Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 052 – Baragi-san inside the body [A]

“I wonder where Fay has been lately?”

A female paladin with short red hair, Bouran, muttered to herself while leaning against a tree. In response to her question, the unfortunate beauty, Arthur, whose blonde hair extended down to her waist, looked up to the sky and answered. 

“…He seems to be in Free City.” 

“Heeh~ is he going to become an adventurer as it is?”

“I wonder… Bouran was an adventurer, right?”

“Ah~ I was one in the past. I was chased out by my clan after all! Arthur was also an adventurer, right?”

“I only did it for a bit. It didn’t seem to suit me.”

“Heeh~ but Fay visits the Free City quite often, right? Maybe he will stay there permanently.”

“…That’s no good.”

“Is it?”


“…I see.”

“I want to go eat soon.”

“Oh! I also want to go!! Let’s go eat! Eat!”

“…I’ll be going with just Fay.”

“Eh~!!!! No no!! I’ll also come along!! Even if you asked to go with just the two of you, Fay will likely refuse anyway!! Just bring me along as well!!”

“…You’re right… if I use Bouran as a reason, he won’t find out I like him anyway…”

“Oh~! I don’t get it, but we can go together, right?!!”


Bouran had an innocent smile on her face, while Arthur had a slight grin. 


“Bouran, don’t you love?” 

“Love? I don’t quite understand, but I don’t!”

“I see.”

“Love won’t fill my stomach after all!”

“It will fill your heart, you know.”

“I’d rather fill my stomach!!”


Bouran raised her hands to the blue sky. Arthur kept looking at her, thinking Bouran was like a child. 


“Ah, let’s write a letter to Fay and ask him to return.” 

――There was no such event in the original story and there was not much meaning, but Arthur decided to write a letter because she wanted to eat together with Fay.




To Fay,

I heard you’ve been staying in Free City lately. You should come back to the royal capital soon, you know? 

I’ve saved quite a lot of money, so why don’t we go eat together sometime? Bouran was making a fuss about wanting to go as well, so please. I have no thought of wanting to go eat out at all, but since Bouran keeps making a fuss, it couldn’t be helped ―― From, Arthur.


I received a letter with such contents. She went through some trouble to send a letter to me, who was in Free City. Moreover, while I didn’t like her, Arthur was a strong-person character. This letter must be some sort of foreshadowing. 

And so, I decided to return to Britannia for the time being. 


“Fay, are you going back?” 


“Then I’m going as well.”


For some reason, Aliceia said she would be coming along with me. What was she following me for? She was just a mob character. 


“I was thinking of becoming a paladin.” 


One had to pass the exam that was held once a year to become a paladin, so I felt like it would be useless even if she came now, though… 


“I don’t care.” 

“You’re right. May I go with you?”

“…It’s not something for me to decide.”

“You’re right, so I’ll just follow you. No matter how far you go…”


Aliceia, I felt like her eyes suddenly lost their light… Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. 


“Ah, I also think you’re quite close with Morgol. Well, it’s not like Fay and I have such a relationship so it might not be right for me to say this but you see, isn’t it troublesome if people misunderstand? That’s what I thought. Maybe it doesn’t matter much to you, but I recently felt I’ve been overwhelmed by passion――”


――Aliceia continued talking without that light in her eyes for about two minutes.

After a while, Aliceia’s machine gun talking subsided, so I decided to begin returning to Britannia. 


“Uuuuhhh, Fay-sama! Even if I’m separated from you, please don’t feel lonely!!” 


Mordred said things like that, but I don’t feel lonely at all, so I decided to ignore it. Others like Felmi, Morgol, and Barbara also came to say goodbye, but since I was a cool character, I decided to handle it in a cool manner. 


“Let’s go by carriage.” 

“You can do that alone.”


It was a waste to go by carriage even though there was a long distance to the royal capital. So I decided I might as well run there. 


“Eh, so you’re going to run there… well, I expected you would… but it looks like it’s going to rain, you know?” 


Fool, it was better exactly because of that. Running with all my might under the rain could serve as training. You should just ride the carriage instead. 


“I’ll run as well. There’s no point in riding a carriage alone after all.” 


We ran, and it was pretty fast as well. I ran using only pure physical power to train my stamina, but Aliceia used art to strengthen her body. Was there any meaning in doing so? 


“Zeh zeh zeh.” 1

“Are you okay? Fay, you’re sweating a lot.”

“Haah, y-you…”


Well, it was tough, but addicting. Training that wasn’t tough had no meaning after all. I want to live a life that puts a burden on my heart with all my might.2

“Fu~hn, I guess you’re working hard? Well, I’ll recognize your effort, but I think you better not show that kind of face to other women, okay?” No good, his desperate expression as he works hard is so cool, very much to my liking. It drives me crazy. 

There were times she would act prickly like this. I guess she acted like that because she couldn’t feel my charm as the protagonist. If it was Maria instead, she would give me a lot of compliments. 

