Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 029 – Giant Panda VS Komatsuna [A]

In an orphanage during winter, the laundry was strangely cold, as Maria exhaled on her hand to warm it.

There are many children in the orphanage. Therefore, there would also be a lot of laundry. Maria took a break once all the laundry had been hanged. 

As she took a break, she remembered something. As she remembered, she sighed. Her face felt somewhat hot, even though the cold wind hit her cheek. 

Maria took out the yellow handkerchief she received from Fay. She felt Fay’s faint scent and remembered his gentlemanly behavior back then. 

Also, that moment where he smiled which was practically a foul for her. 

All of them made Maria’s heart tighten. That single moment of smile that she thought she saw by mistake especially remained on her heart. Whether that smile was an illusion she made out of convenience, or he really gave that smile for Maria and Lilia, she didn’t know which was true. 


Even so, that single moment was carved into her mind and refused to disappear. She constantly leaked sighs. 


As expected, I really… love Fay… 


It made her realize that once again. 


That smile of Fay was the foul among fouls. 


—A slight smile that was coincidently shown by a cool-type character was super effective against Maria & Lilia. 


For a cool type character who was usually expressionless, to show such a smile sometimes would be considered a basic procedure, nay, a proper application. An act of a person who usually has dead facial muscle showing their moment where it moves once again was the special privilege which is only allowed for a cool type character. 

For Fay, who managed to do that without meaning to, perhaps he had the potential of becoming a dense character. 

Such a dense protagonist was quite vile, in a way. It was like they made heroines fall for them yet didn’t touch them at all, abandonment play as it were. 

Fay unconsciously leaked such a smile yet chose to do a foolish thing of ignoring the effect it caused. Moreover, it created an effect that made Maria & Lilia think that the smile was reserved for them since he was usually expressionless. 

It was a feat of making a beauty think of him and amplifying their feeling despite the person in question not being there. Maria & Lilia were addicted to such a feeling. 


Haah… but I am usually seen more as a mother figure, and while Fay told me he didn’t see me that way, he was surrounded by so many beauties. Perhaps it’ll be easier if I just gave up-. 

No! I won’t give up on Fay!

Even if you tell me that-

Then Maria can just give up! I won’t give up! I love Fay after all!

E-even if you tell me that, we share the same body…

I won’t give up on Fay! Definitely!!


It was a situation where Lilia inside her tried to make Maria give up on the love comedy. For Maria, she was quite conscious of her own age. 


She did indeed fall for him. She also thought about walking their path together… but she also wondered what to do, since she didn’t wish for Fay to walk the path of vengeance.  

Lilia inside her was making a fuss, but in the end, they couldn’t come to a conclusion. It was just increasing Lilia and Maria’s favorability towards Fay. 




The rookie paladins were excited about an event that was about to take place at the Round Table’s temporary castle at the big city Really. Every year, an expedition training camp was held to foster the newcomers before New Years’ eve. 

There were many expedition training camps, but one of them was well known to be discriminatory against the people who only possessed non-elemental affinity. It was the training camp held by the second-grade paladin Magnum. 

It was well-known to be the event where Tlue and Arthur would show off their potential. They did struggle in some parts of training, but their strength that was way ahead of their peers were shown during mock combat, which made others pull away from them. 

This would isolate the two from other people, but it would in turn bring the pair closer, such was the event. 

Fay wasn’t present in the game version. For Magnum who thought that people with only non-elemental affinity as useless, he wasn’t even invited. Even if he did come, the training would proceed without the knight bothering to teach him anything worthwhile. Fay wouldn’t bother going there in the game, and for that version of Fay who only thought training as troublesome, he had no intention of going to begin with. 

But for this Fay… as for what he would do, nobody knew. 



 Fay was training as usual and went to the bakery to buy ham lettuce sandwiches. At that time, he encountered Ese and Kamase.


“Hey Fay, what are you gonna do for the expedition training camp that starts tomorrow?” 


