sensei, we are going to investigate a new dungeon today, right?” 

“Yes, that’s right. It seems a certain adventurer found it. He requested us to help with the investigation.”



Alpha and Marumaru had a peaceful conversation. 

“Hey hey, what is your favorite food, Gamma-chan? Mine is pasta.” 

“…Gamma likes eggs nanoda.”

“Ooh- that’s cute.”

“…Can you stop bothering my little sister?”

Ese was bothering Gamma but she barely responded, Alpha however recognized him as an unscrupulous existence because of that. Alpha was the eldest child, and the silent Beta was the second child, while Gamma with verbal tic was the third child, which made the three of them famous as the three beautiful sisters among people in the same generation.

That was why Ese and Kamase wanted to talk to them but didn’t have the opportunity, so they passionately talked to them as they didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

“I have a promising future! I even defeated packs of hounds last time,”


“Huh? Are you listening to me?”





Beta shut out all his conversation attempts. She didn’t open her mouth at all. Kamase eventually became quieter as well. Marumaru had a bitter smile while looking at them. 

I guess this unit is a failure… They were grouped together suddenly after all so it can’t be helped though. 

Marumaru glanced at Fay, who walked alone behind them. He didn’t approach anyone, didn’t move into the group, and coldly walked alone which made people doubt whether he was truly grouped together with them right now. 


…Maria. Now that I think about it, you also felt like this during your first mission. You didn’t talk to anyone, and burned with a flame of vengeance alone. I never thought I could see how similar both of you are… 


Alpha… What do you feel when you look at Fay? 


As a fellow avenger. 


Marumaru was responsible as the instructor for the Alpha’s group during the temporary enlistment period. And he came to realize it during that period. That Alpha carried a vengeance with her while Beta and Gamma were filled with mysteries. 


However, she was a capable person. He often saw Alpha’s eyes being muddy, although not as extreme as Maria or Fay. Marumaru noticed that only because he was a weathered knight who had experienced a lot of things. 

The fact that Alpha was an avenger. 

Marumaru had expectations of Fay. He put his expectation for Fay’s uncertain factor. Marumaru couldn’t predict what might happen when Alpha’s uncertain factors met with Fay’s. 

But he hoped it would become something better. 


“Really, this is why men are just… hm? What’s wrong Beta?” 

“… (glance).”


Beta pulled the hem of Alpha’s clothes while glancing at Fay. Alpha tilted her head while wondering what was wrong with Beta. 


“What about him?” 

“… (Gesture! Male-wolf! Punching!)” 3

“…So he is the one who saved you when you got entangled last time?”

“… (Nod nod).”


Beta nodded twice and made various gestures without speaking at all. However, Alpha could understand her despite that. It made one feel their bonds as sisters. 

Beta was referring to the time when she got entangled with a drunkard during noon the other day, and her gesture meant that person was the gentleman who saved her, but it seemed her meaning was relayed properly one way or another. 


“Heeh-. So it was him.” 


“You want to thank him?”

“… (OK sign).”


Beta imitated a wolf then made an OK sign. Leaving aside the fact her facial muscles seemed to be dead, it seemed that she has proper communication ability unlike a certain panda. 


“Okay. Then let’s go together for a bit.” 


With that said Alpha took Beta’s hand and approached the man with inorganic expression who walked behind them. 


“Hey, can I ask you something?” 


Alpha and Beta walked beside Fay. He glared at the two. It was a new experience for the two to receive this kind of treatment during their first impression. 


“…What do you want?” 

“Didn’t you save her the other day? I want to thank you for that.”



His glare became even sharper. He merely squinted his eyes to try to remember, but Fay’s eyes were just that unfriendly. 

He first saw Beta’s slightly longer hair wrapped in a ponytail. He then looked at her similarly expressionless eyes for a few seconds while walking. 

Then he seemed to remember and looked away. 


“…I’m not interested, that’s unnecessary.” 

“Eeh? That kind of reaction was unexpected… oh well. Anyway, thanks.”

“… (Bow).”


The boy shook his hand randomly as he had an atmosphere that he wasn’t interested in at all. Alpha felt that he wasn’t going to talk anymore. 

What a weird guy… 


Beta was staring at Fay, but it seemed that the gaze annoyed him and he moved further back. 


…I thought Beta was quite famous… but he didn’t seem to care at all? People would normally have a weird expectation if a beauty like Beta goes to talk to them… But he really seems uninterested in that at all.

What’s with him…? Another woman came to him!! Hah? Why is it only him!! 

Did he put on some sort of weird cologne? 


Ese and Kamase were horrified as they watched how popular Fay was. 




At the designated large cave, a young man stood there. He had red hair, red eyes, and wore a cowboy-like hat as he waved his hand the moment he saw Fay and others. 


“Well, i’ve been waitin on ya-! Over here!” 

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”


Marumaru greeted the man as the team’s representative and confirmed the request. Apparently, the man found a new labyrinth site but didn’t dare to enter alone, but he couldn’t trust other adventurers so he resorted to requesting the paladins instead. 


“Go big and earn big! That’s mah motto! Well, let’s gitty-up! Oops, where are my manners the names is Jean, nice to meet ya!” 

“Ha, haah… Everyone, don’t let your guard down.”


The talk went on with a light atmosphere. It seemed the man was excited and wanted to explore the cave as soon as possible. 

The cave felt damp and water droplets could be heard from time to time. Everyone was a little cautious, but Marumaru had doubts. 


This cave seems like any other cave one can find everywhere. Is this really a new dungeon? Considering the location is easy to spot, won’t the place have already been explored before? 


“Fufufuh, instructor over there, I get yer doubts. But this here is what I found out! Rumor has it that this spot gots some treasure !” 


With that said, Jean touched a part of the earthen wall. A loud noise ran and the wall broke down. 


“Fufufu, my request is exploring the section from here onward! Well, lets get to spelunking!”

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9 months ago


Beta is girl who was saved by Fay, and her sister alpha is sub protagonist???

I don’t think is good but Will Fay stole her role in next chapter??


9 months ago
Reply to  Carrion

sub prota means there is tale with her as main perspective

Fay the show stealer.

thx for the comment too!

9 months ago

Can’t wait to see this from mc perspective

9 months ago
Reply to  Kngboz

have fun reading it

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Still waiting for certain dolphin-berzerker-yandere-ex-girlfriend like character lol.

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Reply to  kiogu

she’ll be coming next arc… or is it?

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9 months ago

The adventurer is interesting

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Reply to  Takusaka

it’s thanks of the effort of our editor adding flair to his speech, otherwise he’ll just another bland one off.

9 months ago

I’m going to say this now: everyone is going to love Beta, especially whenever she talks.

9 months ago

but she’s silent now…

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I wonder how that tic sounds when speaking

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which tic? nanoda?