We arrived at the royal capital as I was drenched in sweat. As we entered and walked around for a while, we met Yururu-shishou. 


“Fay-kun, you’re back!” 


“U-um, I recall seeing her back in the Free City…”

“I’m Aliceia! Nice to meet you!”


Aliceia suddenly appeared next to me. What was with her, she was just a mob… Besides, why does Yururu-shishou look so panicked… ah! Come to think of it, she confessed to me the other day… 

Yururu-shishou was a greedy character that had both the shishou role and the heroine role. Well, she was certainly a beauty. It doesn’t feel weird to consider her as a heroine. 


“F-Fay-kun… about your answer.” 

“Not yet.”

“I-I guessed as much… um, what is your relationship with that person…?”


She was fidgeting a lot. She sure looked lovestruck. Umu, it sure is cute when I look at it again. Her face flushed red. If it was before, I would have thought she was raising her body temperature through breathing and consider that as a hint for strengthening my body further, though… 

To think she actually loved me… I didn’t notice at all. 


“No, she was just following me on her own.” 

“Then I can rest assured! We can practice swordsmanship comfortably!”


Since she looked at me with such a dazzling smile, I promised to train together with Yururu-shishou later and proceeded to the royal capital. U~hn, Yururu-shishou was cute, but Maria was also cute. 

Maybe Maria was the main heroine? Yururu would be the sub-heroine, then Mordred was a violent-type heroine. Maybe it was something like that? 


“Hey, that person is your shishou, right? That cute woman from earlier.” 

“That’s right.”

“Shishou for the sword, huh…Fu~hn.”


Aliceia really felt like a stalker to still be following me here… but what was she coming here for? 




Mumu? I felt like it had been a long time since I last heard that voice. It was Tlue who spoke with a handsome voice. 

Oh~ There was a time I thought he was the right hand man to me, the protagonist, so it really felt like a long time.



“No… it’s nothing.”


What’s wrong, Tlue? He looked pale… but was that just my imagination? Perhaps it really was since it had been a while since I last saw him. 

Ah?! Come to think of it, is it just me or do Tlue and Aliceia look similar? 


“You… What’s your name?” 

“I… my name is Tlue…”

“I see, Tlue… Tlue huh. I see. So that’s how it is, I’m sure you are… my brother.”


Aliceia muttered something while looking at Tlue. 


“Well, it no longer matters at this point, though.” 


“Many things have happened. Sorry to bother you.”

“A-aah, I don’t quite understand, though…”


I parted with Tlue, whom I’ve just met after a long time and then Aliceia was following me again. 


“You, how long are you going to follow me?” 

“I have no place to stay, so I was thinking of staying in Fay’s house.”



She sure was impudent. Maria was there, so I hope she won’t misunderstand. 


“Welcome home, Fay.” 


Maria was as cute as ever, she really was. Maria looked at Aliceia and her expression darkened a little. Aliceia, you should go away. Maria will misunderstand!! 


“I’m not in that kind of relationship with Fay (for now).” 

“Ara, is that so?”

“I want to stay here.”

“Well, I don’t mind…”


Maria couldn’t refuse since she was kind after all. Even when night came and it was time to go to bed and sleep, Aliceia was still clinging to me. 


“…I’m going to sleep.” 

“I see… good night.”


Even if I told her it was annoying, she wouldn’t leave me, so it couldn’t be helped. 


“He’s sleeping, right…?” 


Aliceia seemed to say something just before I fell asleep, but it was probably just my imagination. 




The ground was covered in a thick layer of black, dark mud. And the sky was stained a similar color. In such a world, Tlue, the protagonist of Round Table Heroes, woke up. 

“Who’s there?” 




Somebody was in that pitch black world. Tlue could see a white, clay-like body ahead of him. That thing was in the shape of a person similar to himself. 

“Who… are you?” 

“Oi oi, that’s not the right thing to ask, right? I am me, okay? Isn’t that right, Tlue?”


It was Tlue. It was him in white clay form, with eyes that were filled with nothing but black. This clay Tlue approached Tlue and touched Tlue’s cheek while sneering. 


“Your, body, will, eventually, become, mine, okay?” 


Tlue’s body was crushed by a large amount of darkness along with a noise. 


“A-AAhhhaaaaaaahh!!!! Haah, haah, it- it was a dream?” 


Tlue touched the cheek that was touched earlier. He was relieved to realize that what happened earlier was a dream. His body was dripping with sweat, making his clothes cling tightly to his body. 


“It-it was just a dream… right…?” 

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8 months ago

Tlue is in trouble. Luckily fay is here. Whatever your adversity becomes mere fuel for his growth!

Akatsuki Chan
Akatsuki Chan
8 months ago

Aliceia has officially become a Yandere now!

I kinda feel bad for her because Fay just sees her as a mob…

I’m also scared of her though, so Fay, you better be careful!

Thx fo the chapter!

8 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

No she would,she already

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So aliceia already know her brother and just like that?

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