Ese asked Fay. Fay frowned slightly as he heard that. It was as if he questioned what Ese was talking about. 


“Eh? You didn’t know? Aren’t you told there is a training camp held in the big city Really? For the rookie paladins.” 

“Ah, do you mean that training camp that is well known for discriminating against people with only non-elemental affinity… Isn’t it natural that Fay didn’t know?”

“Eh? They seriously refuse people who only have non-elemental affinity?!”


Ese looked at Fay in surprise. Fay seemed to be thinking. 

“According to what I heard, that training camp is led by the paladin who thinks people with non-elemental affinity have no potential…” 

“Why is that? Why does having only non-elemental affinity matter?”

“According to what I’ve heard… The elder brother or lover of a senior paladin was a person who only had non-elemental affinity and was once on active duty, but they ended up dead. From then on, the idea of being paladin with only non-elemental affinity is seen as a foolish act that is no different than seeking death seems to spread. I only know that much.”

“I see… because the person they cherished died because of that, it caused them to abhor such a thought. Because they thought such people working hard to be paladin is no different than seeking early death, they tried to push those people away from them to find other possibilities in life… I guess it’s the so-called distorted kindness.”


Ese acted like a commentator, while Kamase acted like a databank that gave out information. The two began to explain on their own. Fay who heard their conversation was eventually convinced about the situation.  


“It’s just a guess, but you’ll have a hard time if you go, Fay.” 

“I see… then I’ll go.”

“I knew you’d say that!”

“Actually, there are a lot of girls who are going there, so I thought to invite you to flirt along to get them! Guhehehe, once I show off how great I am, I will proceed to intrude their room and gobble them!” 

“That sounds great… Alpha-chan’s group is also coming, right?”

“You’re still aiming for them?! I actually also am, though.”

“Well, they are the first targets, but isn’t it good to think about second or third targets?”

“You’re right.”


The pair was talking crap inside the bakery with a loud voice, which exasperated the people around. On the other hand, Fay didn’t show any interest in their topic and proceeded to buy the ham lettuce sandwich and left the store. 





After Fay parted with Ese’s group and ate the ham lettuce sandwich to fill his stomach, he resumed his training. He swung his katana to train himself.

There were times when Yururu would accompany his training in addition to morning training, but she wasn’t present today. Then as if to aim for the moment, the self-proclaimed elder sister appeared. 


“Fay, good work.” 




She was ignored. Fay was ignoring Arthur. Arthur tilted her head in confusion since Fay didn’t respond to her. However, Arthur just thought that Fay didn’t hear her voice earlier. 


“..Ah! Fay, good work.” 1 




Ignored. She was ignored again. Then Arthur just thought he didn’t hear her voice once again. 


“…Fay, good wo—“ 

“I hear you. Don’t you know I’m ignoring you despite that?”

“Ah, so you hear me.”

Arthur was relieved to hear that. Then a question arose. 

“Why do you ignore me?” 

“I’ll ask you instead, why must I respond to your greeting?”

“Perhaps… you find speaking with onee-chan embarrassing?”

“…Don’t reply to my question with another question.”

“Fay also replied to my question with another question. Fufuh, Fay is actually quite an airhead, that makes you cute.”


His argument was made invalid, and she continued to talk in a way that sounded like she was either making a fool of him or provoking him, which made a blue vein appear on Fay’s forehead. He didn’t like to be called cute since he was trying to keep his cool-type character. 

If Arthur instead told him that he was stylish, perhaps he would have taken her more favorably, but the giant panda who got excited just by talking with the komatsuna couldn’t be that skillful. 


“Fay really is cute like a little brother. Can I call you otouto-kun?” 


“Ah, you ignored me again. You really are cute, otouto-kun.”

“Shut up.”


Arthur made and continued the conversation herself. As expected, Fay reached the limit of his patience. He pointed his katana at her. 


“Your mouth sounds quite annoying. I’ll let off  some steam for a bit. Draw your sword.” 

“Yes, onee-chan will teach you a lot of things.”2


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Eternal perspective
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