Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Snail

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Chapter 038 – New Year’s Break [C]

“Fay-kun, is there anything you want to eat?” 

“Nothing in particular.” 1

“I see. How about you, Mei-chan?”

“Mei also doesn’t desire anything in particular. Mei thinks it would be alright to just buy whatever Ojou-sama wants to eat.”

“Eh— that’s the most troublesome choice… ah! How about we have that vegetable stew over there?”

“Anything is fine.”

“Mei also doesn’t mind.”


As Yururu went toward the place where the vegetable stew was sold… someone’s cheerful and lively voice called out. It was a voice they recognized.


“Ah, Yururu-cha-n!! Look at the result of my research…” 


“Ector-san? Long time no—” 


The moment Yururu turned toward Ector’s voice, liquid dribbled down her face. 


“Ojou-sama? Are you okay?!” 

“Ah, sorry! Sorry! I’m really sorry! I’m just so tired…”



Mei and Ector, who had spilled the liquid, called out worriedly. However, Yururu merely tilted her head like a child without replying to them. Yururu was mature enough to act like an adult when an accident like this happened and would normally just laugh it off, but this time she didn’t. 

Fay also felt there was something different about Yururu and looked at her carefully. Yururu looked back at Fay. They stared at each other for about three seconds. 

Then, Yururu flung open her arms like a child. 


“…Please carry me.” 


“Fay, please carry me.”

“Oi, what did you do to her?”


Fay suspected the sudden change in Yururu was due to the liquid that Ector spilled over Yururu’s head and proceeded to glare at Ector. Meanwhile, Yururu leapt like a rabbit toward Fay, who wouldn’t carry her, and forcibly wrapped her arms around him in a big hug. 


“Ah—the thing I just made… is medicine to turn someone younger… it is said that the secret to youth originates in one’s spirit, so this medicine was designed to produce a suggestion to one’s spirit and make them feel youthful… by making them believe they’re younger than they are, or something…” 

“…Basically, she is under the effect of suggestion and temporarily acts young, huh?”

“Yes… but of course, I didn’t expect her to regress that far… I’m sorry.”

“How can we make her go back to normal?”

“Err, it’s only supposed to last for about a day or so.”



Fay looked down at his chest. There was his master, smiling cutely and innocently at him. She hung her arms around his neck. Knowing that the situation was beyond anyone’s control, Fay sighed and decided to take her back to her living quarters. 


“Um, what should I—” 

“You can leave now.”

“Ah, okay. I can’t apologize enough for this.”


Ector bowed her head and left. Fay was broadly hinting that since she had caused the mess in the first place and there was nothing she could do to help, there was no use for her to just stand around. 


“Fay-sama, Mei will buy the ingredients for tonight’s dinner, so please return ahead of Mei.” 



The two parted ways. 




“Fay-kun, pat my head!” 


“Fay-kun! Do you like me?”

“…Who knows.”

“Fay-kun, read me a book!”



Yururu was practically a child. Her words and deeds might grant her new insight into being both twenty-three and a baby. She was indulging herself by sitting on Fay’s lap, who had been sitting on the bed all this time. 

She held him tight and spoiled herself. That was all she did. 2 


“Fay-sama, are you okay?” 


“Mei-chan! Hurry and bring the meal! I’m hungry!”

“Understood. Please wait for a moment, Ojou-sama.”


Under the power of the liquid’s suggestion, Yururu behaved childishly in every possible way. They had a hard time making her take a bath and change clothes, but eventually Yururu fell asleep on the bed before they knew it. 

Mei took a break and brewed some tea. She brought it to the table.


“Fay-sama, thank you very much.” 

“Don’t worry about it. Gratitude is unnecessary.”

“So it seems… Mei brewed some tea, so please drink it if you like.”



The gentle scent of tea filled the dimly-lit room. They didn’t turn on the ceiling light  to avoid waking Yururu up. A faint orange nightlight, enabled by a small magic tool,  illuminated the room softly. 

The beautiful moonlight streaming through the glass window added to the nightlight’s glow. The pure white light of the moon mixed with the orange nightlight, creating a fantastic atmosphere. 


Mei and Fay faced each other in their seats. 


“Fay-sama, is… your left eye alright?” 

“It’s got no problems.”

“Mei understands… Mei might be too nosy, but please take good care of your body.”


“…You went to Free City, right?”

“That’s right.”


Fay drank the tea, replying tersely to Mei’s questions. Mei couldn’t help looking at him with worried eyes as she asked her questions. 


“How does it… feel over there?” 

“What do you mean…?”

“Mei means your impression. Mei is wondering what kind of place that city is. It doesn’t matter what kind of impression.”

“…I don’t feel anything in particular. For me, everywhere is a place for me to improve myself.”

“Mei understands… Fay-sama, you plan to return to that city again at a later date, right?”

“Aah, if I have the time, I suppose.”

