Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 029 – Giant Panda VS Komatsuna [B]

Fay silently sheathed his katana. It was a rematch. How many times did Fay already lose against Arthur? Fay felt the urge to defeat her this time. Meanwhile, Arthur was more relaxed since she always won against him. 

It was the first rematch since Fay got his new katana. 

Fay put his hand on the katana on the sheath. It was a battojutsu stance. Arthur was filled with expectation as she saw Fay was about to do something new. 1 

“Well then, let’s begin.” 


Arthur lightly declared that as she approached Fay. The distance between them was three meters, and that distance gradually shortened with each step Arthur took. However, it still wasn’t the correct timing to unleash the battojutsu. Yet Fay moved his right hand nonetheless. 

There was still not enough distance to Arthur, yet the katana moved. 

—without removing the katana from its sheath. 

His stance that seemed to be a battoujutsu at a glance, had his katana and sheath connected, and drew a longer arc than a normal attack. 

By doing so, the swing was one step longer than it should be. The sheathe was extended toward his opponent when the katana swung. 

It was a perfect surprise attack. Or that was how it was supposed to be… yet Arthur’s right eye gave a mysterious light. Her violet left eye shone during the entrance exam, but now her blue right eye gave off a similar glow, allowing her to perceive the length of the attack. 


She easily avoided Fay’s surprise attack and rushed to Fay, but Fay seemed to already expect that his attack would be avoided so he wielded his katana and thrust toward Arthur again. 


And… Fay’s katana was launched in the air. 


Arthur ruminated at their earlier exchange. I certainly won, but…, thought Arthur. 


As expected, Fay really is amazing… I just used my right eye since I thought something was weird. Perhaps I would lose if I didn’t… My first time was almost taken by Fay2 


“It’s my win.” 



Fay clicked his tongue and picked up the katana that was blown away earlier. Arthur gave her usual gaze of satisfaction and seemed somewhat filled with impatience. 


“Fay, you’re getting stronger. I might have ended up in a bad spot if I didn’t use the magic eye of omen which allowed me to see a bit of the future earlier.” 

“…Magic eye, huh.”

“Yes. My right and left eyes have different powers. Most magic eyes are about afflicting suggestions to others, but some have other abilities like what I used just now.”

“I see.”

“That’s why I might really lose if not for my right eye. Ehehe, Fay almost took my first time.”

Arthur showed a slight laughter of happiness. Fay didn’t seem to think of anything special despite seeing such a beauty laughing. 

“But this magic eye makes my head really hurt due to feedback of future information, so I can’t use it in successions.” 

“I see.”

After Arthur explained about stuff, her atmosphere changed a bit as she talked to Fay. 


“Hey, do you remember your promise back then?” 


“It’s about what you told me under the moon that day, that you will defeat me and carry my burden.”

“…What about it?”

“Nothing… I’m just curious if you remembered it.”

“I see.”


After saying that, Fay started to swing his sword again. Arthur’s cheek flushed as she saw how Fay was working hard. 

He really is trying to catch up to me… Fay won’t leave me… all alone… 

I want to talk more with him… I want to tease him more… 

I want to go out together… walk in hands… and do more amazing stuff… 



“…What? Say it quickly.”

“Ah… err… Fay…”


She hesitated without meaning to. She was seriously trying to ask him what kind of woman he liked. Although she didn’t understand what made her think so, Arthur really wanted to know. 


“What kind of, err… nothing.” 

“What? Why did you stop there? I really don’t understand you.”

“Yes, I’m sorry…”

“…There’s no need to apologize.”


He merely said that while resuming his practice swings. 

Even though he was defeated just a moment ago, he immediately got back to his feet and fired up with fighting spirit. Fay’s practice swing that was driven by his devilish mentality made Arthur involuntarily swallow her breath. It was a show of a dignified appearance of a person who kept trying to better himself and never despaired no matter the situation. 


…He is too amazing. This is beyond the dimension of merely having a strong mentality… it is an indomitable soul. Such is the thing I ought to learn from Fay. 

Fay… I wonder what are you…? 

I know that he is amazing, sturdy, and strong, but I don’t know anything beyond that. How deep is that strength? 


She sometimes gets confused by that. She couldn’t see the depth of the existence named Fay and it went beyond her understanding. She became sad by that fact. 

After all, she, the girl named Arthur was… 


“Hey, let’s have a rematch.” 

“…I don’t mind.”

“I want to get more involved (do mock combats) with Fay, so I’m happy.”



Arthur wished to get involved more with Fay. She seemed to know yet didn’t actually know about love. 

But her feeling that wished to be together with him was real. 




When I went to buy a ham lettuce sandwich in the bakery, I encountered Ese and Kamase.

Eh? An expedition training camp? I never heard of it… fumufumu, heeh, so they seemed to refuse people who only have non-elemental affinity. 

Then there was no choice but to go. Rather, this should be the event for me as a protagonist, right? It was the event where they go to the environment that was against them. 

I really sought that kind of event, since I was the hardworking protagonist. I sought the unreasonable thing like going straight toward rough waves and drinking all the water. 


Ese sure was growing smoothly into a commentator character. His information was easy to understand. Then Kamase also gave a supplementary explanation. Characters like them sometimes exist. Those who got such peculiar information despite not being actual informants… wasn’t that great? Perhaps they would become sub-regular members of the event, right? 


Then I parted with the two and began to practice my swings. Ah, a wild giant panda appeared. 

Her elder sister-like attitude really pisses me off. 


I thought I could crush her, yet I lost. Even though that was quite a tactic, I still lost… She was a giant panda type of rival after all… 

She was a bit different to a common rival character. She was a giant panda after all. 

What with that magic eye that allowed you to see the future? That sounded like an ability that a protagonist would have, though she said she wasn’t capable of using it in succession. 

So she had different powers in her left and right eye… she gave off a more special presence… it sounded like… a protagonist… 


Too bad. If not for your bad personality and my existence, perhaps you really would become the protagonist. But really, wasn’t she just too strong? 


She had magic eyes on both of her eyes, she got a special elemental affinity, and she was strong, very strong at that. I couldn’t help but admit it. My record against her was 2,015 battles and 2,015 defeats after all. 

To be honest, I felt bitter about it. Since I couldn’t win against her despite the number of battles, I began to think that Arthur might possibly be a secret boss character. 

Even though I got a new weapon… I still lost. The fight this time made me think that I might not be able to win against Arthur even if I challenged her thousands or tens of thousands of times.  


Perhaps I still couldn’t win against the rival character Arthur despite challenging her for tens of thousands of times… 


But you see… I thought this way. 

Even if I lose a billion times, perhaps I could get a win by a trillion matches… 

Even if I lose a quadrillion times, perhaps I could get a win by a quintillion matches…

Yes, that’s right!!! 

A person who feels depressed just because they kept losing a few thousand times wasn’t worthy of being the protagonist. My indomitable fighting spirit would allow me to revive over and over like a phoenix!!! 


That’s why I will do my best!!! It’s all about spirit! Spirit! I would imbue my spirit into my swings!!  

Arthur, I will surpass you!! 

But I wouldn’t forgive you for calling me otouto-kun. Enough of you making a fool of me!! 

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Eternal perspective
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