“…Mei understands Fay-sama didn’t go there to seek riches. Mei also won’t tell Fay-sama to not go there. However, Mei is worried. Mei is sure there is nothing for Fay-sama in that place. Things like hopes or dreams, they just don’t exist there.”


“Mei apologizes. Mei said all this so suddenly… it’s just, there was a period when Mei was active as an adventurer, so at that time… it might be something that Mei felt, but Mei thought Mei had to tell Fay-sama no matter what…”

“You don’t have to apologize.”

“Thank you very much… Fay-sama, do you have the magic stones from the Free City with you?”

“No, I turned them all into cash.”

“Mei understands. In that case, please look at this.”


With that said, Mei reached inside the top of her pajamas and took out a magic stone from her chest. It looked just like the kind of magic stone an adventurer would get when they defeated a monster in Free City. 


“This is a magic stone taken from a mine. It is used for various purposes, such as lighting. And Mei thinks one can get something similar inside the dungeon of Free City.” 

“…What are you trying to say?”

“…Things that one could earn inside that dungeon could also be earned from outside the dungeon… No, strictly speaking, that might not be the case… but everything is similar. Everything looks similar from outside… and it makes Mei feel unsettled… there might be individual differences in demons, but their species could be found outside the dungeon as well. The world’s greatest dungeon… it is an otherworldly space where dream and hope converges, and one could strike riches if they’re lucky… but is that really true? The fact the demons would drop a magic stone that could be found outside the dungeon is nothing but a mystery to Mei.”


“However, everyone could be cut off easily in the dungeon. If a person goes missing in there, they would be considered dead. Yes, a search party would go looking for them, but they would give up quite quickly. Mei couldn’t help but feel unpleasant about it. It even gave Mei thoughts that demons might be someone’s creation… no, Mei thinks any more than this would be nothing but a delusion.”


“It’s just, Mei is worried about Fay-sama. Please take good care of yourself. Mei is well aware Fay-sama is the kind of person who would jump straight to danger. Mei is also aware Fay-sama won’t stop doing so. Therefore, please forgive Mei for warning you at the very least.”

“…I see. I’ll remember it.”

“Yes. Please remember it.”


Mei laughed softly after saying so. Glancing at Yururu sleeping peacefully, she switched to a lighter conversation topic. 


“Ojou-sama is quite a tomboy, right?” 

“Sure, I guess.”

“She was like that in the past. She was always selfish, or rather, she was used to having her every wish indulged. She seemed more like Mei’s little sister even though Mei is younger than her.”


“Fufu, it seems this isn’t your favorite topic.”

“…Maybe, maybe not.”

“Actually, you don’t seem to like talking much, do you? Mei won’t say anything about Fay-sama’s characteristics, but won’t you strike up a conversation with me sometimes? It is fun to talk with Fay-sama.”

“…I see. Then I’ll do so when I feel like it.”

“Yes, please do so when you feel like it.”


From there, neither of them said anything as the time passed. The two spent their time together drinking tea under the light of the moon. 




Fuwaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! After waiting for so long, something that felt like an event for Mei was finally happening!!!


Recently, Mei had been feeling a bit impatient since she hadn’t had an event with Fay-sama yet. No, really. It made Mei wonder why Mei had no event despite how Mei was supposed to be the protagonist of the romance fiction. Mei had begun to panic, thinking she may not be the protagonist after all. 


But right now, Mei was spending time with Fay and drinking tea. It felt really romantic. The feeling of romance was so overwhelming that Mei had a hard time keeping a straight face!! 

That’s right, this could be her event. Since there was no event, Mei could just make one! 


Ah, that’s right. Mei needed to warn Fay-sama. He’s the type to overextend himself, after all… now that Mei thought about it, Mei remembered when Mei was also active in the dungeon in the past. Mei sought a meeting back then, but nothing like that ever happened. 

In the first place, regarding the dungeon in Free City, Mei felt unpleasant about it although Mei didn’t really understand why. Also there was no meeting event, so all Mei had were complaints. Mei’s impression was that it was a boring and unpleasant place.

Mei was worried when Mei heard Fay-sama went to such a place, and when he returned, his left eye was replaced with prosthetic, which proved Mei’s bad feeling was correct and Mei was filled with regret. If only Mei stopped him properly back then… no, this person wouldn’t stop just because he was told to. 

Mei already knew that Fay-sama was that kind of person. Mei would patiently wait for him like a local wife. Waiting and becoming the place to return to for the prince character was something that happened often in fiction. 

Well then, Mei wanted to do it for once, so Mei took the magic stone out of Mei’s chest and spoke Mei’s warning. Seeing Fay-sama listening properly, it scored a high point for Mei. 

Even though he was usually emotionless, the fact he was a serious person who worked hard greatly decreased the gap between the two. 


Fay-sama was really… an interesting man. 3 

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